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According to an overview done by Statistics Brain research establishment (and distributed in the hustle), 63% of rec center enrollments are never utilized, 82% of individuals utilize the exercise center not exactly one time each week, 22% quit going a half year in, and 31% individuals regret the charge spent because they didn’t understand how little they would utilize the participation.

One of the principal reasons is the scarcity of time in the present feverish world. The other is the worry about the spread of illnesses at a typical get-together spot like an exercise center.

If you have a bit of room and can pay out some cash (very little more than a rec center enrollment!), you can make a home exercise center for you and take care of both these issues.

On the off chance that you, as well, are hoping to make a home exercise center, you are following in some admirable people’s footsteps. There are now roughly 25 million home rec centers in the US.

One of the most flexible components of a particular home rec center would be a plunge station. It very well may be utilized for arms, shoulder, center, back, and chest works out, covering your whole chest area. Notwithstanding, ordinary plunge stations at the rec center are typically very cumbersome and occupy much room.

As the days go on, it is progressively evident that this pandemic won’t end at any point shortly. This implies that it is ideal to restrict your openness to others in overcrowded conditions. This means that even though rec centers are opening up in numerous spaces, you should most likely continue to stay away from them.

So as this has been seething for most of the year, every individual who needs to keep fit as a fiddle has needed to change by working out at home. You can do a great deal with no gear. Yet, assuming you need the best exercise, you’ll need some hardware to transform your home into an individual little rec center.

If you are hoping to add some new gear to your home to make the not-so-distant future an in great shape, you should investigate getting a draw-up station. Since it will not simply give you what you need to do pull-ups, you can accomplish more exercises like plunges and twists and lower body exercises done.

That being said, one of the most outstanding exercise types of gear available for home use is the RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Power Tower Workout Dip Station for Home Gym.



Material: Steel

Color: 4

Item Dimensions: LxWxH 59 x 35.4 x 29.8 inches

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 Pounds

Style: ‎Chin up, Pull Up, Push Up, Dips

Price: $169.99

Features- Beloved Power Tower


  • Vertical knee raise station – Step up and find the client internal six loads with agreeable vertical knee raise station
  • Push-up station-Get the most out of push-up exercise with these cushioned push-ups.
  • Sans slip handles to finish stomach and arm-centered exercises without adding loads.

Works arms, chest, back, and center muscles. The solid design holds up to 330 LBS.

Blend plunge and pull-up stand is the ideal method to hit various muscle bunches with body weight-based exercises.

This machine offers one great spot to do push-ups, pull-ups, plunges, stomach raises, and some other exercises you can imagine.

Profoundly and chest area strength with speedy and successful schedules.

Product Size: 26.4 (W)x 35.4 (L)x 58.5~89 (H) inch

Shipping weight: 63.9 LBS

9 Levels Height Adjustment: 58.5 to 89 inch

3 Levels Handle Adjustment: 20.47-22.44 inch

4 Levels Backrest Adjustment: 7-9.8 inch

2 Levels Leg Press Adjustment: 29.3-39 inch


  • Pull up, exercise back, arm, waist muscles, improve heart and lung function.
  • Dip, characterize thighs, abdominal muscle lines, reduce fat, increase endurance.

  • Push up, exercise back and arm muscles, lift hips and lower leg lines.


  • Leg Pressing. Relaxing the leg muscles after exercising, you can fix or disassemble them. As safe as houses.
  • Please do not install the top bar under the branch; prevent breakage. Also, because of its curved modules of the top bar, comfort for a pull-up.

  • The back cushion can be adjusted before and after based on the people’s size. Pull pin knob for convenient adjustment of hole position.

  • The wood protects the hole that inserts the back cushion bar; please take it out before installation.
  • The back cushion distance can be adjusted; there are four adjustable holes in the supporting tube. The adjustable distance range is 7-9.8 inches. You can pull the knob to regulate the cushion.

Features & Details

【Sturdy Construction】Power tower is made of great steel development and holds up to 330LBS, with greater strength and security.

【Suction Cups】These plunge stands have attraction cups in the base, which can change the levelness that contacts the ground. Security and solid steadiness.

【Safety Lock Nut】In request to keep the nut from tumbling off if there should arise a vibration, we take on the locknut to hold the screw fixed.

【9 Levels of Height Adjustment】The stature movable reach is 58.5-89”. The most minimal level is intended for youngsters, and the force tower is appropriate for the entire family exercise. It’s advantageous for various ages, shapes, and sizes.

【4 Levels Backrest Adjustment】The back pad can be handily changed following your exercise solace; The movable reach is 7-9.6 inches.

【Multifunction】The plunge station can uphold numerous sorts of activity schedules. Construct back arm muscles, chest and shoulder forces alongside excellent chest area strength. Simple to utilize. Appropriate for all wellness and strength-building exercises.

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  1. What is the warranty with this product?

Answer: Hi, the warranty is one year. For the parts: like screws, nuts, foams, plastic cover, etc., we can provide them for free for life.

  1. Unable to do this. I’m a little older and unable to pull myself up completely, even once with some type of assistance. Help?

Answer: Use pull-up assistance bands that come in different weights of assistance.

  1. Is it easy to assemble?

Answer: This is EXTREMELY easy to assemble. I used the included tools and took my time, and it took less than half an hour.

  1. Is it as easy to disassemble compared to reassemble? In case I move.

Answer: Yes. It is a solid and versatile construction. Easy assemble or disassemble.

  1. How good are the suction cup foot pads for the bottom of the tower? Will it keep the tower sturdy even on uneven ground? What if it comes warped?

Answer: The suction cups will not maintain the tower sturdy on uneven ground. It’s best to use the equipment on a level surface.

  1. Is this too advanced for a 7yo, 43” boy that plans to use gymnastics to build core strength?

Answer: Not. It’s adjustable. Get it. You will be pleased with the quality of it!

  1. How easy would the box be to transport? For instance, could I carry it and bring it on a bus?

Answer: The box is quite large and pretty heavy. It is unlikely that you could carry it very far, much less muscle it onto a bus. If you can do this, then you don’t need it! 

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