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Relife Pull Up Station with 330 lbs weight capacity designed for home gym to do push-ups, pull-ups, dips, abdominal raises, crunches and full body workout.

The professional steelbody strength training power tower is here to make workouts easier, more fun and interesting. It’s perfect for any age group or shape-size!

• Model: REPT04PT
• Warranty: NO
• Category: Quality Pre-owned
• Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
• Package Meas: 56.3 x 24 x 5.12 inch
• Product Meas: 35.4 x 26.4 x 89 inch
• G.W: 63 lbs (28.58 kg)
• N.W: 56.22 lbs (25.5 kg)
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All in one pull up and dip station offers one great place to do push-ups, dips and any other workouts you can think of. In just five minutes per day Relife bodyweight pull dip station will hit enough muscle groups that’ll start burning in your chest as well as arms!


You will never have to worry about your welds breaking or getting fragile.
Whether you want to work on leg raises, grip strength, core stability, agility, speed training, power exercises… Relife all in one dip pull up station is a perfect workout for you!

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Relife Power Tower Workout Routine

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Multi-functional Pull Dip Station

We all come in different shapes and sizes, but exercising should be for everyone. We’ve engineered multiple adjustments of the pull up station and 330 LBS load-bearing capacity to fit most user heights to find the right position.

Multi-functional RELIFE Pull Dip Station

We all come in different shapes and sizes, but exercising should be for everyone. We’ve engineered multiple adjustments of Relife power tower pull up and dip station and 330 LBS load-bearing capacity to fit most user heights to find the right position.

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Adjustable Pull Up And Dip Atation

• 9-Level Height Adjustment: 58.5-89 inch
• 3-Level Handle Adjustment: 20.47-22.44 inch
• 4-Level Backrest Adjustment: 7-9.8 inch
• 2-Level Leg Press Adjustment: 29.3-39 inch

Pull Dip Station Hightlights

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Suction Cup

The suction cup of Relife pull dip station offers even more stability and security than traditional stands. With the advantage of lifting heavier weights, try this new and improved design of pull up station with a stronger pivot!

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Safety Lock Nut

We put a safety lock nut on the end of your pull dip station that will keep screws from vibrating out when you’re moving or adjusting the pull up and dip station.

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Back Cushion

Based on the height of the individual, there are four adjustable holes in the supporting tube of Relife pull dip station that allow for a range from 7-9.8″. Pull pin knob makes it convenient to change hole position!

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Note: remove the small stopper first

The wood protects the hole that insert the back cushion bar, please take it out before the dip pull up station installation.

Care & Maintenance


Answer: The question of whether power racks or power towers are better can be answered only when your fitness goals and level is considered.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate level fitness enthusiast who likes to perform bodyweight-only compound exercises then the power tower would be your best choice. It gives great isolate workouts for those specific muscles with lighter weight loads so they can achieve maximum growth potential!

Answer: I don’t hear a squeak, and I use Relife dip pull up station several times per week. I recommend this pull up and dip station highly if you want to build your abdominal muscles.

Answer: Yes. Please feel free to contact us through email: [email protected]

Answer: This Relife pull up station is EXTREMELY easy to assemble. I used the included tools and took my time and took less than half an hour according to the assembly instructions.

Answer: Relife bodyweight dip pull up station dimension: 56.50*24.02*5.51 inch.

Answer: Weight: 62.83 lbs; weight capacity: 330 lbs.

This everyday essentials power tower will help you build your upper back and forearms. It’s also an excellent, quick way to do any number of exercises such as handstand Push Ups (which function like situps but with hands on floor), indianfighting Dive Bombs – which targets shoulders specifically since they’re close together when compared side by Side vs front/back positioning during traditional crunching motions found in rectal region workouts designed around core stability goals.

Weighted dips are an intense exercise on our Relife power tower dip pull up station that work your chest, triceps and shoulders to build muscle. Adding them into your power tower workout routine will help you achieve the best results possible so do not hesitate for too long between sessions!

Relife dip pull up station is a great way to work out your abdominal muscles. Our pull up station works best for the core body, due its emphasis on stability and strength throughout all movements made with it.

This is Relife blogs about power tower exercise guide: https://www.relifesports.com/best-power-towers-of-2021-greatist-power-tower-push-up-guidelines/

Safety Information

• Consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.
• Be aware of your body’s feedback. Incorrect usage or excessive exercise may damage your health.
• Read and understand warning labels and user manual before exercising.
• Inspect the pull up and dip station before use. Ensure that all nuts and bolts are securely fastened before use. DO NOT use if it appears damaged or inoperable.
• Use the dip pull up station machine only for the intended use. DO NOT modify the device.
• This pull dip station is not suitable for therapeutic use.
• Relife pull up station is for indoor home use only. It is not commercial gym pull dip station.
• Only use this pull up station on a solid flat surface. Use without any protective padding may damage your carpet or floor.
• Wear appropriate clothing and shoes when using this equipment.
• The maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds (150kg).
• Keep children and pets away from the pull up and dip station.
• If you have any issues with our product, please feel free to contact us. [email protected]

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