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A frame dumbbell rack for easy organization and storage
• Model: DR06
• Color: Black
• Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
• Package Meas: 35.0 x 9.8 x 3.9 Inch
• Product Meas: 24.4 x 23.9 x 34.8 Inch
• G.W: 25.79 lbs (11.7 kg)
• N.W: 23.15 lbs (10.5 kg)
• Ever get frustrated with juggling your dumbbells on the floor? You’re not alone.
• The a frame dumbbell rack is a splendid way to keep all of your dumbbells in one place and saves space in the home gym.
• Lock your 600 LBS dumbbells up with this premium quality rack.
• Make use of all 5 tiers and keep a better eye on them at the same time.
• Click & Download User Manual

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No matter if you’re for a full body workout or weightlifting, we all know the hassle of not having enough room to work out hard. This a frame dumbbell rack will keep your weights organized and accessible.


You’re not alone!

Lock your heavy dumbbells up with this a frame dumbbell rack. Make use of all 5 tiers to save space in the home gym while clipping together five sets of heavy weight dumbbells, ranging from 5-30 pounds. Mix and match your dumbbells to fit this a frame dumbbell rack, up to 35 pounds.

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dumbbell rack to lift off from


Clear the space beside your bench for our clean storage solution that tucks away neatly into any home gym setting. Finally, an attractive way to keep your free weights off the floor but still within arm’s reach when you’re ready to work them out!

heavy duty dumbbell rack


DR04 a frame dumbbell rack that’s light and easy to move anywhere in the house is just what fitness enthusiasts need. The dumbbell shoulder workoutrack weights 23 pounds and is equipped with a drawstring for convenience, making it easier than ever to move and carry it.

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Ours: weight capacity 600lbs
Others: weight capacity 400lbs
Ours: with drawstring, easy to move and carry
Others: no drawstrings

• Black coated skin for anti-scratch
• Protective rubber cover
• Non-slip rubber base
• Strong nuts and bolts

dumbbell set and rack
a frame dumbbell weight rack


• Turn the screws at both ends of the two round pipes to loosen them.
• Insert two round pipes into the round holes of the base
• Tighten the screws on the outside of the connection between the round pipe removed in the first step and the base.

dumbbell rack set with weights


• Install the frames on both sides to the raised parts of the base, align the holes, and tighten them with screws.
• This step requires 4 screws, two screws on each side.

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dumbbell rack (2)
dumbbell rack (3)
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Tech Specs

Rack Weight 23 LBS
Carton Weight 25 LBS
Package Size 34.84 × 9.84 × 4.72 inches
Weight Capacity 600 LBS
Package Content • 1 x weight rack
• 1 x card
• 1 x installation tools
• 2 x replacement of rubber cover
Rack Weight:
23 LBS
Carton Weight:
25 LBS
Package Size:
34.84 × 9.84 × 4.72 inches
Weight Capacity:
600 LBS
Package Content:
• 1 x weight rack • 1 x card
• 1 x installation tools
• 2 x replacement of rubber cover

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A frame dumbbell rack pretty easy only took about 10 mins to put it together.

Relife DR04 vertical dumbbell rack looks more stable. And it has a drawstring, so it’s easy to move it anywhere in my house.

Of course, I have 5 pounds, 8 pounds, 12 pounds, 20-pound neoprene weights, and 5 pounds and up will be suitable. The max capacity is 600 pounds altogether, so feel free to stack them up to that amount. You can trust this Relife 5 tier weight tree rack, and it can help you save more space

Answer: I have cast iron dumbbells 20-66 LBS; this dumbbell rack can hold this.

• Rack Weight: 23 LBS
• Carton Weight: 25 LBS
• Package Size: 34.84 × 9.84 × 4.72 inches
• Weight Capacity: 600 LBS


• Inspect and tighten all parts before using the Fitness equipment.
• Keep children and animals away from the Fitness equipment.
• Do not place any sharp objects around the equipment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Eddie Rattlehead

This is a great way to organize our dumbbells. It came well-wrapped and protected in the package. Although it has all the bolts, nuts, and tools you need, to install it.There are instructions for it but it is not very clear. My recommendation is to place all the bolts/nuts but only hand-tighten them first. Make sure that everything aligns nicely and flush before tightening them further.It is very stable and sturdy. It will work well with fixed dumbbell sets in round and hex shapes. However, it may even work with your pancakes (although not as many) since the legs are relatively far apart.A great addition to any gym!I sincerely hope that you would find this review helpful.


This dumbbell rack is the perfect addition to my home workout space. It easily and comfortable holds the pairs of 10-30lb dumbbells that I have with no issues. I can easily take them out and return them without risk of finger pinching or crushing.I really appreciate how well packaged everything was in the box. All of the parts showed up without a single scratch on them. Having the hardware organized and not loose in a giant bag was a refreshing change and a huge help. My advice is chuck the included wrenches and grab a more substantial set but those will do if needed.Overall I am very happy with this weight rack and I'm thrilled that this collection of weights is finally off the floor and well organized. Great item. 10 out of 10.

Oh No

Sturdy weight rack. Nice materials. Easy to assemble.


This is a very solid tree stand for dumbbells. Only issue I had was the shipping packaging styrofoam stuck to the ends, which you can see in the picture.Key takeawaysApproximately 15 minutes or less to build depending on how focused you are.Easy to assemble with all required tools.Solid, very solid. There is a 600 lbs capacity.Looks good without any defects to the paint.Would have given five stars if the styrofoam had not stuck to the stand, could be a storage issues but felt almost glued on. Does not affect performance


Pros:--assembly is simple...takes about 15 minutes, comes with two stamped steel wrenches if you don't have any...but, you're better off using a quality 17 mm ratchet and closed end 17 mm wrench...instructions are included, but it's pretty self-explanatory--once assembled, it's hefty and well will serve it's purpose well...the steel is decently thick, not thin and wimpy like some of these racks tend to be...when you torque the bolts down reasonably firm, the metal doesn't bow under the nut.--nice fit and finish, no complaints-comes with two extra plastic sleeves which slide on where the dumbbell handle goes to protect the metal...I put the instructions, wrenches and extras in a bag and slid them into the hollow cavity of one of the legs, so I don't lose them--based on the spacing of each tier, I'm guessing you could go up to dumbbells in the 50 lb range without them interfering with each other when on the rack (I've only got up to 20 lbs'ers at the moment, but there is plenty of extra room between tiers to go bigger)Cons:--Not sure why this retails for $90...that seems a little steep for a stamped metal "Made in China" does seem well made and shouldn't ever fail, though so it's a one time purchase...maybe the thicker metal is to blame...I'd prefer to pay a little more and get thicker metal, just "feels" sturdier--There is a nylon strap you are supposed to thread through two holes on the top bracket and tie a knot on the underside...I guess this is a handle, but it is really cheesy for such a well made rack...why not just stamp out a simple handle and add a couple more bolts/washers/nuts...that being said, the "handle" is only useful if the rack is empty...if you load this up with dumbbells (even lighter ones) it would just be too heavy to conveniently carry by a simple nylon strap handle.Overall, it's well made and will do it's job long as your willing to pay the price, it should last you a lifetime if taken care of (i.e. don't leave it outside in the weather)

Kenzi falk

This is a sturdy weight rack. It holds the weights well and securley. It is designed for medium to large weights and is to large for small 1 to 5 pound hand weights to fit properly. The rubber slot liners are good so the handles don't get scratched up. Assembly was easy and didn't take very long (15 minutes). The nylon strap handle for moving it was not attached and Had no connector so I just tied a knot in it after passing it through the holes. I liked that the unit uses the same 17 mm wrenches for all the bolts. I used a socket to speed up the assembly. Overall a nice rack but there are others available at a lower price


Definitely one of my best finds for keeping my home gym organized yet still functional. This weight rack is awesome. It's a super sturdy metal material, and it can hold up to 600 lbs, no lie. Assembly was fast and easy -- took me no longer than 10 minutes -- and it comes with every tool included. Also, I love how space efficient this is, giving me easy access to my weights while organizing them in a single compact spot. Highly recommend this. An ESSENTIAL for me.

William L. Myers

My first impression of this rack was really good when I picked up the box. It was really heavy meaning this must be a pretty sturdy rack. I was not disappointed. Assembly was easy, instructions were not very wordy, but the pictures are all you need. Nothing was said about the strap that goes on top, so I improvised and tied knots at the bottom of them. I was happy to see that this came with lock nuts and not just regular cheap nuts. It also comes with wrenches so everything you need is in the box. In full disclosure the wrenches did start to widen and start slipping off the nuts but maybe I was cranking them down too hard.All in all, I’m very happy with this weight rack. All my dumbbells fit well except for some of my wife’s small weights which I was able to just set them in on an angle.

Jerry B.

Ordered for our new home… Powder-coat finish on all assembly pieces is flawless. There was styrofoam residue that needed to be cleaned up, but it was quick to remove.I’ll update after we’re moved in and have a few weeks of use to access sturdiness over time.


This rack came well packaged and for the most part, was very easy to assemble. The fabric loop on top was a bit of a mystery as far as how the manufacturer intended for it to be installed, so we just guessed.The only real issue we took with it and why a star is docked - in packaging, the foam packing stuck to the base on the ends. The result looks similar to when you unsuccessfully peel a sticker off. It will take some elbow grease to get it off, if it’s even possible.

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