RELIFE Home Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Trainer

What muscles are worked by the exercise bike?

RELIFE Home Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Trainer

The exercise bike is a typical piece of outdoor exercise aerobic fitness equipment, also known as cardio training equipment. It can improve the body’s physical fitness. At the same time, long-term use of Relifesports exercise bikes to burn fat will also achieve the effects of weight loss and value-added muscle. So the exercise bike can work out the body of that muscle?

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The Quadriceps Muscles

During the ride, the quadriceps muscle in the front of the thigh pushes hard on the leg and knee each time the pedal is depressed. The gluteus maximus is engaged as you ride to the lowest point. During the ride, the muscles at the back of the leg are maximally trained each time the lowest point is passed and pulled backward and upward.

Triceps Femoris

The effect of the exercise on the calves depends on where you place the ball of the foot on the pedal: if you ride with the ball of the forefoot on the pedal, the effect of the exercise on the calves is much higher than if you place the heel on the pedal. If you put the middle of the sole of the foot on the pedal, the exercise is only moderately effective. The quadriceps in the front of the thigh and the muscles in the back of the thigh send force through the soles of the feet and toes to the posterior calf muscles. This is the best way to work out the posterior calf muscles.

Muscles of the Core

Although we can’t see the strength of the lumbar region throughout the riding process, the body can actually use the strength of the lumbar region to maintain the balance of the body due to the exercise of the legs, which in turn enhances the core strength of the lumbar region.

And since the riding position will constantly involve the lumbar muscle groups, especially when riding in a seated position, the exercise of the lumbar muscles will be more obvious.

Deltoid and Brachioradialis

During the ride, we must grasp the handlebars to assist our upper body balance, which exercises the muscles in our forearms. Keeping your body weight up for a long time is like holding a push-up position, and this movement may be especially good for your upper arms and shoulders.

Finally, the exercise bike is a full-body exercise, not a local stimulation, of which the legs, hips, waist, and abdomen are the most obvious. With 45 minutes of time, the consumption of calories can reach 400–500 kcal. At least 80% of the muscles and joints of the whole body will be involved in the movement at the same time, which can help fitness people achieve better fat loss and weight loss.

How long should I go on an folding exercise bikeexercise bike per day?

RELIFE Home Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Trainer

Generally speaking, people who want to achieve fitness and muscle growth through exercise bikes need to exercise an average of 3–4 times a week for 45 minutes to see better results. If you do too little, you will not consume enough energy, and the fitness and muscle growth effects will not be very obvious. Secondly, each exercise after the body’s recovery also needs time. There is enough rest to carry out future training. Insist on riding the exercise bike for a month to be effective. Because fat loss is a behavior that requires long-term consolidation, the cycle is too short and will not have a good effect, more than a month to make the body form a certain habit.

High-intensity cycling exercise may induce muscular injury in novices and ultimately lead to rhabdomyolysis. As a result, while riding, you must follow the advice of a coach or professional course, warm up thoroughly, and match your pace and frequency. Gradually increase the intensity of the ride.

Which is superior: an is a stationary bike good exercise or a treadmill?

No matter where to exercise, regardless of which way to lose weight best, exercise safety is the most important factor, and home fitness is even more so. Therefore, let’s talk about the safety of exercise, exercise bike, and treadmill. Which is good?

In the use of running, the knee joint needs to bear the weight of the whole body but also directly by the reaction force from the ground. Therefore, running is a big burden on the knee joint. In addition, the treadmill needs to be driven by a motor. When people use the treadmill, once they can not keep up with the speed of the treadmill, there is a risk of falling.

The weight of the whole body may be divided between the arms and seat when riding the exercise bike, so the stress on the knee joint is relatively light. Also, when we get on the exercise bike, our legs move in a circle, and the knee joint goes through a process called “reaction force,” which may act as a buffer.

Unlike treadmills, exercise bikes do not need to be driven by a motor, and the speed is entirely up to you. In addition, many exercise bikes now apply magnetic control flywheel technology. Simply put, when you use the exercise bike, as long as your feet stop, the pedals will also stop, and will not continue to rotate because of inertia. Safety has been further enhanced. The best choice for a home security exercise bike is this relifesports exercise bike, which uses ergonomic design to provide a comfortable ride for fitness professionals. At the same time, there are multiple positions that can be adjusted to any height to meet the needs of all fitness levels.

This exercise bike also has an LCD display that records and estimates the user’s time, speed, distance, and calories burned, allowing users to better measure their workout progress.


The exercise bike is ideal for home exercise since it has a compact footprint and can satisfy the demands of unrestricted mobility. The exercise bike is also an important piece of fitness equipment for a home gym; when the weather is terrible, the exercise bike may suit your HOME GYM needs.

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RELIFE Home Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Trainer


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