RELIFE dumbbell rack

How To Choose A Dumbbell Rack?


1.1 Vertical dumbbell rack is a stable space saver, perfect for smaller home and garage gyms but be aware, not all combos will fit due to the spacing between slots.

Relife Vertical Dumbbell Rack

1.2 Horizontal dumbbell rack is perfect for storing a small collection of dumbbells. It will give your home gym a professional look while keeping dumbbells safely and smartly stored out of the way.

Relife Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

1.3  Space-saving “A” frame dumbbell rack is a stable space saver, perfect for smaller home and garage gyms

relife a frame dumbbell rack

1.4 Staggered dumbbell rack is easy and comfortable to get the dumbbells in and out of the rack.

Relife staggered dumbbell rack

1.5 Tree dumbbell racks are usually only suitable for neoprene weights or very light dumbbells.

relife tree dumbbell rack

2. Size, Pay attention to the amount of space between the shelves tiers. Putting large dumbbells on/off from the rack can be a tight squeeze. If you want to avoid banged-up.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the right dumbbell rack size:

  • Rack specifically designed for dumbbell sets: Many home gym dumbbell racks are designed to hold a set of dumbbells weighing 5 to 50 pounds (in 5-pound increments). If you increase the weight irregularly, they may not be suitable.
  • Rubber dumbbells take up more space: if a shelf says it can hold “10 pairs”, it may only hold 9 pairs of rubber dumbbells.
  • View available shelf widths: When viewing the size of the dumbbell shelf, it is usually the listed outer width. The actual usable space of the shelf is usually reduced by 2-5 inches.
  • Measure your dumbbells! To ensure a good fit, place the dumbbells flat on the floor. Measure how much space they need. Remember, dumbbells need to be distributed on each shelf. For example, if you look at 3 levels of shelves, you need to arrange the dumbbells in 3 rows to measure correctly.

3.Other features of dumbbell racks:

  • Open or closed design: The closed dumbbell rack must be installed on the wall. The open shelf can be placed anywhere, and dumbbells can still be used.
  • Angled shelf: An angled shelf makes it easier to place dumbbells. However, inclined shelves are generally not suitable for kettlebells and medicine balls. This also means that you can only touch your weight from one side of the shelf.
  • Burr: The cheaply manufactured dumbbell rack is poorly welded. They may have a lot of burrs, which can cut your hands when you scratch them.
  • Floor fixation: Unless you plan to drill holes on the floor, make sure that the dumbbell rack does not require floor fixation!
  • Rubber feet: These are great for preventing dumbbell racks from slipping. They can also prevent scratches on the floor.

For almost all home gyms, the RELIFE dumbbell rack will be an out-and-out winner. It fits more dumbbells than other compact racks and can even hold kettlebells. Considering its sturdiness and 600-pound capacity, the dumbbell rack is very affordable.

If you need some cheap and basic small home gym, RELIFE dumbbell rack is worth considering.

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