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In the past, cycling always required regular cadence and changed speed to cope with different road conditions. But in the gym, the spinning frequency requires you to change the stepping frequency with the music, which makes us feel that our heart rate is fast and we can’t hold on.

  • The following are the recommendations of authoritative doctors who have worked with the RELIFE brand. John and relife started from the first exercise bike purchased on relifesports.comAfter that, he gave us suggestions for improving the exercise bike: for example, the angle of the pedals of the exercise bike, the height from the ground, etc.


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The following excerpts are from a recent visit from John and RELIFE:

(In the following text, the brand of relife exercise bike is referred to as Q)

Q1: Hi John, you look good today. You are an authoritative doctor in the orthopedics clinic. What do you think about losing weight with spinning exercises in the gym?



John: Of course, I am happy to help. In fact, among the patients admitted in the past week, three are a bit special. Two of them are women who lose weight, and one is a gym coach. They have a common symptom when they come to the orthopedics clinic to see a doctor-knee pain, and the cause of knee pain also stems from the same exercise method—Exercise Bike.

Q2: Exercise bikes are popular in gyms. What does knee pain have to do with using them at the gym?



John: I also took a group class on spinning, but only once, halfway through.It may be that there was a problem with the class I took because it gave me the feeling that a group of lunatics was dancing wildly in it.


Q3: A group of lunatics are dancing wildly? It’s sounds weird.



John: The spinning course has an intense atmosphere, full of movement and a lot of sweating. According to fitness coaches, the fat loss effect is excellent, so it is trendy. Many weight loss people are keen on spinning fat to lose fat, so in daily sports medicine outpatients, I have also contacted many such people.

Q4: So, the pace of exercise bike use has something to do with weight loss, right?


John: In short, I think that exercise bike workout is effective in reducing fat, but the rhythm and fitness atmosphere of the gym is powerful, and the requirements for load and physical condition will be high. If you can, why not choose music and rhythm to exercise at home? At least that everything follows its own needs.


Q5: Can you give us instructions on how to ride a spinning bike without hurting your knees?



John: Yes of course.Here I remind you of a few points:

Reduce the number of times of pedaling with full strength while standing on the pedals of the exercise bike.If your knee hurts, your weight loss plan may be ruined. When you stand on the left and right and push hard, your knees have to bear several times a load of your body weight!

Q6: Many exercise enthusiasts believe that the more frequent the exercise, the more significant the effect. 



John: There is no need to fix the pedals and feet completely:

If your feet are completely fixed on the pedals, the posture of your feet will be fixed when you are trying your best to pedal, and your upper body is often twisted. At this time, you need to use more knees. Adjusting the balance of mechanics can quickly increase the wear of the cartilage and increase the chance of meniscus damage, especially for novice exercisers! On the other hand, it can be loose enough to fine-tune the feet inside, similar to wearing shoes of two sizes. In theory, of course, it should be tight, but that is not suitable for novices!

Q7: Sometime, people are afraid to slide out from their exercise bike when they spinning speed.


John: Yes,but need according to your physical condition, don’t follow the rhythm blindly.In the spinning class, the instructor leads the rhythm, and the atmosphere of other students working out together can easily exceed your exercise limit. And please remember that when you feel that you have reached the limit, the sports injury is very close to you.


Q8: Most people are novices, and the foundation of sports is fragile. So that it is not necessary to follow the rhythm of others in every beat.




John: Absoletly.In case of your knee is injured or ill, and you are still recovering, please do not practice spinning.


Q9: Thanks John,we well-know by the attentions as you told us.Are there any suggestions before spinning exercise?



John: Before you are ready to start the spinning course, it’s best to do some muscle strength training for quadriceps, biceps, gluteus maximus, back muscles, core muscles, calf muscles, deltoid muscles, etc. Otherwise, the weak forces are easily strained in fast-paced and high-intensity sports, and the stabilizing effect on the joints cannot keep up.


Q10: Okay John.How about during the workout?



John:  Well, when riding, your knees are shoulder-width apart and don’t cohesive.


Q11: How many times is best to practice spinning a week?



John: The intensity of spinning exercise is relatively high, and the fatigue of the lower limb muscles accumulates heavier during the training. Therefore, it is recommended not to practice more than three times a week. Otherwise, the risk of injury is increased.


Q12: How long is the best time?



John: Every time you come according to your physical strength, generally about 40 minutes is the best. If dizziness, chest tightness, palpitation, nausea, etc., occur, stop as soon as possible and inform the coach.


Q13: Is it suitable for people with a meniscus injury and arthritis to ride a spinning bike?



John: Not suitable. As mentioned earlier, it is inappropriate for people with knee injuries to perform exercises that significantly increase the load on the knee joints. If you ride your bike without following the rhythm, you should refer to the two-hour principle: the discomfort of the knee joint after exercise can be relieved if it is less than two hours. Otherwise, it would help if you reduced the weight or changed the exercise mode.


Q14: How long can I practice spinning after knee surgery?



John: You can start physical exercise 3 months after knee meniscus surgery that does not affect weight bearing, including spinning. Still, it is recommended that it is best to ride on your own at this time, and dynamic riding with a group rhythm should be six months later. If it is a knee ligament reconstruction and other surgery, it is recommended to resume vigorous and dynamic cycling 10-12 months after surgery.


Q15: Do you have any suggestions for people who use spinning to lose weight?



John: Yes Sure.



Q16: How does the body-builder choose the exercise bike,which suitable for them?




John: Spin bikes like acrobatics should be avoided, and the requirements for low back and balance are too high;


Q17: How about the fitness environment?Does it any effect in workout?



John: Being in a high decibel environment for a long time is harmful to human health. If you think the gym is too noisy, you can bring a sound-reducing earplug.


Q18: Does it suitable for a beginner do spinning exercise?



John: If you are new to weight loss or fitness; then I do not recommend that you do spinning. You can also lose weight by cycling on your own. The cost is persistence, not form.


Q19: Is there any requirement for water intake during exercise?



John: Yes. During the spinning course, 500-1000ml of water should be added.


Q20: There are also special groups of fitness enthusiasts, such as diabetics.  So in the process of their exercise, what should they pay attention to?  



John: People with diabetes should beware of the occurrence of hypoglycemia caused by excessive exercise for a long time. Instead, they should prepare a bottle of drink, and once they have symptoms of low blood sugar such as vibration and discomfort, they should stop immediately, drink a glass, and call 911 if necessary.


Q21: How about people with high blood pressure?



John: People with high blood pressure should do the intense exercise form of spinning exercise only when the blood pressure is controlled smoothly. Otherwise, the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents will increase.


Q22: Does people with lumbar disc herniation lumbar spondylolisthesis, knee joint injury, knee arthritis, etc., are suitable for spinning?




John: We don’t advise this kinds of people do spinning exercise.


Q23: Are there any time-request for spinning exercise?



John: Do does not exercise too late for spinning exercise. An excessive increase in excitement will affect later sleep.


At the end of this interview, Dr.John had repeatedly advise us :

No matter how good the exercise is, plan it according to your physical condition.



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