What Is The Purpose Of Parallel Bars

What Is The Purpose Of Parallel Bars?

When you want to build muscle and strength without much equipment, your options may be limited. But if you have a push up, a set of parallel boards, or even a bench or sofa, you can give your triceps and/or chest a real weight challenge with a set of push ups. The exercise is simple, but the gains you can make are the real deal.

Parallel bars aren’t just for gymnasts. They are often an integral part of physical therapy for people recovering from injuries or with mobility problems. Of course, for ordinary people to strengthen the body also has a good role.

RELIFE understands the importance of parallel bars for physical and occupational therapy:

They help patients regain strength and mobility, improve balance and range of motion, and, most importantly, achieve independence they may not have imagined.

For athletes training in cramped Spaces or small home gyms, who need to make the most of every inch of space they have, parallel bars are a boon.

These dip brackets are made of heavy steel and can support up to 300 pounds. But the best thing about them is that they’re adjustable. You can make them taller or shorter. They have adjustable foot covers to prevent shaking or sliding.

Easy Installation:

With instructions and tools. Just taking a few minutes to install.


Durable lightweight steel with a safety connector to ensure stability.

Space Saving:

The product is easy storage, you Burn Fat and Calories: Total body workout. When you keep good health, you can own a perfect body at the same time.

Color: Black|Yellow
Material : heavy-duty steel
Price: $84.99

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