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The 6 Best Power Tower Exercises

The power tower is a suitable piece of home exercise equipment because of its small footprint, and it can assist in completing a variety of fitness training to achieve effective training goals, so the power tower home gym is the most basic fitness equipment for many fitness enthusiasts, such as the Relife power tower. It can withstand a maximum of 280 pounds of weight, and the stable structure can make for a better training experience. The best power towers can perform a variety of training movements; which body muscles can they work on? The main content of this blog is to share the basic training movements of the 5 power tower workouts and which parts of the body these movements can train.


power tower pull up station

The pull up workout is the most common way to use the power tower, in which you grab the top handrail with both hands, with a distance between your hands greater than shoulder width. The grip distance for pull-ups can be divided into 3 types: narrow grip, medium grip, and wide grip. According to the National Library of Medicine, the wider the grip, the higher the involvement of the latissimus dorsi, but at the same time, the lower the involvement of other muscles. So you can adjust the size of the grip according to the needs of the exercise.


Lift your calves and let yourself hang in the air after determining the proper grasp distance. Many individuals would instantly think of bending the elbow to pull up the body after doing this, however, this is incorrect since it just works the biceps and not the latissimus dorsi. To depend on the latissimus dorsi’s power to draw the body up, you must do the two previously stated things: chest arch and scapular control. Following the suspension, you must consider the chest arching at the waist, sinking the shoulder blades, and then bending the elbow to lift the body up.


The main muscle groups used in pull-ups are broad back, large round, small round, rhomboid, and erector spinae, as well as biceps and forearm assistance.


push ups

Power tower with basic deep push-ups

Deep push-ups are also one of the important ways to use the power tower. When using the power tower to complete the depth push-up training, you need to grab the push-up handle with both hands, then face down, core and abdominal tightening, toes on the ground, and arms straight to support the body.


At this point, you need to slowly bend your arms to bring your body closer and closer to the ground, then straighten your arms and bring your body back to the starting position, while holding for 2 seconds in the next movement.


Push-ups at the Power Tower home gym strengthen the pectoral muscles, which are located in front of the chest wall. Push-ups also engage the triceps, which are positioned on the upper arm’s dorsal side. Push-ups, when done properly, may be great core stability exercises. Most physical workouts and sports are simpler to accomplish when the core muscles are strong.


leg raise

Relife power tower with Leg Raises

The leg raise is an important movement used by Power Tower to train your core muscles. This movement is very demanding on your abs! Deepen the separation of the abdominal muscle line while improving abdominal strength to achieve the most perfect results for your abs.


Hold the bar with both hands to support your body, collapse your toes straight, keep your legs together so that your body is in a straight line perpendicular to the ground, eyes level, shoulders relaxed, and do not allow your obliques to participate in the movement.


Then inhale deeply, exhale when the abdomen is tightened, the legs are raised to the front of the body, the knees and ankles do not bend, always maintain a straight state, pay attention to the legs themselves, do not force them, and keep the muscles tightened.


When the legs are parallel with the ground, come to a complete stop, hold for 1-2 seconds, fully feel the sensation of tightening abdominal muscles, and slowly lower the legs to restore them, ensuring that they are always together and do not separate, and then tighten the abdominal muscles again, and repeat the exercise.

During the training, be careful not to swing your body back and forth, this will reduce the impact of the movement on the abdomen, so the coordination of the body and the assurance of the ability of the muscles of the body to work together is a prerequisite.


Do not separate your legs during the leg lift, because the legs in the separated state will be easier and reduce the training effect on the abdomen.

 Maintaining rhythmic breathing is also crucial; in training, you need to maintain the breathing rhythm of breathing when the legs are lifted and inhaling when the legs are dropped. This way, you can increase your training reps, and the importance of training cannot be overstated.


How to complete Dips Exercise with Power Tower?

Dips are a kind of upper-body strength workout. Shoulder-width dips primarily target the triceps, with the anterior deltoid, pectoralis, and rhomboid muscles of the back acting as important synergists. To do excellent dip exercises, you should utilize a power tower (also known as a pull-up station), since it is the ideal workout equipment for performing strength exercises at home.

For the training to be more standard, you can follow the following steps:


Ready pose: hold the bar of the power tower with both hands, support your body upwards with your arms, and keep your chest up and your belly in.


Slowly bend your elbows and lower your body. When you are in the lowest position, move your head forward and extend your elbows slightly outward. At this time, you should feel the stretching of your pectoral muscles.


Using the strength of the chest muscles, contract and support the two arms, so that the body rises until the two arms are straight.

When the upper arm is over the position of the bars, the buttocks are tilted back slightly, you lower your head, and you tighten your chest.

When the arms are straightened, the pectoralis major should be in a state of muscle contraction. Repeat the above steps.



Do all movements slowly, and do not rely on the body’s swing or inertia to assist in completing the movements (for beginners, we still recommend that you use Power tower).

The speed at which you lift up can be slightly faster, and pay attention to using your chest muscles’ strength.

Keep your chest up, your head up, and your belly in; no shrugging your shoulders.

In order to increase the training intensity, you can practice with weights on your waist.

3-4 groups, each for 8-12 repetitions, then 30-45 seconds rest.


 Hanging leg raise

 Grab the bar at the top of the power tower with both hands, the grip distance can be a wide grip or a medium grip distance with shoulder width, legs straight in a hanging position, and pelvis slightly tilted back.

Bend your knees and lift your legs upwards, until your thighs and torso are at 90 degrees, better than 90 degrees! Stop when you reach the top and hold on for about 1 second

Control the speed of the lowering of the leg, return to the starting position, and so on


leg raise


Avoid using your body’s inertia. It is important to be in complete control of the speed of your entire flow of movement from start to finish, including during the descent phase of the movement. Be sure not to lift your legs up and then relax your abs directly to let them fall back to the starting position, consciously controlling the legs to slowly return to the starting position. In fact, the descent phase of the movement is more important than the leg lift phase. If you don’t control the descent phase, you will lose control of your body.


Power tower workout Hanging leg raise mainly exercises the hip flexors, of course; it can also exercise the entire rectus abdomen, especially the lower abdomen, other places like the arms, shoulders, etc. can also be properly exercised.


The best power tower can complete a variety of muscle workouts, it includes pull up station, push-up handles, and dip handles. With a solid structure and small footprint, multiple muscle training methods can help you train different muscle areas in a week. If you make full use of the power tower and stick to your training plan, you will get the fitness results you want!


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