The Benefits Of Choosing Our Dumbbells

Benefits of lifting dumbbells:

  • 1.exercise muscles Long-term adherence to dumbbell exercises can modify muscle lines and increase muscle endurance;
  • 2.Regular exercises with heavy dumbbells can make muscles strong, strengthen muscle fibers, and increase muscle strength;
  • 3.Can exercise upper limb muscles, waist and abdominal muscles. For example, when doing sit-ups, hold dumbbells with both hands at the back of the neck, which can increase the load of abdominal muscle exercises;
  • 4.Holding a dumbbell to do lateral flexion or turning exercises can exercise the internal and external oblique muscles;
  • 5.holding a dumbbell can exercise the shoulder and chest muscles. Can exercise lower limb muscles. Such as holding dumbbells to squat up on one foot, squat and jump on both feet, etc.
  • 6.Healthier heart Resistance training such as lifting dumbbells can increase blood flow in the limbs and protect cardiovascular health;

Lifting dumbbells can also play a certain role in consuming fat and glucose. It has a better effect on weight loss and the prevention of coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Increase body softness Research found that if you lift dumbbells 3 times a week and maintain them for 16 weeks, your body balance will become better.

Disadvantages of lifting dumbbells muscle strain, such as excessive exercise, improper exercise posture, resulting in muscle strain, or even more serious conditions.

50 lbs side dumbbell

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 The health benefits of dumbbells. Improve resting metabolic rate. Protect from harm. Increase the strength of bones, muscles, and connective tissue.

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The following ten dumbbell exercises

1. Alternate dumbbell curls When training, we hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand and alternately do dumbbell curls.
2. Dumbbell side lift naturally hang our hands on both sides of our body, hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand, and lift the dumbbells to the side and upwards. The shoulders are level and the elbows bend slightly.
3. Dumbbell press is one of the best exercises for training the deltoid muscle. It has a larger range of motion, so it can give more stimulation to the arm muscles.
4. Dumbbell neck and back arm extension When training, hold a pair of dumbbells with both hands, gather them high above your head, and then bend your arms back to complete an action.
5. Dumbbell Fly Dumbbell flying is the same as the dumbbell curl
6. Dumbbell weight squat is based on the squat, adding a weight training with a dumbbell in both hands.
7. Dumbbell curling Hold the dumbbell with both hands and place it in front of your chest. After completing an abdominal crunch, return to the original shape.
8. Dumbbell bench press we have to lie flat on a flat bench, hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand, and do an upward bench press.

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