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Save Big in Back To School Month: Don’t Miss Out

September is here, summer vacation is coming to an end, and students around the world need to prepare for the new school year. Whether you’re dreading returning to class or counting down the days until school starts, there’s no denying it—summer is almost over. But there’s cause for celebration, starting now you can save a ton on your purchases. Relife Sports has also launched a series of discounts for back to school months, with savings of up to 56% and an extra 8% off sitewide, buy with code(B2SB). Note: The following activities are valid while the back to school month sales are in full swing. The back to school month activities are over and the discounts will be adjusted at any time. The actual situation is subject to actual sales on the official website.

Top Back to School Sales You Can Shop Right Now

2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad

The 2 in 1 Fold up Treadmill | Under Desk Walking Pad combines the functionality of a traditional treadmill and a compact walking pad that can be used under a desk or while seated. This innovative design allows you to switch between walking or exercising on the treadmill and working at your desk seamlessly. The fold-up treadmill part of the equipment functions like a regular treadmill, providing a motorized belt for walking or running. It typically comes with speed and incline options, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workout according to your needs.

The under desk walking pad is designed for users who want to stay active while working or performing other tasks. Its slim and compact design allows it to fit under most desks, enabling you to walk or stride while you work, read, or browse the internet. The walking pad usually operates at a slower speed compared to the treadmill, providing a low-impact activity that promotes movement and circulation throughout the day.

This 2-in-1 design offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine without sacrificing productivity or space. Whether you prefer a dedicated workout session on the treadmill or intermittent movement throughout the day using the under desk walking pad, this equipment provides options for staying active and achieving your fitness goals.

It’s important to note that when using this equipment, proper posture and ergonomics are still important. Make sure to adjust your desk and chair height to maintain a comfortable and neutral position while using the under desk walking pad. Additionally, consult with a healthcare professional or fitness expert to determine if this equipment is suitable for your specific needs and health conditions.

Note:2 in 1 Fold up treadmill | under desk walking pad original price $439.99, back to school month promotion only $199.99.


Cost-effective Smart Folding Upright Exercise Bike with Fitness APP

When you use the cost-effective smart folding upright exercise bike with fitness APP, you can download a fitness APP, in which you can detect your fitness status at any time and experience an immersive riding experience. The cost-effective smart folding upright exercise bike with a fitness app offers several advantages. Here are some of them:
1. Affordability: One of the key advantages is its cost-effectiveness. These exercise bikes generally come at a lower price point compared to other types of fitness equipment while still offering great functionality.

2. Space-saving design: The folding feature allows the exercise bike to be easily folded and stored in a compact space when not in use. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who have limited living space or prefer a clutter-free environment.

3. Convenience: The bike’s upright design provides a comfortable and convenient workout experience. It allows users to hop on and off the bike easily, and the adjustable seat height makes it suitable for people of different heights.

4. Smart features: These exercise bikes often come equipped with a fitness app that tracks your workout progress. The app may offer various features like tracking distance, calories burned, heart rate monitoring, and customizable workout programs. These smart features help you stay motivated, set goals, and track your overall fitness journey.

5. Exercise variety: Many smart folding upright exercise bikes come with multiple resistance levels, allowing users to customize their workout intensity based on their fitness level. Some models also offer pre-programmed workouts and interactive features, providing a range of exercise options to keep you engaged and challenged.

6. Health benefits: Regular use of an exercise bike can improve cardiovascular health, build endurance, strengthen muscles, and aid in weight management. With a cost-effective smart folding upright exercise bike, you can enjoy these health benefits without breaking the bank.

Note: Cost-effective smart folding upright exercise bike with fitness APP is a new product launched by our company, and this time the discount is relatively large. Original price $279.99, only $129.99 during the back to school month event.


Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout Equipment for Home Gym

Indoor recumbent exercise bike workout equipment for home gym is one of the ideal equipment in the home gym. Here is some information about indoor recumbent exercise bike workout equipment and its benefits for home fitness:
1. Low-impact exercise: Recumbent exercise bikes provide a low-impact aerobic exercise method that puts relatively little pressure on joints. This makes it ideal for use by people of all ages and health conditions.

2. Cardiorespiratory fitness: Aerobic exercise on a recumbent exercise bike can strengthen cardiorespiratory fitness. You can adjust the resistance and speed to suit your needs and goals for effective cardiovascular training.

3. Lower limb muscle exercise: The horizontal exercise bike mainly exercises the lower limb muscles, including the front and rear thigh muscles, calf muscles, and buttock muscles. By properly adjusting the seat height and resistance, you can focus on training different muscle groups to shape and strengthen your leg muscles.

4. Burn calories: High-intensity aerobic exercise using a recumbent exercise bike can help burn a lot of calories and promote fat loss and weight management.

5. Convenient to use: The recumbent exercise bike is suitable for indoor use and is not limited by weather, time, or other external factors. You can exercise at any time at home, convenient and practical.

6. Multi-function display: Many recumbent exercise bikes are equipped with a multi-function display that can display time, distance, speed, heart rate, and other data to help you monitor and record your training progress.

When choosing an indoor recumbent exercise bike, it is recommended to consider the following factors:

Quality and Stability: Choose an exercise bike with reliable quality and stability to ensure safety and durability.

Adjustment Options: Choose an exercise bike that can be adjusted to your personal needs and body size for a comfortable training experience.

Additional features: Some recumbent exercise bikes may have additional features such as heart rate monitoring, preset training plans, connectivity to mobile devices, etc. Choose the right add-ons based on your personal needs and preferences.

Note: Indoor recumbent exercise bike workout equipment for home gym is originally priced at $549.99, and the activity price during the back to school month is $299.99, directly saving you 45%.


RELIFE 3 in 1 Exercise Bike Folding Exerpeutic Bike

The RELIFE 3 in 1 Exercise Bike Folding Exerpeutic Bike is a versatile exercise bike that offers three different modes of workout. It can be used as an upright stationary bike, a recumbent bike, or an arm exerciser. The folding design of this exercise bike makes it easy to store and transport, allowing you to save space when not in use. It is equipped with a comfortable seat and backrest, providing support and comfort during your workout sessions.

The bike features multiple resistance levels, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workout according to your fitness level. It also has an LCD monitor that displays your speed, distance, time, and calories burned, helping you track your progress and stay motivated. Overall, the RELIFE 3 in 1 Exercise Bike Folding Exerpeutic Bike is a convenient and effective fitness equipment option for those who want to engage in cardiovascular exercises and strengthen their muscles.

Note: RELIFE 3 in 1 exercise bike folding exerpeutic bike is a hot product launched by our company. This equipment is originally priced at $249.99, and the price is $199.99 during the back to school month event, directly saving you 20%.


2023 Relife Best Power Tower Workout Pull Up Station for Home Gym

The Relife best power tower workout pull up station is a piece of training equipment that combines many different exercises for total body strength training. This training tower usually includes a height-adjustable pull-up bar for you to perform pull-ups and pull-downs. Additionally, it may include various features such as stretches with the help of grippers, planks, ab shredders, hanging leg presses, and more. This training equipment can help you tone your back, arms, core, and leg muscles.

Training with Relife best power tower workout pull up station can effectively enhance muscle strength, and improve body stability and coordination. Pull-ups are one of the most common exercises and are great for working your back, arms, and core muscles. You can adjust the training difficulty to suit your ability level, gradually increasing the weight or performing advanced training variations. In addition to pull-ups, you can also use this training tower for other exercises like planks, ab shredders, hanging leg presses, and more. These programs can help you tone your chest, abs, and leg muscles. When using this training equipment, ensure correct posture and technique, and perform moderate training based on your physical condition.

Overall, the Relife best power tower workout pull up station is a good choice for full-body strength training that offers a variety of different workouts to help you build a healthy and strong body. Before use, make sure you are physically fit to perform these exercises and follow safe operating guidelines.

Note: The 2023 Relife best power tower workout pull up station for home gym is our company’s best-selling product and a favorite among our customers. This product is originally priced at $229.99 and will be available for $149.99 during the back to school month promotion.


2023 Home Vertical Climber Exercise Machine Workout Fitness Stepper

Home vertical climber exercise machine workout fitness stepper is a machine for exercising the body. It usually consists of an iron frame with footrests and grab handles. Using this machine can simulate climbing movements and train muscle groups throughout the body. Using a vertical climber offers many benefits. First, it’s a highly effective form of aerobic exercise that can help you build cardiovascular fitness, increase endurance, and burn calories. Secondly, climbing exercises can exercise all major muscle groups in the body, including legs, hips, back, arms, and core muscles. In addition, it improves the flexibility and coordination of the body.

When using the home vertical climber exercise machine workout fitness stepper, make sure your posture is correct and your body is stable. It can be accelerated moderately at the beginning, and then gradually increase the intensity and time. Remember to take regular breaks to give your body time to recover. Of course, before using any fitness equipment, seek the advice of your doctor or professional trainer to make sure you are in the right physical condition for this type of exercise. Also, please follow the instructions in the user manual provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you use this machine correctly and safely. Hope you enjoy exercising with the home vertical climber exercise machine workout fitness stepper and gain improved health and fitness!

Note: The 2023 home vertical climber exercise machine workout fitness stepper is our best-selling product that can help you exercise better. This device was originally priced at $220.99 and will be available for $159.99 during the back-to-school month promotion.


When Do Back to School Month Sales Start?

Our Back to School Month activities have begun and are now in full swing, running until the end of September 2023. So if there are users in need, please seize this opportunity, and if you miss it, you will have to wait another year. In addition to the products mentioned above, we also have many other products participating in this back to school month event, and the discounts are also very strong. If there are users who need it, they can go to the details page to participate in the activity. The specific discount intensity is subject to the page display.

Note: The discounted prices on products mentioned in this blog are only valid during back to school month. For other promotional activities, the actual price published on the official website shall prevail. Please be informed.

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