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The Five Most Common Faqs for Home Fitness Trampolines


Every time you jump into the air, spin, instantly become a flying man, Slam Dunk expert. It’s not acrobatics, it’s a trampoline, the coolest and most fashionable sport of the moment.

Home fitness trampoline is a popular sport in recent years. It gives people a kind of flying and elegant enjoyment. Adults and children can jump happily. But can trampolines help you lose weight? What are the health benefits? Are trampolines safe? With the understanding of trampolines, the corresponding questions come, and that comes with Relife.

Q1: Can the trampoline help me lose weight?

A: certainly! Trampoline is the second-fastest calorie-burning exercise on the planet, and it burns more calories than jogging. Research has found that effective trampoline jumping for ten minutes burns more calories than jogging for half an hour. So it’s a great aerobic exercise and it helps lower your blood pressure. Still have, besides reducing weight, still can help you absolve the city pressure of work, life.

If you can carry out planned combined movement training according to the guidance of professional coaches, carry out corresponding core intensity exercise according to your characteristics, plus appropriate healthy diet adjustment, you will reduce fat in a short period of time, change the shape of the body, and effectively shape.

Q2: I’m very fat. Is it safe to jump on a trampoline?

A: Trampoline exercise on the human body side effects are very low, therefore, as long as the trampoline you use the right size trampoline is very suitable for your exercise. By keeping your body stable and focusing on upper limbs and body movements, obese people should also be able to complete basic trampoline exercises to burn calories.

You should be careful not to do the intermediate and advanced trampoline moves lightly until you are confident that you can perform the basic exercise moves flexibly.

Q3: Why do my hands and forearms feel congested when I jump on the trampoline?

A: This sensation of “blood in the hands and forearms” is accurately described as A sufficient “robust” and effective movement of your jumps, where the peripheral capillaries are being “flushed” and “oxygenated.”

It is a good feeling to experience the obvious characteristics of trampoline jumping. Because trampoline jumping can make the body in a rhythm of ‘weightlessness’ and ‘overweight’, it can effectively promote cardiovascular function, enhance fluid circulation, and even some people call it “cell washing” of the whole body. This effect is not – general fitness exercise methods, only like bungee jumping and other extreme sports can be experienced. But this kind of “congestion” is very important to human body fitness, and the effect is also immediate. That’s why trampolines are a highly effective form of exercise, and trampoline exercise is a highly effective basis for aerobic therapy.

Q4: What makes trampoline so special?

A: What makes making A big jump on A trampoline A very special form of exercise is that you are weightless at the top of each jump; And every time your feet bounce off the surface of the trampoline, you’re subjected to double your body weight.

Compared with other forms of exercise, such as jumping rope, jumping in place, high leg lifts, running, trampoline jumping is the most intense, with the least side effects, and can produce periodic changes of overweight and weightlessness. This alternation is so important that it gets every cell in your body moving! Because this alternation of excess weight and weightlessness can be very significant. Activate and promote the accelerated flow and circulation of lymph, blood, and various body fluids throughout the body, and can promote fluid exchange in every cell of your body.

The extra weight you feel when the trampoline bounces will strengthen your bones, muscles, and every cell. And that enhancement doesn’t come at the expense of damaging any part of the body. Please note: Trampoline exercise is the form of exercise with the least side effects! Trampoline movement, jumping up and down of course is also the best way to exercise human balance, coordination, and sense of rhythm, but also a very efficient way to lose weight and increase height.

Q5: Which is safer, trampoline or jump rope?

A: Recently someone put forward the idea that trampoline is not as safe as jumping rope for children. The idea is that when a child bounces on a trampoline, there are so many unknowable factors, such as the amount of force and direction of control, that it is difficult to ensure that each jump can withstand gravity vertically. Encounter the center of gravity is slightly deflected, the spine is slightly out of control, the force that can make the spine loses balance. People fall not to say, vertebrae, joints, ligaments, and so on Maybe damaged.

In addition, children playing trampoline, attention is difficult to concentrate, easy to reduce the self-protection consciousness of organs; Oscillations can also cause damage to underdeveloped internal organs, especially the brain. Therefore, some people think: trampoline is not as good as skipping rope. Rope skipping is a whole-body movement, regular practice can enhance lung, blood vessels, and heart function, so that the arms, chest, leg muscles developed, is conducive to the body of young children. The right amount of pressure on the bone joints of the lower extremities during landing can also help to promote bone tissue growth.

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