How To Practice Dip Station Arm Flexion And Extension

How To Practice Dip Station Arm Flexion And Extension

Where do you practice parallel bar arm flexion and extension? Most people use it to train their chest muscles, some use it to train their triceps, and some even train their chest, triceps, and deltoids together! So where is this exercise the most suitable for practice?


We need to see which part exerts the most force and which part has the most participation in the whole process of completing the action, then it is the part that this action is mainly aimed at! Take the pectoralis, triceps, and deltoids to compare muscle strength. There is no doubt that the pectoral muscles have the greatest strength. In addition, among all the exercises of chest exercises, this exercise has the most full extension of the pectoral muscles, and the number of activated muscle fibers is also the most. The other two parts are not. Therefore, the arm flexion and extension of the parallel bars is mainly to train the chest, so you should train the chest well, and this is the key movement of the chest, and it is very important as the pull-up is the back exercise and the squat leg exercise!

Another question is whether to do it with the chest up or with the chest? The most basic principle of bodybuilding training is that the target muscles should be fully stretched and peak contraction. According to this requirement, it is more appropriate to experience the chest up. Why? The chest cavity expands when the chest is raised, and the chest cavity cannot be expanded when the chest is contained. In these two cases, the effect of the chest muscles is completely different! The following is the practice method

Preparation Phase

①The forearm is vertical to the ground and keeps stable (the elbow will move slightly during the action)

②The arm is not fully straightened, the elbow is not locked, slightly bent, and the upper arm is leaning forward

③The back is straight, the waist and abdomen are tightened, the head is slightly forward, and the torso is inclined 15-20 degrees from the vertical. At this time, the upper body is inclined to make the chest muscles contract to maintain tension and control the balance. If the upper body is perpendicular to the ground, the elbow must be Locked, gravity will directly act on the arm bone support and the shoulders and upper back to participate in the control of balance, but the pectoral muscles will relax!

④Expand the chest and hold the chest upright (if you have a chest, the scapula must be retracted forward, which will transfer the force that should be borne by the chest muscles to the deltoid muscles. At this time, the chest muscle stimulation will weaken and the probability of deltoid muscle strain will increase. , Which is very unfavorable for subsequent actions)

⑤Sink your shoulders and keep your scapula in a neutral position

⑥Straight upper back

⑦The calf overlaps, the legs droop naturally, the waist and abdomen are tightened to stabilize the center of gravity

After you complete the above actions, please loosen your hands on the parallel bars, and the subsequent actions will remain the same. Focus on the pectoral muscles, control the contraction of the pectoral muscles yourself, make it in a state of peak contraction, and get ready to enter the stretching phase!

Stretch phase

①In the process of descending, the elbow will move back slightly

②As the body gradually descends, the angle of inclination between the trunk and the vertical is gradually increased to nearly 35 degrees at the lowest point.

③In this process, you must always keep your shoulders down, and your scapula gradually abducts back from the neutral position, so that the pectoral muscles can be fully stretched, and it is impossible to do it with the chest!

④When the lowest point is reached, the shoulder should be lower than the elbow. The range of the lowering varies from person to person so that the chest muscles will have a greater stretch. This should be controlled to avoid hurting the shoulder straps. Keep your own maximum range. Don’t Do it!

⑤The posture of the upper arm and scapula will make the upper back obviously concave. If you shrug your shoulders or cover your chest, you won’t.

In the posture control of the above stretching stage, let the pectoral muscles be stretched uniformly and slowly, focus on the pectoral muscles, and be sure to control the pectoral muscles against stretching, so that the muscle fibers are full of tension, and do not drop quickly at will!

Contraction phase

When the body drops to the lowest point, pause for a while, and then slowly and uniformly rely on the contraction force of the chest muscles to return to the original posture according to the posture of each joint part during the drop, so that the chest muscles reach the peak contraction! Please do not use the elasticity and explosive force of muscles and tendons to complete the action!

In the whole process, although the triceps and deltoids must participate in contraction and extension, as long as you master the angle of the action and adjust your own nerve control, the pectoral muscles will get the maximum participation to complete the action! To put it bluntly, you have only the pectoral muscles in your consciousness during the entire movement, and you can only rely on the pectoral muscles! The other parts are just to assist the pectoral muscles to complete the action, forming a kind of passive nerve conditioning!

The above is all the exercises. Fitness requires long-term persistence and good eating habits. I hope you enjoy the fun and joy of fitness.

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