Spin Bike Make Your Workout Fun , 03 Best Spin Bikes From RELIFE

Spin Bike Make Your Workout Fun | 03 Best Spin Bikes From RELIFE

Did you know that spin bikes are an invention of a car accident?

As the name suggests, Spin bike is a spinning indoor cycling program that was first introduced by a South African cyclist Johnny Goldberg who was struck by a car when he was preparing for a race at night.

Many people confuse spin bikes with upright regular gymming bikes; however, spin bikes are better in quality and do not require a lot of maintenance. Although the purpose is more or less the same, spin bikes use a flywheel that increases the number of pedal strokes per minute; hence double the hard work and more the calories burned.

Spin Bike: Introduction

What is a Spin Bike?

Great equipment for strengthening your thighs, calves, shoulders, hips, and abs — Spin bikes are incredible for a full-body toning and weight loss workout. They are well-known for weight loss as you can use them while standing. You can burn up to 750 to 1000 calories easily using a spin bike.

What is a Spin Bike vs Exercise Bike?

Forcemore force neededless force needed
Positionnatural positionupright position
Controlthe pedals keep moving even after you stopyou can use brakes that allow you to stop instantly
Handlehandle and seats are at the same levelhandles are higher than the seat
Seatsmaller seatlarger seat
Feelregular outdoor biketraditional gym bike
Wheelheavy flywheelnormal wheels

Spin Bike: Common, Easy at-home Exercises

How to Fit/Adjust a Spin Bike?

  1. Adjust your Saddle height: the trick here is to bring the saddle up and keep it at a point parallel with your hip bone.
  2. Seat position: one great thing about saddle bikes is their adjustment control. It allows you to adjust the seat according to your height. The trick here is to sit on the saddle in a riding position, hold the handlebars, and keep the balls of your feet on the pedals. Make sure your feet make a 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position. If your kneecap is above the center of the pedal, it’s your ideal seat position.
  3. Handlebars: to avoid any pressure and strain on your neck or back, make sure you place the handlebars correctly. If you have a back problem, adjust your handlebars a little higher. However, it usually is advisable to start with lowering handlebars to the saddle’s height to strengthen your core.

How to Use a Spin Bike Correctly?

  1. Follow the workout: know what you are in for. If you are doing this by yourself or an instructor, make sure you are well aware of your workout pattern. You do not want to run on a spin bike for hours when looking for muscle toning.
  2. Set the resistance: make sure your spin bike’s resistance is not too low. Low resistance will make you go too fast, and you will end up hurting yourself. However, also ensure that your resistance is not too high. Make sure your hips do not bounce, or your pedal stroke is not too loose.
  3. Check your elbow position: tapping back helps to activate the core and glutes. Make sure your elbows do not fling out during a tap back.

Are Spin Bikes a Good Workout?

Spin bikes are not only incredibly effective but also easy. Here are a few benefits to get you started:

  1. It improves your metabolism.
  2. It provides a full body workout.
  3. It helps you target working major muscles.
  4. It helps you track your workout.
  5. It helps burn a lot of calories.
  6. It gives an energy boost.

How to Lose Weight Using a Spin Bike?

  1. Warm-up: do a three minute warm-up at moderate speed in the saddle or third position.
  2. Sprint: do a one minute sprint and end it with a 1 minute cycle. Repeat this for five minutes.
  3. Follow the above step by a three minute normal speed in the saddle.
  4. Cool down: do a light three minute cycle in easy mode.

Does Spin Bike work on your Abs?

Yes, spin bikes are well-known for targeting your hip and abs muscles. It strengthens your abs, heart, and hips. If you want to work on your abs using a spin bike, tighten your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core while cycling.

What to Look for when Buying a Spin Bike?

  1. Flywheel weight: avoid buying a flywheel that weighs less than 35lbs. It does not provide a smooth and seamless motion.
  2. Drive: Spin bikes come in two different drive systems: chain-based and belt based. Belt based drive system is comparatively better; it does not make sound and requires less maintenance as compared to chain drive system.
  3. Frame and legs: look for wide legs and stabilized frames. This ensures balance and stability.
  4. Pedals: make sure your spin bike has toe strapped pedals. It ensures safety and stability.

03 Bestseller Spin Bikes

VIGBODY 2021 Indoor Stationary Bikes Cardio Workout Machine

IGBODY 2021 Indoor Stationary Bikes Cardio Workout Machine

Can’t make time to go out for gymming? Well, this spin bike is just the right machine for you. Made from thickened commercial quality alloy steel, our VIGBODY spin bike is an updated version of stationary bikes that can take your workout to the next level.

RELIFE Black Folding Exercise Bikes 3-in-1 Folding Indoor Recumbent

RELIFE Black Folding Exercise Bikes 3-in-1 Folding Indoor Recumbent

Made with the finest quality alloy steel, our RELIFE Black folding exercise bike not only is great exercise equipment but also allows flexibility of space. With its folding abilities, it can fit any size. So what’s the wait for? Orders your right away!

FISUP Exercise Bike 440 LBS Capacity Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Fitness Bicycle

FISUP Exercise Bike 440 LBS Capacity Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Fitness Bicycle

Another spin bike to spice up your cardio game, our FISUP bike can be your new workout buddy! It has a water bottle holder, comfortable cushion, anti-skid handle, and a belt-driven system. Order yours now before it runs out of stock!


Tired of skipping your promises of going cycling the next morning? Worry not, spin bikes are here to serve you at your comfort. Book yours now and enjoy a feasible and comfortable workout at home any time you want!

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