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What is HIIT?

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Would you be doubting if I told you that you could burn more fat with less cardio?

With HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), you can burn more fat in less time at the gym or even your home. Below I explain how to get the best out of this new, cutting-edge form of cardiovascular training. I’m gonna explain you how to get the best out of this new form of cardio training.

Like most of us, you’ve probably been told that in order to burn the most fat, you need to complete 20 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio training. In fact, this method does burn fat, but HIIT is a more efficient, athlete-friendly training method that burns body fat more efficiently.

Cardio or HIIT?

HIIT is a form of exercise that combines anaerobic exercise with cardio exercise. However, in the process of HIIT, there is very little time for cardio, the body often completes the movement without enough time for oxygen to participate. Therefore, HIIT is mainly anaerobic exercise, which is different from cardio.

During cardio exercise, the oxygen inhaled by the human body is in balance with the body’s needs, the heart rate will remain at a certain level, so cardio can also reduce the heart rate, improve mood, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

However, HIIT can create a state of hypoxia during exercise, so the main effect of HIIT is to continuously burn calories in the body.

Now we know that aerobic exercise is more conducive to improving cardiopulmonary function, while HIIT exercise is more conducive to fat loss. However, because HIIT is more difficult and puts a greater burden on the cardiopulmonary system, the requirements for physical fitness will also be higher. It is not suitable for all people, so it is recommended to choose according to the physical condition of the individual.


How HIIT works

https://www.relifesports.com/product/vertical-climber-exercise-machine/With HIIT, you will work harder than you would normally use cardio equipment, but only use 1/4 to 1/2 the time of regular cardio training. HIIT is unmatched intense and efficient cardio training, so you only need 15-20 minutes to complete a training session.

Start HIIT training:

Choose a cardio equipment (treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, bicycle, vertical climber etc.) and do a 5-minute warm-up.

Start with a minute of moderate-paced exercise, then increase the speed so that your heart rate reaches 90% or 95% of your maximum heart rate. (MHR=220-your age)

Continue to maintain this rhythm for 15-20 seconds, then reduce to the starting speed for 1 minute. Followed by another 15 to 20 seconds of full speed exercise. Keep this cycle in 15 minutes.

End your workout with a 5-minute release exercise, followed by a full-scale stretch.

If you follow the above steps correctly, I guarantee you will feel completely exhausted for the next 20 minutes.



Why HIIT works

A study conducted by Canada Laval University in Quebec; researchers found that HIIT exercise helped trainees lose 9 times the fat of traditional training (running at a moderate speed for 20 to 60 minutes).

HIIT exercise helps trainees lose 9 times the fat of training in traditional methods (such as running at a moderate speed for 20-60 minutes). Incorporate HIIT into your weight loss program, and you’ll boost your metabolism to the max.

When the body trains at a high intensity, it will burn more total calories per pound of body weight.

At the same time, high-intensity exercise (such as weight training and HIIT) will promote hormone secretion. This will increase the body’s metabolic rate throughout the day!

What does this mean to you? The more calories you burn each day, the more weight you will lose. Even if losing weight isn’t your ultimate goal, HIIT is also for you.

Through HIIT, athletes will find far better gains than traditional cardio.

Unless you’re training for a marathon, you don’t have to change your speed during the exercise. All sports, whether it’s football or soccer, or even softball or basketball, require one thing, that is you need to constantly change your speed and even run at full speed. Therefore, athletes who often do HIIT will be more adaptable to this changeable/high-speed exercise rhythm

HIIT is not only beneficial to the cardiovascular circulatory system, but also to the anaerobic ATP/CP system. While increasing your cardiopulmonary function and endurance, it will also improve your initial speed and explosive power.

What is ATP?

Also known as adenosine triphosphate, ATP is important for the release of energy. ATP is a nucleotide derived from adenosine. Through its hydrolysis to adenosine diphosphate, it can provide a large amount of energy for cells to carry out various biochemical processes, including muscle contraction and sugar metabolism.

HIIT provides a more efficient workout in less time! Everyone can benefit from HIIT training, it could be someone who has been trying to lose weight, or an athlete. Give HIIT a chance, I firmly believe that you will fall in love with this novel way of exercise.
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