Relife Power Tower Exercise Guide For Home Gym

Relife Power Tower Exercise Guide For Home Gym


The RELIFE power tower is one of the best workout equipment for a home gym, with no extra equipment, just your body weight. It helps you gain upper body muscles and increases your strength, endurance, and muscle mass. Due to its advantages, it’s becoming more popular to use in a home gym, and here we’ve prepared a wide range of exercises to get you started with your Relife power tower. In this article, we’re going to talk more about the benefits of using a Relife power tower as part of your daily or regular routine, all the exercises you can do with it, how to do them carefully.

Before we go any further, here’s some brief knowledge about a Relife power tower. A Relife power tower is fitness equipment that includes a parallel bar, crossbar, and other parts. It enables you to do exercises using your body weight. Thanks to its compact size, you can use it in your apartment or home.

RELIFE wants you to feel assured by knowing that while you are putting our Power Tower together, it is stress-free, straightforward, and easy to assemble. In addition, Relife makes all the power tower parts with excellent craftmanship and high-level precision. 

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With that being said, let’s get into the exercises.

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Why Use A Power Tower For Workouts?

You might be wondering what the difference is between a power tower and other workouts?  

Traditional resistance workouts may have you loading up a barbell. Still, with the Relife power tower, you’re given the advantage to improve bodyweight exercises or calisthenics, and it’s also made for aiding you. The Relife Power Tower enables you to combine various bars at different angles and heights to make your calisthenics better and more straightforward in terms of dynamics.

A Relife Power Tower is the best equipment to use if you want to be versatile. You can focus on full-body workouts, push and pull days, upper body and lower body days. You can also use this equipment to aid with mobility training.

You might be wondering whether this equipment is for you because you are not quite strong enough to do pull-ups, don’t worry. We got you covered on that; a Relife Power Tower comes with Pull up assist bands. These bands help reduce your body weight as it works against gravity; this reduces your weight and enables you to carry your weight.

This equipment will give you all you need to gain your body goals, which makes it versatile.

Mostly, you don’t use weight unless you’re adding weight to a dip belt for pull-ups or dips, or maybe you’re holding a plate for more inflexible abdominal muscles.

You’re just using your body weight; this makes it different from other exercises except for regular calisthenics and bodyweight HIIT ( High-Intensity Interval Training). A Relife Power tower is more beneficial than random calisthenics because it gives you stability, consistency, and support when training.

Benefits of Relife Power Tower

A Relife Power Tower has numerous reasons why you should use it for your daily or regular workout regimen. The benefits of a Relife Power Tower include:

Full body workout (Versatility)

The Relife Power Tower provides you with a chance to do all and any exercises involving your body weight. With the Relife Power Tower, you can work out your chest muscles to your biceps and triceps muscles to your calves and abdominal muscles. The Relife Power Tower provides you with a piece of all-in-one equipment to do your workouts.

The following are some additional recommended supplemental pieces of equipment or accessories you should add to your home gym with a Relife Power Tower; this will help you take full advantage of the versatility of this piece of equipment:

  1. Weighted Vest
  2. Pull up assist bands
  3. Dip belts to add weight
  4. Gymnastic Rings

Avoiding Injury

The Relife Power Tower helps you do your workouts safely and avoid injuries compared to a heavy-duty or super fast-paced workout. This equipment is safe because it allows you to focus on specific areas of the body. When you do this, you can do complex variations or reps to failure without being hurt. While impossible to perform with dumbbells and bars, Relife Power Tower workouts help fatigue your muscles fully, effectively, and safely.

Ergonomic Design

The Relife Power Tower is built with an athletic mind to it. The bar’s positioning and width make your grip ergonomically correct. With this advantage, you can do your reps without compromising your body due to uncomfortable handgrip placement.

Easy Storage With A Compact Design

Most of our Relife Power Tower models are mobile and separable for easy storage. Therefore, this makes the Relife Power Tower a versatile asset. You can set it up or bring it out whenever you want to work out, or you can just fit it somewhere home that’s aesthetically appropriate. Once the Relife Power Tower blends into your home, the Relife Power Tower will always be there, ready for you to break a sweat.

The Relife Power Tower is ideal for a home gym for it has several training stations all in one piece of equipment. You can use a workout Tower as a knee raise station, dip station, and a pull-up bar. It’s reliable if you have a limited space to work out.

Affordable For Home Gym

A Relife Power Tower ranges from $100 to $200, which is not so bad knowing that this equipment will help you work out your entire body in the comfort of your home, which has a versatile workout station when compared to a gym membership.

The Relife Power Tower is much cheaper, and they enable you to have a versatile workout; you get to shower in the comfort of your home and not a locker room. Finally, all you need is a Relife Power Tower; you won’t have to buy other types of equipment because it’s all-in-one.

For more information about the prices of our Relife Power Towers, click the links below:

All Levels Can Use It

This equipment has something for all, whether you’re a newbie or an advanced gym rat. It supports those early on in their development to inspire confidence with the movements; just grab a resistance band or a stool if needed. On the other hand, those who want to progress beyond their body weight can add external weight plates or dumbbells to their calisthenics routine.

Creating Unique Experiences For The Body

When you allow your body to experience variability, you get a unique experience that no other workout equipment can offer. Each body part is given a vast range of exercises to perform by the Relife Power Tower, all while not using anything else in the gym but your body weight.

Ability To Perform Compound Exercises

Doubling down on the specific exercises you can do with the Relife Power Tower, it is scientific to say that compound exercises can improve your overall body composition. Compound exercises are exercises that use multiple groups and require various joints to move throughout a rep. Power, strength, and cardiovascular ability are developed with compound exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups dip, knee twists, leg raises, pull-up variations, and more. A Relife Power Tower is the best equipment to use to expand your compound exercise arsenal.

As you can see, there are so many advantages or reasons for you to implement a  Relife Power Tower into your daily or regular workouts or, even better, into your home gym.

Now that we’ve talked about its benefits, let’s dive straight into the Relife Power Tower workouts.


Here we’ll list down a variety of workouts you can do with a Relife Power Tower and which part of the equipment you can perform these workouts.

1.TOP SECTION: Top bar, handgrip bar

Pull-ups / Weighted pull-ups: 4×8- 12 ( 90 seconds rest between each set)

The pull-up is the classic back exercise that needs to be in any workout program. Largely missed by most people who complete at-home workout programs, a power tower affords you the ability to complete pull-ups efficiently.

You can do this exercise on the pull-up bar at the top of the tower opposite the captains’ chair/dip station. The pull-up bar allows for an area open enough to perform pull-ups and related exercises.

This exercise primarily works the muscle on the back and biceps, even waist muscles, not to mention it can also improve heart and lung function. Therefore, it is one of the best exercises in all the strength training.

TIP: The standard pull-up uses a pronated grip ( hands on the bar facing away from you) slightly wider than your shoulders.

Top bar, handgrip bar

Chin-ups/ Weighted chin-ups : 3×6- 10 (120 seconds rest); or One arm  chin-ups 3×3 each arm

This exercise works on your back and biceps. Usually, the grip width for a chin-up is just a little narrower than shoulder width. As a result, more of the biceps muscle is engaged by switching to a closer, supinated grip( this means your hands are facing you on the bar).

Compared to pull-ups, changing the hand position for chin-ups shifts the concentration of different back muscles, which is why pull-ups and chin-ups are good to train together.

Compared to pull-ups

Hanging Knee/leg Raises

This Relife Power Tower exercise is an excellent movement to build strength for straight-leg hanging raises; make sure to tighten your core as you perform this workout.

Hang from a bar with your legs fully extended.

Use the muscles of your lower abs to raise the knees to the chest, letting the hips move forward as the knees pass the 90-degree angle. Make sure to exhale as you lift your legs and inhale as you drop them.  Your feet should hang down below your knees. Then lower them in a controlled motion back to the starting position. Repeat.

When you extend your leg to the bottom of the movement, bring them right back up for the next repetition instead of resting them down there. This will allow your body and muscles to burn well and flex through the exercise.

Hanging Knee&leg raises

Power Tower Straight-leg Hanging Raises

Leg raises work out the front and sides of abdominal muscles and hip flexors. This is an excellent exercise for strengthening your entire abdominal area and is particularly useful for flattening the lower portion of your stomach. Although this exercise will also improve your core more efficiently, always make sure your backrests are well to get a better workout result and avoid any injuries. Hang from a power tower pull-up bar with your legs fully extended.

Power tower straight-leg hanging raises

Hanging Toes To The Chin-up Bar

A thin abdominal muscle is just as meaningless as one's fat belly

With this power move exercise, start by hanging straight down from a Relife Power Tower pull-up/chin-up bar with a shoulder-width grip. Palms can be underhand or overhand (recommended).

With knees just slightly bent, raise your legs until they touch the pull-up bar while curling your pelvis as well. If the exercise is too strenuous for you, you can use the Relife bands to help you lift your legs and make sure you do the workout effectively.

Hanging Toes To The Chin-up Bar

Hanging Hips-ups

Start by hanging from the Relife Power Tower pull-up bar with your legs fully extended.

Rotate your hip clockwise, raise your knees perpendicular to your body, then submit your hips toward your rib cage. Next, lower your knees back to starting position. Repeat the movement to the opposite side. Continue the training until you complete your set. Always remember to inhale when you raise your knees and exhale when dropping them.

This exercise will increase your oblique activation.

Hanging Hips ups

2.MIDDLE SECTION: Padded backrest, padded armrests, bars at horizontal/vertical positions

L-sits: ( No rest between exercise; 60 seconds rest between each superset)

The L Sit is a pretty impressive skill. To support your whole body on your hands is no mean feat, and it takes a lot of strength and coordination to sit strong in shape. L Sits are a challenging but attainable skill that will unlock many more exercises for you to progress further. They will shred your core and shoulders, and they will help you learn isomorphic breathing early on.

Ensure your hands are resting well on the safety pads as you workout to avoid injuries.

60 seconds rest between each superset

Bodyweight dips/weight dips: stay upright for a tricep dip; lean forward for a chest dip—2×10 -15 (60 seconds rest).

For this exercise, you can emphasize the chest in a dip by

  • slightly tilting your upper body forward (make sure before doing this exercise you can support your weight, if not, you can start with the support bands.
  • flaring elbows out slightly on the descent
  • getting elbows a hair above shoulders
  • squeezing chest at the top using inner arms

To emphasize the triceps in a dip, you can

  • keep upper body vertically straight
  • keep elbows close to your body
  • finish with straight locked arms
  • squeeze triceps at the top
To emphasize the triceps in a dip

Inverted Rows

When it comes to gaining or building a solid back, the inverted row is arguably one of the best exercises one can do. Just because it’s easier to do than a pull-up doesn’t make it less effective. Because you can do more reps, the inverted row is a great move to add muscle to your back. If you aren’t ready for pull-ups, it can help you prepare for them in a perfect form. And because you’re in what’s essentially an upside-down plank, your core will become stronger. When performing these workouts, always make sure you do them with the correct form; this will aid your body in gaining the muscles ideally.

gaining or building a solid back

Inverted biceps curls: 2×10 -15 (60 seconds rest)

When you put yourself in the inverted row position, you can change your arm position to perform a closed chain biceps curl, which is guaranteed to provide a massive pump on your biceps and core. While some would consider this an anti-flexion exercise (as gravity works to sag your hips towards the floor), it’s an anti-extension exercise. You are more likely to super-compensate against gravity and arch your lower back as you pop your hips towards the ceiling. The body wants to do it because it makes the exercise more accessible and easier with the Relife Power Tower. However, by focusing on keeping your position neutral, you’ll not only work the biceps very well but also subject the core to some significant anti-extension work. With the first few reps, your body may vibrate abnormally, but that’s just your body adjusting to the exercise.

3.LOWER SECTION: Leg pads, additional hand grip bars at horizontal/vertical positions

Glut-hamstring raises/ Russian leg curls: 4x10 – 15 (90 seconds rest)

Many fitness fanatics employ Glute ham raises to increase muscle hypertrophy and endurance of the glutes, hamstrings, and posterior chain muscles. Sound posterior chain strength and hypertrophy are inclined to grow your pulling power, core, back health, and overall explosiveness. However,  such a goal can only be accomplished when you practice Glute ham raises in conjunction with many sport-specific movements seen in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting programs.

Bulgarian Split squats (if the lower section has elevated bars for support)

The Bulgarian Split Squat is a squat variation where one leg is elevated on a surface or put on a bar (which is the lower bar of the Relife Power Tower, of course), and the other performs a squat receiving most of the load.

Because of this split position, this single-leg unilateral exercise targets the quadriceps muscles, glutes, and hamstrings like no other leg exercise, making it very effective.

It is an exercise recommended for intermediate to advanced level athletes who have more control and body awareness. Still, beginners can also perform Bulgarian Split Squats on a lower elevated surface without weights to develop these traits.

Assisted Pistol Squats

Pistol squats are one of the most excellent exercises you can perform – but they are also great for strength development and endurance.

While pistol squats can be challenging to complete, using the Relife  Power Tower as a balance device can help you support the movement and train the correct movement pattern. When starting this exercise, ensure you have stretched to avoid any injuries to your knee or ankles.

Simply grab the Relife Power Tower to support yourself, stand on one leg and try to lower your body weight; make sure your back is slightly straight, without entirely relying on the power station for balance. 

The power station should be there to support your movement; try to balance through the process, your leg may wiggle around, but you have the Relife Power Tower to help you. As you grow more robust and more stable, you can slowly use the power station less and less until you can balance independently.

Assisted sit-ups/crunches

You can perform this move quickly at the bottom of the Relife Power Tower with the help of the crunch station. It’s a small bar not far off the ground where you can hook your legs to perform the workouts. Seat down, catch your legs to this bar, and begin your activity; make sure not to stress your back as you exercise and correct your form.


The Relife Power Tower station comes with a push-up grip to take pressure off the wrist, but you can also reverse your position to use the elevation of the power station to create decline push-ups for maximum strength entirely. You can perform push-ups anywhere, but since we’re talking about a complete Relife power tower workout, we’ll be doing them right here. The low incline and the neutral grip used due to the parallel bars make this push-up a little easier to perform than the standard push-up.  

The more accessible version of the push-up

Suppose you can’t do a push-up (or a couple of sets of several reps’ worth of push-ups), no problem. However, you can still crank out many push-up reps using a more straightforward, modified form of the exercise.

Beginner Workout

Workout Instructions: This beginner Relife Power Tower workout routine follows a traditional strength training periodization. You will start with the largest compound movement and move into the smaller exercises – followed by the core.

You can make this workout more difficult by increasing the tempo or by decreasing the rest time.

3-day beginner Relife Power Tower workout program

You will have a 3-day split for beginners, with lighter volume (i.e., fewer sets), but you’ll be doing this entire workout three days per week. You can adjust the days if you like.

The exercise in this power tower workout is light enough to do your legs on these same three days.

Do this three times per week, never on consecutive days, to allow your muscles to build and rest.  (For example, Mon-Wed-Fri, Tue-Thu-Sat, or Wed-Fri-Sun all can work well.)

 Do your leg workout on these three days as well. 

  1. 10-minute warmup
  2. Pull-ups – 1 set x 8-12 reps
  3. Chin-ups – 1 set x 8-12 reps
  4. Chest dips – 1 set x 8-12 reps
  5. Triceps dips – 1 set x 8-12 reps
  6. Incline push-ups – 1 set to failure
  7. Ab crunches – 1 set to failure
  8. Vertical knee raises – 1 set to failure

Remember to inhale and exhale as you perform these exercises to enable your muscles to receive a good blood flow and help you with endurance.

RELIFE Power tower workout in a 4-day split

Then for the experienced (or pro) intermediate & otherwise muscle-hungry people, the second program features power tower station workouts that will be part of a more significant Upper Lower 4-day workout split.

They feature higher volume and intensity, so you’ll be doing them twice per week as your “upper day” workouts, and you’ll do whatever leg workout you want twice per week too. This plan will get you shredded up in a short time and with good results if done with consistency.

With Relife Power Tower, you can do the Upper- Lower 4-day workout conveniently.

 For example, its 7-day schedule could be something like this:

  • Mon Upper
  • Tue Lower 
  • Wed Off
  • The Upper
  • Fri Lower
  • Sat & SunOff

You can as well adjust the workouts in a way you feel comfortable.

Day 1 & Day 4 – Upper

  1. 10-minute warmup
  2. Pull-ups – 4 sets x 8-12 reps
  3. Chin-ups – 3 sets x 8-12 reps
  4. Chest dips – 3 sets x 8-12 reps
  5. Triceps dips – 3 sets x 8-12 reps
  6. Incline push-ups – 1 set to failure
  7. Ab crunches – 2 sets to failure
  8. Vertical knee raises – 2 sets to failure

Day 2 & Day 5 – Lower: (Glutes, Upper Legs, Calves) just as discussed earlier on how to perform these exercises on the lower section of the Relife Power Tower, also make sure to stretch these muscles after a workout and before to avoid injuries.

Strength Workout

Workout Instructions: This strength training workout features a cluster set and a superset used through your power tower station. 

Strength workouts are not about weight loss. Instead, your focus is to create strength development and perfect movement patterns.

Key Takeaways

A Relife Power Tower workout is one of the most effective and easiest ways to complete a full-body activity in the comfort of your home.

Here are some key takeaways you need to remember:

  • RELIFE Power tower exercises can be adapted to any goal and skill level
  • Your workout program should influence your specific goals and be combined with proper nutrition and supplementation.
  • RELIFE Power tower workouts are safe, easy, and effective
  • The limited space needed for a power tower means you can complete an activity anywhere in your home or apartment
  • Get creative and use supersets and cluster sets to influence strength development
  • HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) training and cardiovascular training can combine to create highly effective weight loss and cutting programs

Maintenance and Safety

It is essential to consider a few factors that make up a safe model; RELIFE wants you to feel assured by knowing that while you are putting our Power Tower together, it is stress-free, straightforward, and easy to assemble.  You can be confident that all the parts have been skillfully and exquisitely made to extremely high-level specifications. Here at RELIFE, we pride ourselves on our top-quality level of customer service. The Relife Power Tower comes with a one-year warranty, and our Power Tower service team is always on hand to help you with any concerns or issues you may have, so you can choose a power tower that suits your needs. A good power tower features non-slip grips and guarantees no slip-ups.

Moreover, a backrest on the Power Tower adds comfort while performing dips and abdominal exercises and supports a good posture. Since a few models do not feature a backrest, make sure you check this feature.

All Relife power towers are rugged exercise machines to equip your home gym. However, check for its design and size to help you select. If your home gym does not have enough space to accommodate a power tower, you may be unable to maximize your workouts.

You might as well want to check for their durability and construction. Power towers are manufactured out of heavy-duty metals and have appropriate cushioning. But Our Power Tower is as sturdy and practical as a similar device that you would expect to find in a gym. In addition, it’s hassle-free, easy to prepare, and safe to use. This multifunctional workout station is specially built to be ideal for a home workout.  The many exercises that the Power Tower provides include pull-ups, chin-ups, triceps dips, push-ups, vertical leg raises, knee raises, and more.  All of which are perfect for fat-burning and muscle training, meaning that you can safely work out in your own home, garage, home gym, living room, or anywhere that is convenient for you and where you feel comfortable.

We guarantee that you won’t have any problems preparing our Power Tower or putting it together. You can do it on your own, or you may prefer to ask someone to help you to make the set-up even more fun!

However, some cheap models do not provide the desired safety and comfort.

It is essential to invest in a product that combines performance and safety into a single unit and not waste money on one that won’t provide that for you. As a result, it is less likely that you tear a muscle or undergo an injury with a power tower. However, do not rush a workout and follow the instructions carefully.

You can also take help from video tutorials to make the most out of your equipment. It is also essential to check out the weight requirement of your power tower. Since all models are designed to sustain different weights, make sure you know the weight limit of your machine. Here are a few safety tips and precautions to take care of while purchasing and using a Relife Power Tower:

  • Make sure the power tower has comfy grips and non-slip end caps 
  • Slipping or sliding can cause an injury. It is essential to know how much weight your power tower can sustain
  • If you don’t know to assemble a power tower, get a professional to put it together for you.
  • Put your machine on a level floor to avoid accidents or any movements when working out.

Do not attempt anything that will cause damage to you while exercising. If you don’t know how to start, seek professional training advice to avoid getting injured or frustrated due to a lack of productive results. Most workouts on the Relife Power Tower are easy to perform. With the right boost, you can be a pro in no time.


The Relife Power towers are the best fitness tools that guarantee exceptional results. If you know how to maximize your workout by targeting areas that require your most attention and do them efficiently, you can build muscle strength and tone your body.

Ensure that you check your desired product’s size and specifications that suit your needs before purchasing a product. A few other features to look out for include the positioning of the pull-up bar, how many adjustable levels it has, and the inclusion of backrests.

By comparing the features and sizes of different products, you can choose the most appropriate one for your own needs. To make sure you invest in the right product, check ratings and reviews of many power towers before deciding to buy one. You can also check out our buyers guide to assist you in your purchase.

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