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Great buy

This was a rather easy assemble for me as I was very happy to receive my purchase. However, the packaging more so the metal bars left major indentations within the seat cushion. I have sent an email with pictures and hopefully someone can assist. Thank you!
time. Thank you!!

Under Desk Treadmill Walking Pad for Home / Office
Katie Hemingway (Victorville, US)
Walking pad

It was very simple to set up and easy to get going. I’ve been using it daily without any issues.

Kicks your a** for sure!!

Just even doing 10 minutes of this really does a number on your body. Especially legs! It’s well worth it and much more affordable than others. So easy to put together too!

Just what I needed!

Easy to put together and move around! Great to watch TV and workout too! I love it!

My new equipment from Relife

First of all I bought your recumbent bike, I feel 100 times healthier I look better I work out and I have more energy. Then I bought you a vertical climber and all I can say is if you want to work out this is the place to go and buy or work out equipment from I Love It and I will continue to use it and buy more from you guys thank you so much

Good price

Works great, but a bit noisier than I’d hoped. I thought I’d be able to fold it and slide it under a bed, but heavier than I’d expected. I do have a spot to just leave it up, even though it isn’t ideal. Since it is too heavy to move around, this was the only spot that worked.

Jumping for joy

I purchased this for my 3 year old with the knowledge that he 100% will ask me and his daddy to jump on it as well; hence needing a trampoline that could support not just a toddler’s weight, but also an adult’s.
It’s working perfectly! My son uses this to get his energy out and to ‘jump to the moon’, which I didn’t read in the product description as being capable of doing (added bonus).
Seems sturdy and well made. It was easy to put together as well.
Only problem we have is that we don’t have a ton of space, so it lives in our dinning room currently.

Awesome purchase

My family has fallen in love with the simplicity and efficiency of this lovely piece of exercise equipment without the attendant exorbitant cost of similar equipment. It is study and esthetically built.

Concerning assembly, my 17-year old easily put it together and noted that instructions were a breeze.

Great product!

I purchased this to switch up my indoor workouts. It’s a great value! A well made trampoline with wire coils. I love the easily removable handle depending on the skill level.

Excellent product

This was quite easy to put together. The manufacturer smartly put the screws in the places where they will need to be so that you don’t have to hunt for the right supplies. It’s compact and fits in a small space which is why I bought it. The only improvement I’d like to see would be for it to be easier to to adjust the height of the seat. My husband and I will both be using it and he is significantly taller than me. The knobs to make adjustments are screw in/out rather than tension, so that’s why it’s a challenge. Otherwise, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Excellent equipment

Solid. Easy to install. Tall pull up height. Love it.

Olympic Bar Fitness Barbell
Anonymous (Sidney, US)
Overall, very great

My husband and I like this bar. We bought it as a more difficult curl bar/shoulder press bar, as opposed to the EZ bar. At 20 lbs, it’s a little light, but the shorter length is what we were looking for. The only change I would make is to make the knurling closer to the center. We have to wear gloves/straps and even then it’s slippery. We plan to add some sort of tape to the smooth center.

Definitely worth the money

Easy to install, easy to use. Takes little space. Feels durable

Walking & Running Folding Treadmill for Home

We are in our late 60’s and have had several surgeries, live in an in-law sweet to they built so we could continue to assist in special needs so we were limited in space. I wasn’t looking for anything but a 5 star 4′ Treadmill easily mobile and storable. They say it’s easy to assemble, it was! Could be a little more descriptive in the type parts in place requirements and the only reason I say that is my wife looks at the bolts, two different sizes and locations but the description looks like they are the same. Not a big deal and easily figured out when I helped her. Assembly about an hour with placement and adjustment. Folds up easy enough but for our age it takes both of us to lift it secure it and one person to roll in storage space. My wife uses it two to three times a day, everything they say it is and does. I’m really satisfied, only had three weeks but anticipate a long an enjoyable experience. Great Value- Great Product! Will benifit us tremendously as we do not have access to walkways.

Great compact machine

I’m very satisfied with my new treadmill. It is perfect for the small space in my basement. Recommend!!

First of all it came damaged, a crack in the plastic. Second of all when you turn it on to use it a loud female voice says ‘power on’ or something like that. Which makes it hard to do a quiet work out while the baby sleeps.

Other than that so far it’s a nice little treadmill. It’s quiet while it runs. I can move it myself with ease. The display has nice large numbers and is not overly complicated. Heart rate monitor reads quickly and accurately.

Happy Customer

It was pretty easy to setup- which I did by myself. It’s very solid and stable. I’ve been using it every day and I love the results. Definitely would recommend it if you have the space for it.

Great workout station!!

Great workout station fits in a compact area. Very durable so far. Definitely have two people (or assist delivery driver). Easy to assemble with supplied hand wrenches; use the hand wrenches to tighten bolts as the individual components are thin walled. The completed assembly is structurally sound!! Very pleased with the pricing, fast delivery, assembly, and usage!!

Best Power Tower Allows Over a Dozen More Exercises than Expected

I found I can do more exercises than I expected with this sturdy tower. Additional exercises are inverted rowing with body with body at 30 and 45 degrees from vertical, and nearly a dozen band/tube torso/core and shoulder rotation, plus side bend exercises. —– In order to do inverted rows safely with back of the tower against the wall and so the tower would not fall forward, I weighted the back legs of the tower with more than my weight (150 lb [3 buckets of sand, see picture], I weigh 14o lb) to keep the tower from falling forward. Another option would be to bolt the tower to the floor. To do band/tube torso rotations I attached the tubes to the armrest handles. For side bends I attached the tubes to the pushup handles.

Decent lightweight bike, but very uncomfortable seat

Have not had very long but have used a few times. Pros: price, compact design when in use, folds and wheels easily for storage, read-out is large enough to see without glasses, read-out features seem useful but I haven’t tried them all yet (have not attempted to calibrate any of them for accuracy either), pedal tension knob is large and easy to adjust, pedaling mechanism is quiet. Cons: seat is terrible, especially the back pad which is entirely flat and too firm, seat back can only be folded down for storage but cannot be adjusted for angle, the seat bottom is also flat and a bit hard but not as uncomfortable as the back pad, the resistance bands are cheapy/funky with a rough feel to the mechanism so unlikely to last very long.
For the price, I am satisfied enough to keep it. Except for the seat back, it fits me well (5’6″, 125lb). It is not an expensive or heavy-duty machine, but because I will be the only one using it, I am hopeful that it will last for at least a few years which will make it worth the cost.

Like my pullup bar

I wish that I had got

the backrest


This bike (stationary) is super nice!
It was very easy to assemble.
Great quality of materials.
I love that it’s quiet.
Thanks 😊

RELIFE Steel Dumbbell Tree Rack
Colleen G (Hoboken, US)
Perfect little rack

I use this for 3 sets of hand weights. It’s sturdy and ideal for my use. It doesn’t take up much room, which is good since I live in a small apartment. I recommend it for small spaces.

An ultimate workout Machine

This is truly an ultimate work out machine built to improve your core strength. Recommended.

My new stationary bike!

I love this bike very sturdy I ride it everyday and every night and I’m loving it

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