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Relife Quiet Exercise Bike | Stationary Bike Workout
Why should you exercise on this Quiet Exercise Bike at home?
It’s quiet, it won’t disturb your family and neighbors rest.
• Model: REM01EB
• Warranty: NO
• Category: Quality Pre-owned
• Load-bearing Capacity: 400 lbs (181.44 kg)
• Package Meas: 36.2x 31.9 x 9 inches
• Product Meas: 37.5x 20.5 x 47.6 inches
• Flywheel Weight: 20 lbs (9.07 kg)
• G.W: 58.90 lbs (26.7 kg)
• N.W: 50.93 lbs (23.1kg)
• Maximum Height: 41 Inches
• Minimum Height: 34.3 Inches
• Material: Thicken Carbon Steel
• 2 x AAA batteries required. (included)
• Drive Mechanism: Quiet Belt Drive
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Why You Choose Relife Quiet Exercise Bike?

Staying In Shape Starts With Choosing RELIFE
RELIFE is a brand dedicated to researching the highest quality and ergonomic fitness equipment. Each fitness quiet exercise bike has undergone hundreds of tests and quality inspections by different departments.


Display your exercise time, speed, distance, pulse, ODO and scan.


Keep your favorite refreshing beverage within arm’s reach with this sleek, innovative design. Proper hydration will ensure that you’re healthy and performance stays at optimum levels.


Textured non-slip foot pedals and straps keep you secure during your most demanding workouts, while the textured surface ensures safe footing and accommodate all sizes.


Quiet exercise bike are great for staying active indoors, but if your floor has any wobbles or instabilities you can adjust one of these stabilizers to make sure that it is perfectly level.


Handlebars are 4-way adjustable, so they’ll adjust to any rider’s body and workout and they are multiple grips design.


The seat of Relife quiet exercise bikeis fully adjustable and can be moved up-and down or front to back. It has a consistent layer of support, as well as grooves that promote blood flow throughout your body!


This quiet exercise bike is equipped with a 20lbs balance flywheel, support up to more than 400lbs weight capacity, very stable and durable.


The emergency brake makes it easy to stop your workout immediately in case of an accident. Simply turn the knob to increase or decrease to adjust to the different levels that best suit you. Stop quickly by pressing the same knob!


With a simple tilt, roll out for use or away for storage when not in use the quiet exercise bike. No need for heavy lifting or muscle strain.


This device holder of the quiet exercise bike is perfect for when you’re on your bike and want to watch movies, workout videos or play music. It will keep the screen level so that it’s easy-peasy viewing!


Relife quiet stationary bike is equipped with a quiet and smooth pure wool felt brake pad system. Dominate your workout with that to reduce or amplify the difficulty of exercises in seconds!

Care & Maintenance



Answer: I am glad to receive your question. This quiet exercise bike includes a bottle cage.

Answer: Yes, if you are used to standing, it is very possible. If you are new to spinning, it takes some time to get your stability when standing on the quiet stationary bike.

Answer: Our quiet stationary bike has a very complete set of assembly tools, and the structure is not complicated, so you can complete the entire assembly process very easily, the entire assembly process only takes you nearly 30 minutes at most.

That works out to 15 to 30 minutes total if you work out five days a week, though at least 20 minutes on the stationary bike workout is ideal.

That works out to 15 to 30 minutes total if you work out five days a week, though at least 20 minutes on the stationary bike workout is ideal.

Answer: Quiet stationary bike dimensions: 37.5 x 20.5 x 47.6 inches; 53 Pounds.

Stationary bike workout are great for riding at the gym or your house, but if you use this quiet exercise bike every day it’s not recommended because the quiet exercise bike can put too much stress on joints and cause injury over time.

Safety Information

• Before using the Relife S01 quiet stationary bike equipment, please warm up properly.
• Inspect and tighten all parts before using the Fitness Smart quiet stationary bike equipment.
• Keep children and animals away from the Fitness equipment.
• If the user has dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or other abnormal symptoms, please stop the • workout and seek immediate medical attention.
• Disabled people should not use the equipment without a qualified person or doctor in attendance.
• Only one person at a time should use the equipment.
• Keep hands away from all moving parts.
• Do not wear loose or baggy clothing since it may get caught in the quiet stationary bike equipment.
• Do not place any sharp objects around the quiet stationary bike equipment.

Quiet Compact Quiet Stationary Bike Battery Safety
• Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types.
• Do not dispose of batteries in a fire.
• Do not dispose of batteries with normal household waste, take them to a local recycling center.

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