RELIFE PT06 Black Red Power Tower Home Pull-Up Push-Ups Station For Home


Why Do You Choose RELIFE Power Tower Instead of others?
Rebuild your confidence and attitude towards life. Bring a healthy energetic lifestyle for you. Only in health can life be more exacting.

  • Porduct Size: 26.4 (W)x 35.4 (L)x 58.5~89 (H) inch
  • Shipping weight: 54.8 LBS
  • Weight Capacity:330LBS


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home gym power tower
This item: RELIFE PT06 Black Red Power Tower Home Pull-Up Push-Ups Station For Home

In stock

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    home gym power tower

    RELIFE PT06 Black Red Power Tower Home Pull-Up Push-Ups Station For Home


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    dip station 1

    Dip Station

    Dip, characterize thighs, abdominal muscle lines, reduce fat, increase endurance.
    Pull up Station 1

    Pull-up Station

    Pull up, exercise back, arm, waist muscles, improve heart and lung function.
    Push up Station

    Push-up Station

    Push up, exercise back and arm muscles, lift hips and lower leg lines.

    Adjustable Handle Ergonomic Design

    Humanized design with PU pads for elbow protection,it can be adjustable according to diffrent needs.3 Levels Handle Adjustment: 20.47-22.44 inch.
    Height Adjustment 1

    9 Levels Height Adjustment

    The height adjustable range is 58.5”-89”. Lowest level is designed for children and the power tower is suitable for whole family workout.
    Stability Safety

    Stability & Safety

    Widening anti-slip foot pad, rotatable adjustable suction cup Larger contact area and provides double stability.
    Thicken Foam Handles

    PU Pads & Thicken Foam Handles

    • High quality arm pads made of breathable odorless PU Leather, which give users a fully comfortable workout.
    • Compared with others, the thicken Foam Handles activity area is larger and more stable, and the service life is longer.
    Rotatable Adjustable Suction Cup

    Rotatable Adjustable Suction Cup

    • Rotatable, it can adjust flatness that product contacts with the ground.
    • More stable, product won’t move when doing exercise, because four cups grip on ground tightly.
    Safety Lock Nut

    Safety Lock Nut

    • The locknut’s purpose: prevent the nut from falling of in the case of vibration.
    • When installation, frimly tighten the locknut.
    power tower dip station

    Target Every Muscle Group

    This combination dip and pull-up stand offers one great place to do push-ups, pull-ups, dips, abdominal raises, crunches and any other workouts you can think of. In as little as five minutes a day you’ll be hitting enough muscle groups to start feeling the burn in not only your chest but also your arms.

    Multi-functional Design

    With this multi-function power tower, you can crank out an entire routine without even setting foot on a treadmill or using any weights! Every pull up dip station (power tower) is carefully constructed with 8 hand grips for more diverse movements that are perfect for large range of motion exercises. It’s stable and sturdy construction means it will support nearly 330 pounds at its max capacity, so no matter how intense your workout gets, you’re sure to stay safe.
    dip station power tower
    power tower workout station
    Focus on Core & Upper Body Strength
    • PULL UP
    Exercise back, arm, waist muscles, improve heart and lung function.
    • DIP
    Characterize thighs, abdominal muscle lines, reduce fat, increase endurance.
    • PUSH UP
    Exercise back and arm muscles, lift hips and lower leg lines.

    Workout in comfort, at your perfect fit!

    We all come in different shapes and sizes, but exercising should be for everyone. We’ve engineered multiple adjustments of PT06 power tower and 330 LBS load-bearing capacity to fit most user heights to find the right position for you.
    power tower fitness station
    Relife PT05 Black Orange Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station 11
    • 9 Levels of Height Adjustment: 58.5 to 89 inch
    • 3 Levels of Handle Adjustment: 20.47 to 22.44 inch

    Safety Lock Nut

    If you’ve ever lost a screw because it came loose and disappeared to parts unknown, this product is for you.We put a safety lock nut on the end of your power tower that will keep screws from vibrating out when you’re moving or adjusting your equipment
    power tower pull up station
    Relife PT05 Black Orange Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station 10 1

    Rotatable Adjustable Suction Cup

    Enjoy a workout that doesn’t wobble thanks to the Rotatable Adjustable Suction Cup. This suction cup lets you attach it to any indoor surface and quickly adjust in 360° degrees in any direction! With a larger contact area, this suction cup won’t let you go anywhere while you do your fitness routine.

    PU Leather Arm Pads & Thicken Foam Handles

    PT06 power tower is made from breathable odourless PU Leather and thickened exclusive foam handles, it offers a comfortable workout that will leave you feeling refreshed. Compared with others, it is with a larger activity area and longer service life.
    power tower dip station


    Brand RELIFE
    Product Size 26.4 (W)x 35.4 (L)x 58.5~89 (H) inch
    Weight 47.29 LBS
    9 Levels Height Adjustment 58.5 to 89 inch
    3 Levels Handle Adjustment 20.47-22.44 inch
    Shipping Weight 54.8 LBS
    Package Size 48.82 x 22.44 x 4.33 inches
    Maximum Weight Recommendation 330 Pounds

    Shipping & Return

    Shipping method

    and FEDEX

    Order Delivery Time

    Processing Time: 1-2 business days
    Shipping Time: US: 3-5 Business days

    30-Day return applicable

    Feel free to contact us via
    [email protected] anytime.


    Military Addresses (APO, FPO)
    cannot be delivered.

    Care & Maintenance


    Answer: You can adjust the height of the suction cup to adapt to the flatness of the ground and be more stable.
    Answer: This dip station is more stable and safer with max capacity of 280lbs.
    Answer: Yes you can do knee lifts on it.
    Answer: Yes, the height is adjustable to suit whole family workout.
    Answer: It is 25″ wide, 38″ deep (from the edge of the rubber feet) and the height is variable. I have the chin up bar set at 7 feet off the ground which I think is the highest setting.

    Safety Information

    • Consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.
    • Be aware of your body’s feedback. Incorrect usage or excessive exercise may damage your health.
    • Read and understand warning labels and user manual before exercising.
    Obtain instruction before use.
    • Inspect the machine before use. Ensure that all nuts and bolts are securely fastened before use. DO NOT use if it appears damaged or inoperable.
    • Use the machine only for the intended use. DO NOT modify the device.
    • This equipment is not suitable for therapeutic use.
    • This equipment is for indoor home use only. It is not intended for commercial use.
    • Only use this equipment on a solid flat surface. Use without any protective padding may damage your carpet or floor.
    • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes when using this equipment.
    • The maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds (150kg).
    • Keep children and pets away from the equipment.
    • If you have any issues with our product, please feel free to contact us.
    [email protected]

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 417 reviews

    I bought this for my home gym and it meets my expectations. It arrived with all parts in perfect condition, it’s very easy to assemble with the decent manual. I'm very satisfied with this power tower because it doesn’t take up much place, the quality is nice and it is very sturdy. It also gets a reasonable price, highly recommend!

    P. Kingsriter

    This is a heavy duty piece of equipment, with sturdy materials and simple design. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a body weight rack to exercise on, I think you could do a lot worse.Just know ahead of time, that it is very heavy. The shipping weight says that it is 50 pounds, but I’ve got to tell you, I find that hard to believe. It might be the heaviest 50 pounds I’ve ever lifted. The components are cleverly and securely shipped. There was obviously some thought that went into the arrangement of all the pieces. Everything necessary for assembly is included. The manufacturer provides two wrenches. Then begins assembly.I cannot imagine assembling this without a partner. The pieces are too heavy and awkward, especially in the early stages. Instruction book has a whole bunch of typos, but the pictures are good enough to guide you through what is essentially an uncomplicated process. I cannot recommend highly enough that you get a ratchet set with 14mm and 17mm heads. The speeds up the process immensely. With a ratchet set and a partner, assembly took one hour and 45 minutes.After assembly, it’s solid as a rock. I weigh nearly 300 pounds, and I can hang freely from every station with no creeks and no concerns. The hand grips are comfortable. The forearm pads for the dip station are not great, but with all the other strong points, I can overlook that.Well this is not quite top-flight gym quality, this will be excellent for any home gym. Very sturdy, effective.

    carlos viale

    Nothing my kid likes it so much


    Gotta give this company 5 stars for their customer service. The first pull up tower I ordered (this one) started breaking at the dip bar weld after about 3 months. After sending them a picture of it, they sent a different replacement tower since this one was out of stock and they did not have any spare parts at the time. They were very quick to respond and I'm very happy with how quickly I got the replacement.As for the product itself, it is a great value for what you pay. It wobbles a little bit as I do pull ups and the dip bar bends slightly when I use it, but I'm on the heavier side. If you are under 200lbs, you probably won't notice as much. I was able to use it for three months without issues that prevented me from using it.Just set up the replacement which was easy to put together (under an hour) and it seems a bit sturdier than this one. It is the variant from this same company without the red pads on the dip bar for abs. I have attached a picture for your reference.Overall, I recommend both products, but definitely the one pictured here for heavier people. This company was great to work with and I am happy that they stand behind their products.

    Constanza Vargas

    Great for our home gym! You can pull a variety of exercises with it.Well made and sturdy, if used properly. If you have small children be careful because it could turn over. We are going to use some weights to keep it more secure.The handles are padded. Not too much but they are confortables to use.It is not big, so you don’t need a big space to put it on.Simple but useful.Like it!


    I've been looking for a pull-up tower for my home gym for a while, and was very happy to get this set up. It's made of sturdy steel and assembly wasn't too challenging. I'm 190lbs and it supports me just fine. The padding on the handles is thick enough. It does have a little bit of wobble when I'm doing pull ups or dips, but it's very stable and isn't going to fall over. I'm really happy to have this in my gym! I'd say it's a good option for the money if you're looking for something sturdy yet compact.


    It is a great value for what you pay.This Power Tower has a really good quality. It was packaged nicely, came with legible instructions and all parts. Only took me about 20mins to build it up.I got this for several days and use it two times a day. I am 180lbs and and I can do pull ups, dips and push ups in the tower. It’s not shaky at all when I get on it. So basing on my specific needs, I have to say that the size of this station is perfect for my case.Very nice piece of equipment, looking forward to getting stronger and being able to do more pullups and dips. Love it so much.

    Great Expectations 2023

    My wife has a bucket list goal of pull-ups when she hits a certain age. We got this to help her train for it. Lot's of variety of exercises you can do with it including push-ups. A bit of a challenge to assemble. One pointer is not the tighten all the screws completely until you have the 3 levels assembled and then go around to each screw just tightening a little bit - a little like putting lug nuts on a car wheel. If you just tighten the bottom, the top won't be aligned and will be impossible to get aligned. It's sturdy but not super sturdy - about what is to be expected for the price. Quality is pretty good, instructions are good. Be nice if there was a exercise manual with more detailed illustrations of what one could do with the tower.

    Mingxiu you

    I’m liking the power tower so far, very Sturdy while excersie on it. Quite simple and minimal design, but versatile enough to fit my excersie needs. Assembling process was ok, a lot of screws than I first imagined, but was able to got it done around 45 mins by myself, which wasn’t too bad imo. Price was on point, would recommend :)


    Everything is perfect except the small cap for stand columu. Just one day!

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