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RELIFE WB603 Commercial Weight Bench Fully meet all your workout needs
• Warranty: NO
• Category: Quality Pre-owned
• Unique triangle structure and heavy-duty steel
• Supports up to 660 LBS
• 7-backrest pad positions
• 3- front seat position
• Easy to install and store
• Comfortable PU Leather
• Front Lift Handle & Back Wheel
• Click & Download User Manual



Perfect for all kinds of full body workout training.

WB603001 01

Perfect for all kinds of full body workout training.

Commercial Weight Bench,Get into perfect position easily by making adjustments quickly, without needing to hold your seat, thanks to the 7-backrest pad positions and 3-front seat positions, including flat back work outs or working out in an incline or decline position. You can even adjust it to be stationary.

best quality weight bench

Strong Upper Body

Use incline and decline settings to target your body’s forgotten muscle groups.
Is there anything better than a toned set of muscles? Get up and sweat with the commercial weight bench (sold separately). Perfect your back, chest, shoulders, arms, abs–anything you need to leave looking sharp at the gym or beach. The choice is yours!

WB603001 03

Cover All the Angles

A Commercial Weight Bench with a decline setting is an absolute must for training chest muscles or any other exercises that work best when your feet are elevated. Work on different parts of the muscle with one product by simply adjusting from flat to incline back to decline in less than 10 seconds!

Engage Your Entire Core

WB603001 04

Engage Your Entire Core

Don’t struggle with ineffective exercise routines, save yourself the time. Get on your feet and adjust your bench to engage your entire core for complete fitness! The Commercial Weight Bench is here to challenge you physically so that you can achieve unwavering strength.

Backrest: 7 positions
Front Seat: 3 positions
WB603001 05
WB603001 06

Get endless workout options

You can conveniently use the WB603 Commercial Weight Bench for cardio, strength training, therapy and more. Each unit will come with sufficient padding so workouts are successful. Commercial weight bench is durable, portable, foldable and lightweight which enables it to be easy to store.

WB603001 07

Avoid the real pain of muscle strain

You have to lug the Commercial Weight Bench for yourself with no help from gravity, But now you can transport your bench easily thanks to front lift handle & back wheel! Therefore you don’t have to lift anything by hand or manage any heavy lifting at all – just tilt and roll out for use.

Care & Maintenance


Answer: It is very sturdy. The maim frame is thick and the padding is very good. It is not commercial grade but it is more than enough for a home gym.

Answer: There about 3 incline options. Starting from an upright position, then slightly at 2-3 o’clock, then 4-5 o’clock, then at 6 o’clock: flat. It has been a very sturdy addition to our workouts.

Answer: It’s roughly about 2 and 3/8ths inches. The width of the head area (where your head lays) of the bench is 10 inches, the backrest is 12 inches in width, the width of the seat is about 12 1/2 inches.

Answer: Estimated 10-15lbs.

Safety Information

• Using the product on a solid, flat level surface and avoid using it on thick carpet
• Inspect and tighten all parts before using the Fitness portable weight bench equipment.
• Keep children and animals away from the Fitness Weight Bench Stands equipment.
• Please check the equipment if each part is locked and installed in the right place before you use it.
• Before starting any exercise, you should consult your physician to determine if you have any medical or physical conditions.
• Do some proper warm-up exercises before using this equipment.
• Wear suitable & comfortable clothes and shoes when using the equipment.
• Be aware of your body signals. Incorrect or excessive exercise can be damaged your health.
• If you feel unwell during your workout, stop immediately.
• If the parts are damaged, please stop using the product immediately.
• Please avoid using the erosive cleaners to clean up the product.
• For parts that can be adjusted according to the user’s condition, the maximum and minimum value (position) should be paid attention to.
• The weight bench is designed for the use of indoor only, please do not use it in the environment where it is wet and it’s in the sun.

Item Weight: 49 Pounds
Material Foam: Alloy Steel
Weight Limit: 660 Pounds
Comfortable PU leather seat
Non-slip rubber feet
Package size: 47.6 x 18.3 x 6.7in

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