Parallel Bars Can Be Practiced Parts And Practice Methods

Parallel Bars Can Be Practiced Parts And Practice Methods

Whether you are in the gym or looking for effective exercise at home, you can’t go wrong with parallel bars. These multifunctional fitness equipment are very suitable for training various muscle groups in self-weight strength training.

Today we will take a look at which muscle groups these parallel bars can exercise.

1. Lower chest muscles

   Parallel bar exercises can stimulate the muscles of lower chest muscles accordingly. If you feel that your lower chest contour is not good enough, then this exercise is a better choice.

2. Shoulder muscles

   After the exercise of the parallel bars is done, the shoulder muscles will become better. Although the shoulder lifting and lowering is a passive stage, each time the process of lifting and lowering is a stimulation process of the shoulder muscles.

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mini parallel bars

 3. Triceps

   Parallel bar exercises have a great stimulating effect on the triceps brachii muscles. When practicing, you can also carry appropriate weights. This exercise will have a better effect.
The specific exercises are:
  1. Standing support is a continuous movement to train the chest muscles. The movement is also simple to practice, and it is a good movement to shape your body.
  2. Parallel bars arm flexion and extension can fully exercise the upper limb muscles and also help stability.
  3. Parallel bars raise the legs. In abdominal muscle group training exercises, the body needs to lift the legs in the air during the exercise process, so the exercise is more difficult.
  4. Support swing It has a good effect on improving the stability of the body, so you should pay attention to the support during the swing process.
In the process of exercising the arm muscles by flexion and extension of the parallel bars, you should pay attention to some skills. When you learn, you can use assisting equipment. The torso should not be lowered too low. The grip distance can be adjusted as required. Damage to the joints.  

Dip Station

Precautions For Practicing Single Parallel Bars

  1. Selecting exercises should not only consider the strength of each muscle group, the flexibility, and flexibility of the joints, and other characteristics but also combine different positions such as upper limbs, lower limbs, and trunk for alternate exercises. And should increase the intensity of exercise for weak muscle groups.
  2. According to the structure of the action, the density, intensity, and difficulty of the exercise should adhere to the principle of gradual progress from small to large, from less to more, and from simple to complex.
  3. The swing action and the static exertion action of the combined exercise are alternately coordinated with each other, and the dynamic action is the main one.
  4. In the event of an accidental miss, the protector must take protective measures to get rid of the danger in time to maintain the safety of practice. Practitioners can also adopt self-protection methods such as bending arms, grouping, rolling and squatting to reduce the force of cushioning the ground.
  5.  Before practice, do 5-10 minutes of upper, lower limbs and trunk preparation activities. After practice, perform massage and relaxation exercises. Finally, walk slowly for 2 to 8 minutes.
  6. The outdoor venue should have flat ground, while the indoor area requires air circulation and bright light.
  7. It is better to use ready-made equipment made according to specifications. Unconditional can be simple and simple, self-made equipment: use solid wood poles for the bar surface, or replace it with tough and smooth metal pipes. The supporting column of the pole is set on the flat, non-slip ground with a simple fixed wooden pile device. The bars and supports must be installed sturdy to ensure safety.

Parallel bars are a good load training exercise for the upper body, which can exercise multiple muscle groups. Friends who want to develop strong arms must not miss such efficient exercise

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