Whole Body Workout Vibration Plate Exercise Machine for Home Fitness


Are You Looking To Get In Great Shape But Intimated About Expensive Gyms? Benefits From Vibration Exercise Go Far Beyond Building Muscle, You Will Also Enjoy Boosting Metabolism, Improving Circulation And Building Core Strength, Stimulate Blood Flow And Soothe Tired Feet And Legs For Full Body Sports Training.

  • Model: REB01CBRF
  • Motion Pattern: Pivotal Oscillation
  • Frequency Range: 5-8.6Hz
  • Amplitude: 11mm
  • Rated Voltage: 100-120VAC
  • Rated Power: 150W
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 LBS
  • Product Meas: 30.5 x 17.5 x 5.9 inch
  • N.W: 35.71 lbs (16.2 kg)
  • G.W: 37.92 lbs (17.2 kg)
  • 1 x Vibration Board Exercise Machine
  • 2 x Loop Band
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Wearable Remote Control (CR2032 Button Battery Included)
  • Click & Download User Manual

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    Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

    Whole Body Workout Vibration Plate Exercise Machine for Home Fitness


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    vibration platform exercise


    This quiet little vibration plate exercise machine won’t take up much space in your home and best yet it can be stored away after each use. It will give you the workout you need with minimal time commitment so now those days when there was no time to hit the gym are gone.

    Multiple Exercise Modes

    Manual88(default) / P1-P5(Automatic)
    3 Training Channels: Walking, Jogging, Running

    Multiple Exercise Modes

    vibration plate exercise machine do they work



    vibration plate exercise machine do they work
    vibration plate exercise machine benefits
    vibration plate details 3
    vibration plate details 1
    vibration plate details 5
    vibration plate details 4
    Vibration Plate LED Display


    • Program: manual mode 88/automatic mode (P1-P2-P3-P4-P5) respectively
    • Remote Control: serving as the receiver for signals from the remote control
    • Calories: count the total calories from exercise start to end
    • Speed: display the operation speed
    • Time: according to the boot countdown 3-2-1 seconds to run the countdown 10-1 minute


    This high-speed vibration is likely to make your body scream for more. Think about it: When you stand on a vibrating surface, the cells inside your feet bounce up and down as your skin’s sensitive nerve endings send signals to your brain. This alerts our natural system that we’re inactive – which then releases a burst of feel-good hormones that motivate us into action – even if it’s just going from standing on a vibrating device to sitting down.

    Vibration Fitness Platform
    exercises on vibration plate

    Vibration Plate Ergonomic Design

    Keep your body challenged without a doubt with the Vibration Plate Ergonomic Design! User-friendly technology and wearable remote control let you workout remotely. You’ll never have to worry about missing your daily dose of exercise.

    vibration plate stomach exercises

    An All-in-one Fitness Solution

    Compared to vibrating machines, the vibration plate with loop resistance bands will allow for more range of motion and flexibility when performing your exercises. Unlike most exercise bands which only offer tension, the dual loop design makes this band both elastic and stable; it can be used for conditioning (resistance training), strengthening (isometrics), stretching and rehabilitation purposes.

    confidence fitness vibration plate exercises

    New Generation Motor

    • Strong Motivation
    • High Frequency Vibration
    • Strong Stability
    • Intelligent Noise Reduction

    vibration plate exercises stomach

    10 Minutes A Day for Amazing Body

    = 10000 times of vibration
    = 40-minute jogging
    = 30-minute swimming
    = Burn 2000 calories


    Answer: This platform can carry up to 265 LBS.

    Answer: Vibration Board Exercise Machine*1
    2 Loop Bands*1
    Wearable Remote Control*1

    Answer: You may press a button or remote control to choose your program preference: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 & Manual-88 are shown sequentially. Features 3 Training Channels: Walking, Jogging, Running. A variety of exercise modes allow you to try different vibration exercises or combine the vibration exercise with sit-up, push-up, yoga.

    Answer: The benefits of vibrating exercise go well beyond building muscle. You’ll also enjoy a full body workout that boosts metabolism, improves circulation and builds core strength, stimulates blood flow, and relaxes tired feet and legs. The benefits of vibrating exercise go far beyond that, and there are many hidden benefits just waiting to be discovered.

    Answer: Full-body wellness, increases muscle, bone density and balance, burn fat and lose weight.


    • Keep children and animals away from the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine.
    • If the user has dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or other abnormal symptoms, please stop the workout and seek immediate medical attention.
    • Disabled people should not use the equipment without a qualified person or doctor in attendance.
    • Only one person at a time should use the equipment.
    • Keep hands away from all moving parts.
    • Do not wear loose or baggy clothing since it may get caught in the equipment.
    • Do not place any sharp objects around the equipment.

    Service Environment
    • Do not use the product in the humid or dusty environment to avoid electric shocks or machinery breakdowns.
    • Do not place the product outdoors or under the sun.
    • Place the product on the flat ground

    Stop Using When…
    • Water or other liquid is splashed on the product or on its remote control by accident
    • Revelant parts are damaged or abnormal sounds are heard inside the product
    • One feels discomfort or local pain when using it
    • Power is lost suddenly

    Power Plug & Power Cable
    • Once feels discomfort or local pain when using it
    • Before using the product, check whether the voltage is up to the requirement
    • Do not connect / disconnect the power plug with wet hands to avoid electric shocks
    • Disconnect the power plug from the socket by holding on to the plug. Do not drag, bend or twist the power cable hard
    • Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power plug during power failure or for long-time non-use
    • If the power cable is damaged, stop using the product immediately, turn off the power switch, disconnect the power cable from the socket and contact maintenance professionals

    • For guarantee purposes, please retain your purchase receipt.

    SKU: REB01CBRF Categories: , , GTIN: 761425650620

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 73 reviews
    Guess Who
    Great Deal

    Very low cost ...Very easy to use...not complicated at all...very convenient for me to exercise...I love it

    Guess Who
    Great Deal

    Very low cost ...Very easy to use...not complicated at all...very convenient for me to exercise...I love it

    Timely Actions

    This product worked great for the first month or so and then gave this error. I tried to communicate with the company but now the emails won’t go through. I got a bad one and now I can’t do anything about it because it is past the date to return.

    Amanda R.
    Worth it 100%. Highly recommend!

    I love this! Idk why I didn’t get one sooner. I’ve lost 1/2 in in my waist and thighs in 3 weeks and all I do is stand on this for about an hour a day while I work on my computer. Super great for the wintertime when it’s too cold to go out exercising and Covid has closed all the gyms.I also like to use it for planking, I’ll use those rotating push up handles on top of the platform.Still going strong after a month, remote works great.The platform is not comfy for bare feet but that is because of the grip that is necessary to prevent you from slipping off at higher speeds. I’ll just wear my slippers and it is fine for me, I wear slippers all the time at home anyways.

    jiawei lin
    great vibration machine

    Want to keep a good figure, but need to exercise, as a very lazy person, really don‘t want to exercise every day, accidentally found on the Internet not do exercise weight loss device, without hesitation to buy it, but also specially used a few days to comment, quite good, keep doing it every day, use a few days to lose 2 pounds, so happy, will continue to do, really good for lazy person must-have.

    Fatima Cedano
    Me encanta

    Me encanta la tabla, se siente el trabajo en el cuerpo. Me gustaría saber dónde consigo un manual de instrucciones o las recomendaciones para sacar mas provecho a los programas.El control funciona más o menos.

    Good sports equipment!

    I bought the sports equipment for about two weeks and relied on it every day. It feels easy and convenient. More active than ever. No more worrying about the gym closing. You can exercise at home anytime. Make me healthier!Good to buy。

    Danhua Lin
    to lazy people.

    This machine is awesome. You can eat and drink at home every day just to lose weight and it doesn't take much effort. It's a must for lazy people

    Lanette Ann
    Better than expected but...

    Quality is very good, compared to the machine at the gym, not bad but the one thing that prevents 5 stars??? I'll echo every other comment... Lack of instruction on how to use the bands. There actually was a battery that I almost missed for the wrist control. There are eyelets to attach the bands but no mention of how to do so.

    Unusual experience but great!

    I’ve always wanted to try out a vibrating platform and was glad to see this come up.It has a few preprogrammed programs you can choose from up to 10 minutes at a time or you can do an open vibrating with the speed you choose and how you want to stand, squat, sit, etc.I did in this particular pictures, 10 minutes of open workout with 16 as the speed.The instructions are lacking when it comes to explaining the different programs so I just played with it for different programs and speeds.It does get my circulation going because I feel itchy after a while.The first time I used it, I felt like Shakira as my hips were shaking.I feel more relaxed afterwards and I still feel that something is going on and working within my body.The higher the speed, I start doing a breathing technique because it feels like my insides are going wild.I use this 4 times a day doing different positions, that way I can feel it all around my body.I’m in love with this machine.I just turn it on and listen to music or watch tvz

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