• Commercial Weight Bench

    How to Use A Commercial Weight Bench

    For any commercial, home, or studio owner, weight benches are essential pieces of gym equipment for strength and conditioning training. These are mandatory for athletes who are more into performing resistance training or weight training routines regularly. A number of commercial gyms have a range of commercial weight bench which let the gym members to adjust […]

  • Shrug

    What Do Dumbbell Shrugs Work?

    Explaining Shoulder Shrugs and The Muscle Groups They Focus On What are dumbbell shrugs? Dumbbell shrugs (also known as shoulder shrugs or dumbbell shoulder shrugs) are an isolation exercise that target your upper trapezius muscles. Despite the inclusion of “shoulder” in the name, they actually focus more on the muscles in the upper back. They […]

  • Olympic barbell curls

    How to Do Barbell Curls?

    Barbell curls are a staple in any strength-training routine, yet many lifters tend to favor more popular strength moves like back squats and deadlifts. The thinking goes that you should prioritize those compound moves in your workout split. But if you’re struggling to hammer out those last few reps in your set of barbell curls, […]

  • steel weight plates

    How to Paint Weight Plates

    If you’re like most of us, when you purchase weight plates and dumbbells you are probably not too concerned with how they look. The weights serve a specific purpose, and that is to get you lifting some serious iron. However, over time they can begin to look pretty grungy and downright ugly. If you want […]

  • How To Do Barbell Squats

    How To Do Barbell Squats?

    How To Do Barbell Squats? Building muscles is an art and if you are looking into it, you need to do squats, that too with a proper technique. Squats are always recommended by expert physical trainers and bodybuilders, as they are a quick way to gain muscles. You may know that squats are one of […]

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