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Some Reason Why Relife Adjustable Dumbbells Are Valuable for You


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Still unsure which dumbbells to buy? Too many choices? Well, RELIFE is here to take the strain and make the decision easier for you. RELIFE has a large variety of dumbbells, and they are the perfect piece of exercise equipment for your home-workouts whether you are a beginner or more advanced, RELIFE is here for you.

Change the way you work out.

RELIFE’S heavy-duty adjustable dumbbell set is an ideal piece of equipment for home exercise; you can use them for your warm-up, your main workout, or both.


This adjustable and changeable set is an excellent choice if you are looking for convenient, easy-to-store, and practical dumbbells. This dumbbell set can meet all your exercising needs, allowing you to efficiently work out from home, improve your fitness level or even try something new!


Weights can easily be changed from 2.5lbs to 25lbs, depending on your fitness level. In addition, the dial found on the base of the dumbbells allows you to adjust the weight quickly, and you can change your resistance automatically, enabling you to increase your strength gradually over time and eventually improve your fitness and stamina.

Great product and fast delivery, looking forward to buying more from RELIFE for my home gym.” 

– Kim, RELIFE Customer.

Key Features

adjustable weight dumbbells
  • The weights plate is an ergonomic and sturdy design
  • The tray baseis made from high-quality polypropylene
  • The easy-to-spot dial visually shows you the weight
  • Easy to store; space saving and will not make your home look cluttered
  • It takes only 1 second to change the weight
  • RELIFE dumbbells are safe, durable, and long-lasting

Why Should I Buy RELIFE’S Adjustable Dumbbells?


There are many reasons to buy the adjustable dumbbells from RELIFE, as the 1 second adjust time makes them so quick, convenient, and efficient to use. In addition, with a short rotation – you can change the weight in just one second. Yes, that quick!

Also, the tray base is solid and sturdy and ensures the dumbbells do not come into direct contact with the floor, keeping both your home and your dumbbells safe.

These adjustable dumbbells are versatile and come complete with a weight adjust rotate the handle, a metal lock, a high strength tray base, and high-quality steel slices.

12.5 lbs adjustable weight dumbbell set
adjustable weight dumbbell set 2 piece

The dial shows the weight clearly, and the rotate handle can easily be turned, ensuring you are getting the most from your workout and using the weight most suitable for you and your exercise routine. A fast process = more workout time!

Additionally, RELIFE’S adjustable dumbbell set can be used by both men and women; ideal for anyone looking to start working out from home as a beginner, or they can be used by more experienced fitness experts. So whether you are looking to build up strength, burn fat, or get in shape – they can be used from the comfort of your own home, avoiding wasting any time traveling to a gym.

Lastly, they are excellent value for money!  

Great product; price is worth it!” — YXL, RELIFE Customer

To purchase RELIFE’S Adjustable Dumbbells, please go to our website.

The ordering process is simply three quick steps: select your favorite items, add them to the cart and enter your billing and shipping information.

It depends on your location and selected shipping options. At the time of purchase, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date. Most orders are shipped 1-2 days after receiving them and delivered within 3-5 days.

Yes, so long as you increase the weight over time. You can bulk up with dumbbells, but you're going to hit a wall if you don't keep adding weight.

Relife Brand Value Proposition

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