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How To Do Dumbbell Bench Press?

Before you even initiate the press, you need to get the weights ready. Ideally, a friend would hand you the weights once you’re already laying down on the bench. However, that’s not practical. If you’re using light to moderate weight, your best bet is to lift them from the floor to your knees.

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Grip each dumbbell firmly and then squeeze your shoulder blades together. From there, kick one knee up to drive a dumbbell to your shoulder. Then, drive the other knee up. (Be careful not to launch the dumbbells too hard and risk hitting your head.) As you drive the last dumbbell up, lay back down on the bench. You should start with both dumbbells over your chest, with your arms fully extended.

Standard Dumbbell Bench Press

   1. Sit on a flat bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand, place it on your lap, palms facing each other. Then lift the dumbbells with your thighs, one at a time, and then lie down back, while your arms are bent to support the dumbbells, shoulder-width apart. After your body stabilizes, hold your chest and abdomen up, support your feet on the ground, straighten your arms, push the dumbbells up to the top of your chest, palms forward. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Bend your arms, slowly lower the dumbbells to the sides of your chest, and inhale at the same time. Until the chest is stretched to the limit.

  3. Straighten your arms up, push the dumbbells up to the top of your chest quickly, and exhale at the same time. Stay at the top for a while and feel the contraction of the chest muscles.

  4. The above is a complete action, repeat the action up to the recommended number of times. Ideally, the time it takes for the dumbbell to drop should be twice the time it takes to push it up.

Dumbbell Bench Press


   After a set of exercises, do not throw away the dumbbells directly. This may damage your rotator cuff and also bring danger to people around you who are exercising.

3 Misunderstandings Of Dumbbell Bench Press

  1. Do not arch your back and buttocks or hold your breath, as this will make your muscles lose control.

  2. At the beginning, the axis of the dumbbell should be placed 1 cm above the nipple (the middle of the pectoralis muscle) to allow the pectoralis major muscle to exert force. If the dumbbell is lifted on the shoulder, only the shoulder muscles can be exercised.

  3. You must pay attention to spread your elbows. When doing bench press, your arms are spread out on your side, so you can basically use your chest muscles to complete the action. The pectoralis major is mainly exercised when the distance is wide, and the deltoid muscle is mainly exercised when the distance is narrow.

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