PITHAGE 35lb Weight Plates



PITHAGE 35lb weight plates for Strength Training 

  • 3-hole grip design
  • Made from solid cast iron
  • A variety of weights to choose
  • General standard size: 2-inch

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2-inch Barbell Weight Plates

PITHAGE 35lb weight plates

The PITHAGE 35lb weight platesis a perfect addition for your weightlifting and strength training. 35lb weight plates is an ideal multifunctional and all-round muscle building equipment.

Designed for Muscle Fitness Training

  • 3-hole grip design: for easy and safe handling while loading and unloading weights.
  • 35lb weight plates is made of solid cast iron: to prevent chipping and peeling
  • Ground edges & machine center hole
  • Standard plates: 2-inch center hole to accommodate standard bars.
2.5 lb weight plates
35lb weight plates

Solid Cast Iron

35lb weight plates is made from solid cast iron for exceptional strength and durability. 2 inch standard center hole creates a secure fit and perfect balance on your weight bar. Baked enamel coating for smooth edge to avoid friction.

weight plates for sale

3 Grip Holes

3 grip holes can be used for physical strength training, anti-slip texture for easy grip, strengthen your finger grip, exercise wrist and arm strength. With this weight plate, you can do Russian twists, Zaki squats, sit-ups, etc.

Care & Maintenance


Answer: Yes, the 2” is an Olympic size.

Answer: Hello, 35lb weight plates are singles.

Safety Information

• Using the product on a solid, flat level surface and avoid using it on thick carpet
• Inspect and tighten all parts before using the Fitness weight bench bar holder equipment.
• Keep children and animals away from the weight lifting bench with leg extension Fitness equipment.
• Please check the equipment if each part is locked and installed in the right place before you use it.
• Before starting any exercise, you should consult your physician to determine if you have any medical or physical conditions.
• Do some proper warm-up exercises before using this equipment.
• Wear suitable & comfortable clothes and shoes when using the equipment.
• Be aware of your body signals. Incorrect or excessive exercise can be damaged your health.
• If you feel unwell during your workout, stop immediately.
• If the parts are damaged, please stop using the product immediately.
• Please avoid using the erosive cleaners to clean up the product.
• For parts that can be adjusted according to the user’s condition, the maximum and minimum value (position) should be paid attention to.
• The weight bench is designed for the use of indoor only, please do not use it in the environment where it is wet and it’s in the sun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 275 reviews
Letitia Manning (Atlanta, US)
Great buy

This was a rather easy assemble for me as I was very happy to receive my purchase. However, the packaging more so the metal bars left major indentations within the seat cushion. I have sent an email with pictures and hopefully someone can assist. Thank you!
time. Thank you!!

Sean A. (Beachwood, US)

Very well put together and works like a charm. Very happy with the product.


Here are my ratings relative to how Amazon ratings typically sit: • Packaging: 4.7 • Bench base: 4.8 • Upholstery: 4.4 • Overall bench: 4.6At this price point, I was comparing it to the REP AB-3100. A friend of mine has this REP bench and loves it, so it is worth a consideration as well.I ended up going with this bench instead because (1) I liked the connection to the leg better (pictured) and (2) I liked the incline adjustment arm better.However, I might have preferred the slightly shorter REP bench instead (17” vs. 17.7”). Also, the quality control for a REP product is probably better. That’s a good segue into my pros and cons list:Pros: • Exceptionally sturdy • Plenty of adjustment points/degrees • Excellent, durable vegan PU leather upholstery • No off-gassing or residue • Singular leg under seat, so you won’t step on it when sitting with weights (pictured) • Pad width: wide enough for me to load my shoulder blades back • Packaged fairly well to reduce transit damage • The base basically comes in one piece, which helps with its sturdiness. • 1,100 lbs capacity vs. 700 lbs on the REP bench • When controlling for the level of my flooring, I’d say this bench is pretty accurately level at various parts/points throughout.Cons: • The upholstery is coming up because it is stapled in, instead of sown in, like the REP bench. The REP bench might actually have a plastic rim between the seams instead. Either way, it’s better. • The welding is somewhat off. One of the feet isn’t welding on perfectly straight (pictured). • The wheels are small and don’t roll smoothly, but you can always change them. • The seat is too narrow, especially toward the back, where your glutes sit (pictured). This is coming from someone who is only 170 lbs at the moment. • It is slightly more expensive than the REP bench ($269.99, plus free shipping). I got this bench for $339.00 with a $60.00 coupon. • As previously mentioned, the height is 17.7”, as opposed to the 17” REP bench. Getting leg drive on your lifts is important, so depending on your height, you might want to factor this in. • It does not have an entirely 90° adjustment.Overall, it’s a more than adequate bench that feels as sturdy as a commercial gym bench. If I had to make the purchase decision again, I would still be torn between the two benches. The seat being too narrow might be the one variable strong enough to skew me in favor of taking the change on the REP bench instead.Nonetheless, I would say I’m happy with the bench, so I’ll round up to a five star review, despite there seeming like a lot of criticism. I have to give you fine people my best analysis!

Matt Graves

Update: I reached out to the seller to see if I could exchange my slightly crooked bench and they sent me a new one. The new bench was dead level. Changing my rating to 5 stars from 3 but letting old review stay as is.Pros: Rugged, stable, easy to assemble and use; good value for the money.Con: Loose manufacturing tolerances made mine crooked from the factory (see update- seller sent me a new one).I did a lot of research before finally buying this on Prime day at it's lowest price in a while. Of all the benches of similar capacity and price point, it had the highest number of 4 and 5 star reviews. It is everything it claims to be - rugged, stable in the flat and incline (so far had combined 485lbs in the flat and combined 315lbs at a 45° incline). It's lower to the ground than the Weider and Marcy style home benches, so I can pick dumbbells off the ground when doing seated stuff and get better leg drive when doing bench press.Very easy to assemble- it even comes with a full sized, forged box wrench- not one of those cheap stamped steel ones.I would give this 5 stars if it hadn't come from the factory with the main support crooked. if you look at my pictures in order, you can see that the bench, when flat, is not level -it's off by 3°-4°. This is a real problem when doing flat bench - not only will you be off balance, I kept hitting the spotting bar on one side of my weight cage. Next picture shows that a) the rear support is level, but b) the brace that is used to control the bench angle is not centered. Next picture shows that this isn't a problem with the seat back pad - the actual frame member is off of level at the end, and (next picture) all the way back at the hinge. Last picture shows what I think is the culprit - that center, tombstone shaped piece is crooked, and since that is what is joining the seat to the main frame, the whole thing is off.I'm debating whether or not to return this - I could probably shim the low side, but I have concerns about stressing the seatback if it's not flat on the beam. I don't have the original packaging anymore, so I'm nor sure I could return it at this point.Again, this bench is so close to being perfect, but the manufacturing let it down.

Joseph J.

Duel adjustable pads, so no slipping out on a high incline bench weight! Feels amazing, shoulders dig nicely into the pad. Really feels like it can hold 1100lbs as said. Solid construction, easy to assemble. 11 screws and bolts total. Happy purchasing everyone

BPunz Reviews

This is a beast of a adjustable bench! I stopped going to my gym’s/CrossFit gym during peak of Covid and decided to get a adjustable bench. After a week of searching in the low to high end range, this bench showed up and from the construction to the overall dimensions I could tell that it would be one that outlasts my life and perfect.Warning! It is 70lbs, but that is perfect for me since it’s welded nicely, won’t wobble, won’t roll, and won’t break in half and send you to the ER. Don’t fret..it really is not that heavy and it rolls for easy transport.Opening: This has got to be the easiest box to assembly I have ever had in gym equipment. Everything was neatly packed, unpacked, and comes with hand tools to put in the bolts. Takes about < 20mins to put together as it’s it already 75% set. You want a bench that is nearly all put together since that means it is welded solid and not held by little parts.Key Features: easy adjustable, no cheap quick knob system (I recommend not getting a knob system as they are prone to breaking), heavy base, wide footing for zero wobble, solid cushions (I prefer harder as soft cautions will wear fast and do not give you the support), and lastly the length and height is the right average for most. Some bench’s are way to high off the ground and the back is way to short or wide. Might as well lay on your bed at that point. This one is perfect, just check the dimensions for yourself.YES: This is actually better than my gym’s benches.Overall: this saved my fitness life as this 2020 year has been pretty funky and something as simple as a good bench can do so many workouts. I do have other machines to cages but nothing beats a good bench. Buy with confidence.I highly recommend spending the extra to get this if you are serious about working out/training.


I was looking for an quality bench for my home work out, and wanna give this a shot on this feature . Fortunately i so glad since I received it.There have 2 parts I like. 1st one is the back have 2 wheels so you can easily to move whatever you like. 2nd you can adjustable the bench whatever angle you wanna work out. Btw this bench has really good quality very worth .Highly recommend.

Randy Banks

One bolt is not the same length. I need another long bolt. See pic, bottom left.


Perfect home gym bench. I went from a an adjustable bench that had knob pull and screw in setup. It’s a night and day comparison. The stability is amazing. 225 feels secure with absolutely no wobble. Adjusting position is effortless. Strong recommendation.


Easy to assemble. Solid heavy duty steel base. The bench is firm and stable. I weigh 210 lbs. and I use 100 lbs. dumbbells for 20 reps at times and the bench doesn't budge under me at all. Excellent for the price.

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