6 Most Common Causes of Obesity

There is always a heated discussion about health preservation and weight loss. People are keen to find ways to lose weight, but the reasons for their dreams are mentioned. , But is it just because of eating? The analysis of this article combined with experts explained the common sudden inducements to help us understand more scientifically and comprehensively.

Causes of obesity

Insulin. In the final analysis, the cause of obesity is hormonal imbalance, not calorie imbalance. Eating easy-to-digest, carbohydrate-rich foods can stimulate insulin secretion. Such foods include [finished sugars: flour, cereals. Potatoes and edible sugar (sucrose)]. When the level of insulin secretion increases, fat accumulates in the adipose tissue. When it decreases, the fat is released from the adipose tissue and burned out like fuel.

Classification of obesity

Obesity is generally divided into two categories.

  1. Chronic diseases that require hormonal drugs due to conditions lead to endocrine disorders, which leads to obesity. This symptom is called symptomatic obesity, and this type of patients accounts for about 5% of the total number of obesity;
  2. Obese people, who account for more than 90% of the population, are people we recognize because of the intake of a large amount of high-calorie food during the diet. However, excessive intake of calories is much greater than the calories consumed by the body. As a result, excess fat and other nutrients will accumulate in the body early to form fat cells, leading to obesity. Therefore, we classify this symptom as simple obesity.
Eventuate for Obesity
  • Heredity. According to biological statistics, if one of the parents is obese, the probability of their children being obese reaches 40%, which is four times that of ordinary people; if both parents are obese, the probability of their children being obese is as high as 80%, which is eight times that of ordinary people.
  • Edema. Some people have poor drainage function, and excess water in the body will cause edema-type obesity. In addition, to exercise to promote water reduction in the body, people should eat more diuretic and swelling foods, such as winter melon and celery.
  • Bad habits. Some bad habits in life often also affect the body. For example, as soon as you sit down and raise your legs, over time, it will hinder the circulation of regressive blood and lymph and even cause swelling of the lower body.
  • Drugs. Long-term use of certain drugs, such as antidepressants, psychiatric drugs, steroids, insulin, oral hypoglycemic drugs, etc., can cause obesity. Insulin causes obesity, the most obvious, and even excessive intake of vitamins B and E can also lead to obesity.
  • Insufficient sleep. It is the reason that hinders the body’s metabolism of carbohydrates. As a result, insufficient sleep causes the blood sugar concentration to rise, and the insulin concentration in the body rises, which causes the body to store more fat.
  • Mental stress. Excessive pressure can easily cause the adrenal cortisol index to stay high, gastric motility and digestive function will increase, and people’s appetite will increase.

The above are some of the reasons we have summarized about the causes of obesity. After reading this, you should also have a more comprehensive understanding of the induction of obesity. By reading the article, we can also avoid most of the problems that lead to obesity. In the next blog, we will update a series of hazards caused by obesity.


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