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Are you feeling ready to change up your home exercise routine? RELIFE has a wide range of gym equipment that you can easily use at home from the comfort of your own space. Ideal for those of you who find gyms intimidating haven’t got the time to go or live too far away from one. Home-gyms are becoming increasingly popular since lockdowns and social distancing has become the new normal, people are looking elsewhere to keep fit, and RELIFE has got your back. So step aside ever queuing up to use the machines and weights at the gym again and step forward for RELIEFS easy-to-use dumbbells.

Benefits of Using Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the perfect piece of gym equipment to start your exercise and fitness journey at home; whether you want to get toned, keep fit, or if you’re a beginner – dumbbells are ideal for those who are both experienced in fitness or if you are just getting started. They are easy to store, don’t take up much room in your home, and can be used and effectively to ensure your whole body gets a workout. They are helping you to feel and look stronger while improving your body immunity, strengthening your heart and lungs, and enhancing physical fitness.

How To Use Dumbbells


Using dumbbells is very effective in eliminating muscle imbalance, so if you notice one side of your body is stronger than the other, dumbbells are a great way to balance both sides so that they are equal. In addition, dumbbells are safe and easy to use and allow you to move through a very natural range of motion.

Grip the handle or handles and lift them through your desired range of motion; this can include curling, pressing, extending, lunges, squats, swings, shoulder presses, and rows. If you are a beginner, you can start with small motion exercises and work your way up to more significant motions over time.

Startling lateral raises, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, lunges, overhead presses, calf raises, hammer presses, floor presses, hip thrusts, shrugs, and farmer walks. There are all ideal easy workouts to get you started and simple enough to do at home. Plus – the more you practice, the more you can work your way up to intermediate and advanced dumbbell exercises.  The longer you use dumbbells, you will start to notice muscle lines, your muscle endurance will improve, and your muscles will become firmer.

RELIFE Dumbbells

RELIFE sells a range of different dumbbells; they are safe and come in various styles and weights depending on your preference and level.

They are all made from strong, durable, and sturdy steel and go through a safe and seamless electrolytic ion chromium plating process. Dumbbells from RELIFE are available in different sizes from 5lbs up to 50lbs in 5lb increments. They are covered in PEV material, which ensures they are environmentally friendly, protected, have good wear-and-tear resistance, corrosion resistance, and sustains heavy impacts.

The decagon design makes the dumbbells very stable to stay on the ground without rolling, which is a must when you are using them at home. The durable rubber on the dumbbells also cushions the impact, which is ideal for ensuring you don’t make too much noise at home when using them during a home-workout. We don’t want to upset the neighbors!

The diamond knurled chrome anti-slip handles ensure you will have a firm grip while using RELIEFS dumbbells, and the smooth welding prevents air corrosion and rusting.

Dumbbells from RELIFE are strong, long-lasting, durable, and come in a range of different styles, shapes, and weights; so, don’t panic! There is a perfect setting for you, no matter your exercise level or body shape.

smooth welding one solid

RELIFE sells changeable and adjustable dumbbells that can meet all your exercise needs. The weight can be easily changed from 2.5lbs to 25lbs by the turn of a dial; this way, you can gradually increase your strength over time.

“The product is luxurious and sturdy—great value for money!” – Eden, RELIFE Customer.

Another popular choice is the RD Dumbbell Set which is available in 15-50lbs, and the PEV material ensures the dumbbells are free of any rubber smells, protecting the health of you and your family. In addition, the circular design does not damage your floor.

“These dumbbells are perfect, came perfectly packaged, and the handlebar is a good size for people with big hands. Weight matched the description – highly recommend!” – Alexander, RELIFE Customer.

popular choice
dumbbell size in inch

Are you looking to brighten up your home gym? These Neoprene Coated Dumbbells come in a bright blue color and feature a vinyl coating that is comfortable to grip and scratch-free. The bright color and large, precise numbers make them quick and easy to grab while working out. They weigh 3lbs and are suitable for both men and women.

Extremely happy with my purchase; dumbbells are sturdy, the grip is non-slip, and they don’t roll away. Absolutely no odor, and they look good. Worth the money, long-lasting. They highly recommended!”

                                                                                                                                                   – Niles, RELIFE Customer.

RELIFE has a vast range of dumbbells, ensuring you will find the perfect set for you. Check out the full range of dumbbells from RELIFE here:


Why Should I Buy Dumbbells from RELIFE?

Not only is RELIFE known for their top-quality home gym equipment, but they also have a fantastic sales team who are on-hand and willing to help you any time, any day: [email protected]

With worldwide fast delivery, top customer service, and long-lasting products – RELIFE will not let you down.

“These dumbbells are the nicest dumbbells I have ever used – the grip is perfect, and the rubber coating protects the floor. Don’t hesitate to buy from RELIFE!” – TJ, RELIFE Customer.

Get a Grip; Get RELIFE Dumbbells.

The ordering process is simply three quick steps: select your favorite items, add them to the cart and enter your billing and shipping information.

It depends on your location and selected shipping options. At the time of purchase, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date. Most orders are shipped 1-2 days after receiving them and delivered within 3-5 days.

Our warranty period is one year, but our warranty period will be a lifetime if you still need us later. We are determined to build an international fitness brand, so the customer experience is always our first.



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