How to Buy the Best Workout Weight bench

There are a lot of people who are struggling to be fit. Among those, some are shy who don’t like the idea of working out in public and prefer to work out at home. You may have been told in your life that a better way to be in shape is to get a good weight bench and exercise at home.

Whether you are fresh in the world of perfect bodies or an owner of a gym who is in desperate need of buying weight benches, you must keep in mind that these benches are really great and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, they can be easily packed away out of sight when not being used. If you need to build muscle and gain muscle mass, then you must buy a weight bench. Because this effective gym equipment helps you to target specific muscle groups and you can arrive in gain-heaven in literally no time. So, if you are considering buying a weight bench either for your home or gym, you must ensure to make the best choice. Because buying something that fails to deliver the expected quality and comfort is certainly a complete waste of money.


There are different workout weight benches available in the market that can fascinate you. It is very important to pick the right one to deliver an effective workout session and not harm you or anybody who will be using it.

Weight benches fall into four main categories:

1.Flat weight benches:

These weight benches have no adjustable parts and usually are compact. They support heavyweights, and due to no adjustable parts, their maintenance is very easy. However, a person can exercise while being limited due to restrictions in changing angles.

Flat weight benches

Adjustable weight benches:

These are probably among the most common in the marketplace. An adjustable weight bench is sometimes referred to as FID (flat/incline/decline). It means these benches can be adjusted in any position, either flat, incline, or decline. Due to varying incline and decline positions, you can perform a greater range of exercises. It only depends on you how complex or advanced you want to do your exercises. You can easily strengthen your muscles using various angles. However, due to several moving parts, these benches are prone to wear and tear. You need to be extra cautious while using them. 

3.Specialist weight benches:

As the name indicates, these benches target particular muscles and allow precise movements while restricting certain motions. For example, abdominal curl benches and preacher curl benches.

4.Olympic weight benches:

These benches have a multi-tiered racking system making them comfortable and helping in the safe re-racking of barbells. However, these benches’ fixed angles and large size are a little concerning thing while using these benches. 

You must keep in mind many things while buying the best weight bench. So, it’s wise to have complete knowledge of what is going to be the right weight bench for you before spending all your savings.

How to Choose the Best Weight Bench

Here are the crucial factors which play an essential role in making a good decision. 


Some people love to spend hundreds of dollars on their favorite gym items like adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells, but they feel little hesitation when it comes to buying the best workout weight bench. If you are looking for a quality weight bench that offers the right amount of support during workouts, you must expand your budget a little more. The safest, sturdiest having high weight capacity usually cost more. To make a long story short, you get what you pay for. You should keep in mind that this weight bench would be holding your whole body when you lift the weight, so it’s definitely not a thing you want to cheap out on. However, it does not mean that you can not expect great value from a less expensive weight bench. In fact, weight benches are available in very reasonable pricing range from $300 more or less.

2.Flat or Adjustable

Some people believe that a simple flat bench offers a lot of versatility on which you can perform a range of exercises without the bench tilting the backrest. As discussed earlier, flat benches do not have any moving parts and are less prone to break. However, adjustable weight benches offer more versatility compared with flat benches. You can efficiently perform all flat weight bench exercises on an adjustable weight bench, including shoulder press, incline press, and dumbbell fly. Well! Adjustable weight bench costs a little more than flat benches. So, consider the need for those extra exercises before you spend your hard-earned money.

Think twice before buying a new weight bench what you actually need and try not to divert from the original idea. Don’t try to find the one with all features included, and it literally looks like a multi-gym. Instead, buy a robust flat or adjustable weight bench which can serve its purpose in a better way for a more extended period than a fancy-looking bench. 


Warranty is something that also builds your trust when you make a purchase. You don’t want to end up in a situation where your weight bench is rendered unusable due to some manufacturing errors, and you forgot to check the warranty before buying it. So, don’t forget to check the length of the warranty and what it covers. 

In this digital world, you can also read the reviews online to know what other people say about it (quality, services, and warranty), and it can also give you a better idea of the quality of your chosen weight bench. 

4.Weight Rack

Buying a weight bench with a weight rack integrated depends on your choice and needs. However, if you are new to weight lifting, then we recommend you not to buy a weight bench with a weight rack. You better start weight lifting without a rack, then gradually you can add a weight rack in it when you feel more confident working out with heavier weight. If you really want to have one with a weight rack in it, then invest a little bit more and get a weight bench with a cage system, as this setup can safely provide full-body workouts. 


Weight benches come in many shapes and sizes. While buying, you need to consider three measurements: weight bench length, height, and pad width. 

Weight bench length

If you are a tall person, then pay attention particularly to the length of the bench. Generally, people don’t face any problems with the length of the bench, excluding the extraordinarily tall (like 6′ 7″) because the benches are almost 4′ long. You can also read the online reviews of taller people to conclude how they found out their perfect fit. 

To make sure the weight bench length is appropriate, try this:

  • Take a tape measure and stand against a wall
  • Hang your hands down beside you
  • Now measure from your fingers to the top of your head
  • It will give you an idea of the minimum length of the bench pad surface required

Weight bench height

Along with other measurements, height off the floor is also very crucial. For example, if you prefer doing bench press, shoulder press, or any form of pressing, you need your feet to have a firm hold on the ground. Being on your tippy-toes while sitting on a bench can be a problem. 15-17 inches off the floor is suitable for short people, while 17-20+ is best for taller folks. 

Here is how to make sure your bench height is correct:

  • Take a measuring tape and sit on a chair
  • Measure from your flat foot to the back of your knee
  • This method will give an idea of the minimum height required

Pad width

This is another important thing to keep in mind while looking for a good size of a weight bench. After all, it’s the place where you will interact with the bench as it’s something that you will be touching every time you use your bench. For starters, the pad should be securely fastened to the frame. It must not wobble, wiggle or move. If you have a strong frame, you will have a well-connected pad as well. The standard width is 12″. The top end near the head of an adjustable weight bench is a little narrow, around 10″. So, you can find out the weight benches with wider pad width, but 12″ is pretty good. You need to be cautious, especially when you buy a used bench. Make sure it’s securely connected and seems in good condition. 

Buying the right weight bench size is an important factor that entirely depends on your body size and the space where you will keep it. 

6.Load Capacity

Before you purchase a weight bench, you must consider the gross weight it can assist, which includes the weights and the user’s weight. However, pay attention while reading the specs. According to the general principle, the description’s usual meaning of load capacity is the overall weight, but it’s not always true.

  • What is the actual weight-bearing capacity of a bench? 

You must know the answer to this critical question before making a purchase. 

You’ll find two basic types: high-end benches with more than 1500lb capacity and cheap weight benches that can hold only 300lb. 

  • Are you a big dude who lifts weights extensively?

Then low capacity benches are not for you. Instead, it can be awfully risky.

You must consider your body weight and the free weights (or weight dumbbells and barbells) you are going to lift and make sure the bench you buy has the capacity to handle the load. 

And just to be apparent, you have to subtract your body weight from the gross weight capacity to know the maximum limit of weights you can lift with your hands while using the specific bench, so you may not collapse it under you.

7.Material Selection

The metal is majorly used to manufacture weight benches, but it’s crucial to pay attention to the material selection. 

The large factors responsible for the durability and strength of the bench are the thicknesses and the weight. There is a steel box section in some benches that can be as thin as 1.5mm and 4 to 5mm thick.

Moving parts of the higher model gym benches are made of stainless steel, which ensures the long life of the bench but any gym bench uses the coating of zinc or nickel electroplating.

The weight benches with lower cost often have plastic push-fit end caps which are used to enclose the open ends of circular and square steel box sections. But if the gym environment is very tough, they will be damaged and exposed to dangerous sharp steel. Ensure to use the benches which have welded steel end caps. 

8.What Type of Gym Are You Using It In

Are you aware that all gyms are not created equal? And you should use the gym benches according to the required set of circumstances. You should make your decision according to the eight types of gyms which are:

Home Gym

The wheels are not needed in a private home gym due to the smaller spaces. You can also pick a folding or adjustable weight bench. If you infrequently use the home gym or the benches, go for the cheaper bench, and no need for a high specification bench.

Corporate Gym

The medium to large companies uses Corporate gym for staff to keep them mentally and physically fit, which is a very productive step. “Light commercial” is the category of equipment used in Corporate gyms. As such types of gyms are used only during business hours, commercial gym benches are the best choice which can be used for less than 8 hours daily.

Personal Training Studio

As indicated by the name, a personal trainer is a person who works one on one to provide personal training to the customer to implement a fitness regimen. He provides services to various clients having different sizes, abilities, and ages. If you are a personal trainer, we advise you to opt for the entire commercial bench or light commercial bench if you have a tight budget.

Performance Gym

The strongest gym users, such as powerlifters, football, and rugby players, house such types of gyms to go beyond the limits of physical performance. A heavy-duty weight bench is needed here, like the world’s heaviest bench press which weighs more than 400kg. 

Commercial Gym

A commercial gym remains open all the time and is designed to support the use of large amounts of members. These gyms have a wide range and variety of equipment to serve a massive audience at a reasonable price. A high-quality commercial bench is required to ensure safety and longevity.

Collegiate Gym

The college or campus has a gym named Collegiate gym and has athletic and sporting foundations. They focus on serving a variety of clients, from students doing regular workouts to the trainers of football and rugby who need heavy weights for training. This gym needs heavy-duty commercial benches.

Boutique Gym

A boutique gym is a facility that offers a luxurious environment and centers the niche areas of exercise. It has a smaller size, and pick the high specification bench to ensure high build quality and a highly personal experience.  

Crossfit Box

A CrossFit box is a facility having a network of gyms that focus mainly on large compound lifts like Clean and Jerk or the Deadlift and high-frequency bodyweight movements. 

They opt for a light commercial bench as weight bench usage is low despite the high session intensity.

9.Branded Vs Non-Branded Weight Benches

Before you buy the cheap benches from Amazon, think twice if you want the integrity of your skull. We are suggesting this because there are some benches with integrated racks fully loaded with weights located right above your head. So, we don’t think you want to risk your skull integrity by opting for the cheap weight bench. 

Before making the decision, ask yourself, “Can I rely on the company for making purchase?” and don’t overlook this question. 

  • Do they provide comprehensive knowledge of their products?
  • How old the company is?
  • How famous is the brand?
  • Does this brand have a good reputation in the industry?
  • What are the legitimate reviews?
  • Have you ever heard of or seen their product in the past?

Be wary of the retailers who don’t execute any safety testing and have the sole purpose of importing weight benches on Amazon or eBay. You must know what it takes to design high-quality weight benches. You must try to buy the adjustable weight bench according to your space.

Weight Bench Applications

The most effective equipment for weight lifting is the weight bench. Actually, the persons who prefer the use of the high-tech equipment present at fitness centers usually love exercising on the flat weight bench. The reason behind it is that a flat weight bench helps in accomplishing a lot of workout routines. The flat or inclined shape of the weight bench is kept to enhance the resistance necessary for physical exercising and to imply the forces of gravity. 


Some flat-weight benches have a neck harness which is ideal for the neck work out. You can do this workout just by lying down on the bench keeping your head and neck extended off the bench end. To strengthen your neck muscles, move your head up and down from top to bottom. A neck strain is not a child’s play. Make sure to begin this exercise gradually so that the weight doesn’t use the movement.

Pec Workout

If you want to sculpt and build your chest muscles, the weight bench is perfect for this purpose. Do you want the single best physical exercise for building pectoral muscle mass? The flat bench press is the solution. You can carry out this workout in different ways; all you have to do is to alter your hand positioning. To do this straightforward physical exercise, you simply need to lie down on the bench on your back and move your head from top to bottom to advance the barbell.

Dumbbell Fly's

In addition to this, your other favorite exercise can be dumbbell fly’s to naught your pec workout routines. This is done by lying down on your back and then bringing the weights upwards and back to your sides. In this activity, you push the weight away from your body and possess the stress, so do this slowly. You can do this by extending them out to your side and down and then moving them back to the center of your chest. I usually perform three sets of both exercises.

Abdominal muscles

To create a “six-pack,” you have to do exercise to tone your ab muscles, and the weight bench can help you in this regard. To do this work, no need for the weights as the weight bench uses gravity. Sit down at one end of your bench and lean back to hold the seated position using your hands. Then extend your legs and then bring them back. This is the perfect utilization of your weight bench to perform chest workouts for men.

Choosing a weight bench must be wise, so you do not regret it in the future. Make sure it’s an enjoyable time for you because the right workout weight bench helps you achieve your training goals and ideal body in a short time. It’s all your choice that either you choose an adjustable weight bench or flat bench, keep in mind that its not fancy equipment which must look appealing to everyone but gym equipment on which you will be doing strong exercise. So, make sure you treat yourself well by making the right choice because having a good bench that is solid, safe, reliable, and above all comfortable will help you to enjoy your training sessions in an actual way.

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