Folding Stationary Exercise Bike with Back Support Cushion

Perfect for physical therapy, losing weight, bodybuilding, cardio workout, etc. Recommended for men, women, seniors.

RELIFE foldable sports bike, folding in just one step, easy and fast to operate, can save 80% of storage space. 8 levels of resistance can be selected, and the soft seat has 7 adjustable levels. The maximum load is 330 pounds. This fitness bike is equipped with an LCD display that can track calories, distance, speed, ODO, pulse and time in real-time.

Folding Stationary Exercise Bike 330LBS Weight Capacity
• Model: EB601
• Suitable for people with a height of 4’9″ to 6’3″
• Package Meas: 45.47x 14.96 x 8.27 inches
• G.W: 41.90 lbs
• N.W: 37.50 lbs



Answer: Get fit and reach your weight loss goals with the upright exercise bike! This low-impact cardio workout upright exercise bike is perfect for burning calories and toning your muscles. Easily adjust the speed and resistance levels to make each workout more challenging.
Answer: The upright exercise bike is not only safe and low-impact, but also a great way to get your heart pumping. If you’re dealing with joint pain, arthritis, or balance problems, give the upright exercise bike a try. It’s a comfortable and sustainable option for your fitness routine.
1. Get your workout in whenever and wherever you want!
2. Burn those calories away and achieve your fitness goals.
3. Boost your heart health with a fun and effective cardio session.
4. Build strength and tone your muscles as you pedal away.
5. Say goodbye to impact-related stress on your joints – the upright bike is gentle on your body.
6. Biking helps improve your lung capacity and respiratory health.
Answer: Are you a beginner? The recumbent bike is perfect for you! You won’t have to worry about holding yourself up while you pedal. But if you’re up for a challenge, the upright exercise bike might be the better option.
Answer: Android phone users need to open the Google Play App Store, search for “Z-Sport” to download. iPhone users need to open the App Store and search for “Z-Sport” to download. If Huawei or Android phone users can’t download by the QR codes on the upright exercise bike manual. Pls scan the code on the upright exercise bike to download.
Z-Sport APP supports Android version and Apple version.
Android: supports Android 5.0 and above system versions.
iPhone: supports iOS 9.0 and above system versions.


• Before using the Relife smart bike, please warm up properly.
• Inspect and tighten all parts before using the indoor smart bike.
• Keep children and animals away from the smart bike.
• If the user has dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or other abnormal symptoms, please stop the workout and seek immediate medical attention.
• Disabled people should not use the smart bike for strength training without a qualified person or doctor in attendance.
• Only one person at a time should use the smart bike.
• Keep hands away from all moving parts.
• Do not wear loose or baggy clothing since it may get caught in the smart bike.
• Do not place any sharp objects around the smart bike.

Battery Safety of the the smart bike
• Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types.
• Do not dispose of batteries in a fire.
• Do not dispose of batteries with normal household waste, take them to a local recycling center.
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