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Can a Trampoline Make You Grow Taller?

Trampoline is a great low-impact piece of exercise equipment. You’ve probably used one before as a child, and see them in your neighbors yard. If you’re unfamiliar, a trampoline is typically a strong piece of stretchy fabric connected by springs used for jumping. There are many types of trampolines including large outdoor trampolines and mini trampolines. Not only is it fun, an indoor trampoline has many benefits including the potential to make you taller.

Yes, you heard that right. Trampolines can make you grow taller. Now, you won’t gain a foot of height by jumping on a mini trampoline, but they have been proven to stimulate growth. So, let’s look at how a trampoline can make you taller.

Does a Trampoline Make You Taller?

To start, trampolines are a great tool for stretching your whole body. The way your body moves when you jump can encourage growth to make you taller. The jump sends a signal to your brain from the legs that you are trying to achieve a certain height. Space is made between your bones which allows for a tiny bit of growth.

Trampolines promote growth in the same way that playing basketball does. Basketball players are some of the tallest people in sports, and there’s a reason for that. Athletes that play basketball are required to jump often, which stretches the body. Over time this increases their height. Doing so on a trampoline will have a similar effect.

Use of indoor trampolines for height growth is especially possible in children. Age plays a big role in whether or not you’ll be able to get taller from using a mini trampoline. As you get older, your body stops growing. The best time to experience any growth benefits from jumping on a mini trampoline will be as a child. Once you hit your mid teens, your body will stop growing for the most part.

Jumping on a trampoline will stimulate the growth plate in the bones and the stretching that occurs relaxes the joints. This creates prime conditions for growth to happen in children, and is great exercise for them as well.

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How Tall Can You Get?

The amount of height you can achieve from jumping on an indoor trampoline depends on a few factors. The biggest one will be age, of course. Children will have a better chance at achieving growth from using a trampoline than adults. Genetics also play a large role. If you have taller family members, the greater your chances are at gaining height from using a mini trampoline.

How to Get Taller Using a Trampoline

It’s important to remember that the main thing you’re doing when jumping on a mini trampoline is stretching. The stretch is what’s going to encourage growth and give you a good workout. You need to create as much space as possible for there to be room for your bones to grow.

Reach to the Sky

The best thing you can do when jumping on a mini trampoline is to reach as high up as you can. Think of it as if you’re doing a full body stretch during a yoga class. Or, that you’re trying to grab something that’s just out of reach. Not only will this give you a maximum height potential, you will get an amazing side body stretch out of it.


Stick Your Landings

Trampolines are fun to flop around on and land on your behind. If you are trying to get the height benefits, you should always try to stick your landings and end up on your feet. Doing so will give you a better workout, and help you keep your momentum for more jumps.The more jumps you consistently do in a row, the better the workout. Making sure you land on your feet will also help you avoid unnecessary injuries that could hinder your workout.

Vigorous Jumps

It can be easy to just hop on your mini trampoline and jump at the same pace and call it a day. To get a really good workout and try to add some height, mix in some vigorous jumps. Lift your legs as high as you can, and if your body allows you to, incorporate some high kicks.

Other Trampoline Benefits

Along with making you taller, trampolines have many benefits. When you use a trampoline, it targets your back, core and legs. Jumping on a mini trampoline will give you a full body workout, including your arms and neck.

Trampolines can be tough to get the hang of. Using an indoor trampoline can help to improve balance, coordination and motor skills. Since trampolines are not a solid surface, balance is key to maintaining your workout. You’re going to need them to keep yourself from falling off!

We discussed how trampolines can increase height by creating space between your bones, and they can also improve bone density. This is a great benefit for those a little older that are interested in using an indoor trampoline.

How Long Should I Jump on an Indoor Trampoline?

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Everyone will have a different workout preference, but for the best results on a mini trampoline you should jump for about 25-35 minutes a day. Do this three times a week and you will get the health benefits associated with jumping on an indoor trampoline.


To sum it up, yes jumping on a mini trampoline can potentially make you taller. While it is more common for children to experience these benefits, adults can also experience small amounts of growth. Trampolines allow for a full body stretch and a low-impact workout everyone can enjoy.

To get the best results from an indoor trampoline workout, you should also be eating a healthy diet. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated will also help to maintain the benefits from jumping on a mini trampoline.

Indoor trampolines have many other benefits, making them a great workout device to have in your at-home gym. Consider purchasing one from us today.

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