Adjustable Parallette Dip Bar Station Fitness Workout Dip Stand Station Machine for Home


Adjustable Indoor Dip Bar Station High Weight Capacity 300 LBS
• Model: REPU01BDS / REPU01YDS
• Color: Black / Yellow
• Material: Steel
• Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
• Package Meas: 29.9 x 25.2 x 3.9 inch
• Product Meas: 41.3 x 24.9 x 35 inch
• G.W: 26.23 lbs (11.9 kg)
• N.W: 20.94 lbs (9.5 kg)
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    dip bar station

    Adjustable Parallette Dip Bar Station Fitness Workout Dip Stand Station Machine for Home


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    The multi-function dip bar station is a great way to work out your chest, biceps and trisuits. With reinforced stability from safety connector feature of the dip stand station machine you can also do workouts for abs without worrying about falling off or sustaining injuries!

    Spend one-on-one fitness time with your partner


    Relife dip station is a high-quality, lightweight steel frame that can be easily transported and set up anywhere to transform any room into your own personal fitness studio.

    best dip bar
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    The high weight capacity of this dip stand station machine means it can handle up to 300 pounds. The durable steel construction and quality material make the task easy for you!

    dip bar exercise


    The soft foam handgrips of the dip bar station prevent you from developing calluses while maintaining a stable and firm grip.

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    The dip bar station is equipped with adjustable connecting rod.
    There are 4 holes on the dip stand station machine for you to adjust the connecting rod and the width. Relife dip station also has an adjustable height (31.11-35.04 inch) so you can set it based on what works best for yourself!

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    The bottom stabilizers are designed with rubber coating, which not only protects your floors from damage but also ensures a balanced workout session. You can adjust it at any time to fit the ground and prevent it from shaking.


    The bottom stabilizers are designed with rubber coating, which not only protects your floors from damage but also ensures a balanced workout session. You can adjust the dip bar station at any time to fit the ground and prevent it from shaking.


    The dip stand station machine is built to be portable, easily assembled and disassemblable, and designated for small spaces.

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    Answer: Learning how to do parallel dip bars at home is not only fun, but it’s also an excellent way for you or your loved one (or even both!)
    Dip station bars are a fantastic ab exercise that you can do at home, and it’s easier than it looks.

    First make sure the dip stand station machine is secure in place so there aren’t any swings or movements when doing this move.
    The second step is to sdjust the dip bar station that’s at least waist high and wide enough for your shoulders.
    The third important thing you’ll want when doing these exercises in the home or gym environment, it needs plenty space around them so not only can you do your form correctly but also avoid hurting yourself because we don’t want any accidental injuries!

    With the parallel bar dip station, you will be able to work your chest muscles. This is a great move for anyone who wants an intense upper body workout at home without going anywhere or needing equipment!

    Answer: The ab workout with dip bar station will strengthen your core and lose weight, all in just 30 minutes! Parallel dip bar exercises target the muscles of those upper abs that are often neglected when doing traditional sit ups or forward bends. You’ll work them from different angles while still getting a good stretch for other parts of you lower back too.

    Answer: I do inverted rows, incline pushups, tricep dips, head under bar tricep extensions, seated bicep curls, shoulder dips, swing through and then if that’s not enough you can try them one handed. Or I you have the strength handstand push-ups , l-sits , planche holds. Relife Dip Station is probably the best overall pieace of workout equipment I own.

    Answer: Steel tube of the dip bar station is 1-5/8” diam. and the foam padded sleeve is 1-13/16” diam.

    Answer: Hello, if there are any problem with our dip stand station machine, please feel free to contact us, we will help you to solve it. for example, if the part of the dip bar station was going damage, we can send a new part for you.
    Relife dip station has year warranty period.

    Answer: The adjustable range of Relife dip station is 58-88.6 inches. You can adjust it to fit a very small person even under 5′ .

    Answer: Weight of the dip bar station is 62.83 lbs; and dip stand station machine weight capacity is 300 lbs (136 kg)


    • Before starting any exercises, be sure you do not take any medicine that affects your heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol level. Determine you do not have any medical or physical conditions bad for your safety and health, which affect you’re using the parallel bar dip stand properly.
    • Keep kids and pets away from the dip stand station machine, the product is designed for adult use only.
    • Use the dip stand bar on a solid, flat-level surface with a protective cover for your floor or carpet. For your safety, there are at least 2 feet of free space all around it.
    • Ensure all nuts and bolts are securely tightened before using the fitness dip bar safely.
    • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing when using the equipment. Do not in your bare feet.
    • The dip bar station is not suitable for therapeutic use. Take care of yourself when lifting and moving equipment does not hurt your back. Always use proper lifting techniques and seek assistance if necessary.
    • The equipment is designed for indoor and home use only! It is not intended for commercial use.
    • The maximum weight capacity of this exercise dip bar is 300 pounds (136KG).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 495 reviews
    Solid when you find the right setting

    I bought this in the Spring of 2022. I haven't really done dips in years but wanted to add them to my routine. Put the bars together and could hardly do one dip! Didn't touch them again for a couple of months and thought maybe I should try a different width setting and try again. That did the trick. These bars are super solid IF you take the time to adjust and level them properly. I'm now doing multiple sets up to 20 reps and getting stronger. Would buy again and recommend.

    Amazon Customer
    La calidad del producto

    La comodidad de poder guardar las piezas en poco espacio

    Amazon Customer
    Great Saturday purchase

    Bought for my husband and he loved it. Nice and sturdy quality.

    Chantilly Philly
    Wow, these stands exceeded my expectations

    I watched the video and liked what I saw in these stands for my exercises. Definitely recommend them for a variety of exercises because they are stable and very strong.

    Victoria Lang (Los Angeles, US)
    Awesome dip bar station! Absolutely Worth It!

    I just recently had the pleasure of purchasing Relife Dip Station with ease and convenience. After receiving Relife Dip Station, I was able to start my workout to include strengthening my arms and helping them to develop better.

    This unit is very easy to put together. The dip stand station machine came with extra screws and an extra instruction manual. I was happy with the stability of the unit.

    It is basically heavy duty bars connected to the bottom parts.The connecting bar keeps the two dipping bars from skidding on smooth flooring, so I'd recommend putting it on, especially if you're a heavier weight, It keeps the bars together so you don't have to worry about it sliding. a lot of good heavy soldering where they connect. They're completely different styles and this one's a way better design for what I wanted and was looking for. Nice and solid, no up and down adjustables relying on little pins.

    No weird smell or any "stickiness" from them although it's gotten hot this summer. I didn't know at first if I'd like them, but they're good, and so far have been very durable.

    Getting it has made it so much easier for me to do a little exercise more frequently without the exhaustion of setting up anything or planning to exercise, You don't have to take it out or put it away. And the dip bar station barely takes any space.

    Over all very satisfied!

    Alberto Nevarez
    Missing a end cap

    It came and is missing a end cap can I have one sent to me

    Great At Home Gym Item

    Just got this today. Was easy to assemble. Once it was all out together so tested it out and discovered it still has some instability to it, but nothing super concerning. I’ve been using it throughout the day and so have my children and it has NOT tipped over once. Item came with all assembly pieces plus the one acres set of screw and washer like mentioned in instructions. The one thing I noticed is the adjustable bar and screws were not able to fully screw in. However, the bar was still held in place.

    Gym quality! Well made and amazed!

    I read the reviews and saw some had mentioned the stability or sturdiness of the product. In my opinion, it is very stable and sturdy. I saw a review to make sure you read the instructions and it's true. Inspect the parts to see the difference. Saves you that time of unscrewing everything. Assembly was a little hard on carpet but I read another review to assemble on hard flat surface and it was 10x easier to put on the screws. I am 5'10 and weigh 220lbs I was able to do dips, vertical rows and push-ups. Nothing budged or felt like it will fall apart on me. The grip bars feel amazing and not that fake rubber feeling. If your product is uneven by a little bit, check the rubber soles and rotate them. They have thin and thick rubber traction on them. Make sure they are all the same thickness and your balance issue is fixed. If not I would double check the screws and realign the washers again and see if they need to be retightened. Honestly, this is worth the money and the quality is amazing. I looked up Dip Stand exercises and saw someone made a really good video of different routines. Side note: when I'm not using it, it makes a really good bar for hangers when doing laundry lolNo complaints here! Love it!

    Dre O
    It does that it says it does

    The instructions on it are very plain and simple but at first I tried at it without actually giving them too much taught and I totally installed it backwards haha so. Besides that once i installed it as the instructions asked me to it was very sturdy, it shakes when you move it with your hand but it doesn’t when you’re doing the exercises which you can do so much with this dip bar, you can get a total body workout if you find enough exercises to use it. It was very economic and it’s made of perfect material for what it’s mean to be used for. I am 5’8” and i weigh roughly 195lbs I have had no accidents with this item and I have been able to get a great work out from the comfort of my home thanks to it.

    E. Reyes

    Easy instructions, stable for my 6’2” 295lb frame. Cant wait to add it to my workout routine.

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