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A frame dumbbell rack Easy Organization And Storage
• Warranty: NO
• Category: Open Box
• Ever get frustrated with juggling your dumbbells on the floor? You’re not alone.
• The a frame dumbbell rack is a splendid way to keep all of your dumbbells in one place and saves space in the home gym.
• Lock your 600 LBS dumbbells up with this premium quality rack.
• Make use of all 5 tiers and keep a better eye on them at the same time.
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No more tripping over scattered dumbbells

dumbbell rack with dumbbells

No more tripping over scattered dumbbells

No matter if you’re for a full body workout or weightlifting, we all know the hassle of not having enough room to work out hard. This a frame dumbbell rack will keep your weights organized and accessible.

Ever get frustrated with juggling weights on the floor?
You're not alone!

Lock your heavy dumbbells up with this a frame dumbbell rack. Make use of all 5 tiers to save space in the home gym while clipping together five sets of heavy weight dumbbells, ranging from 5-30 pounds. Mix and match your dumbbells to fit this a frame dumbbell rack, up to 35 pounds.

Ever Get Frustrated With Juggling Weights On The Floor? You'Re Not Alone!

inspire fitness dumbbell rack
dumbbell rack to lift off from

Save your limited floor space

Clear the space beside your bench for our clean storage solution that tucks away neatly into any home gym setting. Finally, an attractive way to keep your free weights off the floor but still within arm’s reach when you’re ready to work them out!

heavy duty dumbbell rack

Move & carry it easily

DR04 a frame dumbbell rack that’s light and easy to move anywhere in the house is just what fitness enthusiasts need. The dumbbell shoulder workoutrack weights 23 pounds and is equipped with a drawstring for convenience, making it easier than ever to move and carry it.

Ours VS Others

dumbbell rack for sale

Ours VS Others

weight capacity 600lbs | weight capacity 400lbs
with drawstring, easy to move and carry | no drawstrings

• Black coated skin for anti-scratch
• Protective rubber cover
• Non-slip rubber base
• Strong nuts and bolts

dumbbell set and rack
a frame dumbbell weight rack


• Turn the screws at both ends of the two round pipes to loosen them.
• Insert two round pipes into the round holes of the base
• Tighten the screws on the outside of the connection between the round pipe removed in the first step and the base.

dumbbell rack set with weights


• Install the frames on both sides to the raised parts of the base, align the holes, and tighten them with screws.
• This step requires 4 screws, two screws on each side.

Care & Maintenance


A frame dumbbell rack pretty easy only took about 10 mins to put it together.

Relife DR04 vertical dumbbell rack looks more stable. And it has a drawstring, so it’s easy to move it anywhere in my house.

Of course, I have 5 pounds, 8 pounds, 12 pounds, 20-pound neoprene weights, and 5 pounds and up will be suitable. The max capacity is 600 pounds altogether, so feel free to stack them up to that amount. You can trust this Relife 5 tier weight tree rack, and it can help you save more space

Answer: I have cast iron dumbbells 20-66 LBS; this dumbbell rack can hold this.

• Rack Weight: 23 LBS
• Carton Weight: 25 LBS
• Package Size: 34.84 × 9.84 × 4.72 inches
• Weight Capacity: 600 LBS

Safety Information

• Inspect and tighten all parts before using the Fitness equipment.
• Keep children and animals away from the Fitness equipment.
• Do not place any sharp objects around the equipment.

Load-bearing Capacity: 600LBS
Rack Weight: 23 LBS
Carton Weight: 25 LBS
Package Size: 34.84 × 9.84 × 4.72 inches
Package Content: 1 x Weight Rack / 1 x Card / 1 x Installation Tool Set / 2 x Replacement of Rubber Cover
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