what is weight bench and how is it workout

What is Weight Bench and How Is It Affecting Workout

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Benefit of weight bench

One of the best things about weight benches is that they allow you to move freely while providing the necessary support for the exercises you choose. You can also use the adjustable weightlifting bench for a lot of exercises. You can use dumbbells or barbells to exercise every muscle of the upper body, even parts of the core and lower body muscles.

How to use the weight bench for dumbbells exercise


Great for working your middle chest, flat bench presses should be one of your go-to lifts. A compound movement, doing these will also help to build all over body mass. You can use either a flat or adjustable weight bench to do these exercises.


How to do them:

Arch your back and make sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor. When the barbell is racked, it should be directly above your eyeline. Unrack the bar and bring it down to your chest so the bar comes diagonally forward slightly. Push back up to your starting position.

Your elbows should be slightly tucked in at around a 45-degree angle to your body. This will help protect your shoulder joints as you progress to heavier lifts.


This is a great exercise for your back and shoulders. Just remember to keep your back straight as you go.


How to do them:

Stand to the side of your weight bench and place the closest knee to the bench on top of the seat pad. Lean forward and place the hand on the same side on the bench. Your back should be straight. With the dumbbell in the opposite arm, lift the weight up so that your elbow meets your side and the backs of your arms are parallel with your back. Repeat on the other side.


These are great for targeting your upper chest as well as building muscle. You need to ensure that you have the bench at a 45-degree angle, with the seat at a 90-degree angle to the bench. This will allow you to target your upper chest and lift heavy without sliding off the end of the bench.


How to do them:

Arch your back and squeeze your shoulders together so that your back is nice and tight before you lean back. This will provide you with a solid base to push off from. Plant your feet firmly on the ground either side of the bench. The bar should be directly above your eyeline as you unrack. Keeping your elbows directly underneath your wrists with your elbows at a 45-degree angle to your body, bring the weight bar down to the top half of your pecs and then push back up again.


Weight benches are extremely versatile, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a flat or an adjustable weight bench, there are plenty of supplementary exercises you can do on them too. For example:

  • Decline push ups
  • Leg raises
  • Hyperextensions for your lower back
  • Bench crunches
  • Single leg squats
  • Tricep dips
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Hip lifts


There are so many ways to use a weight bench.

And finding the right set up for you is often about concentrating on all your movements, and really tuning into what areas you’re working.

One of the fundamental benefits of owning a weight bench is that they allow you to move freely and naturally, all while giving you the necessary support needed for your chosen exercises.

So, when you’re training, you want to focus on fully extending your muscles on each rep, to get the most out of each rep and progress.

A high-quality workout bench supports exercises that boost muscle size, strength, and endurance. It can help you get a better strength training workout at home.

First, decide if you want an adjustable bench or a flat bench. Second, pick your budget and how much you're willing to spend. Account for your size and size/width/length of the bench. Factor in weight capacity of the bench.

The flat bench press does a better job of developing your pecs. Many trainers agree that the incline press is safer on your pecs, shoulders, and rotator cuffs. With so many exercises to strengthen your chest, the chest press with either bench will be effective.

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