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Many people insist on fitness for the purpose of losing fat on their bodies and at the same time to develop a good-looking figure. They pay more attention to the development of chest muscles and abdominal muscles, but ignore leg training.

So, should you train your legs when you are working out? The legs are the source of strength, and the importance of leg training is self-evident. If you can only choose one muscle group for training, the editor will not hesitate to choose the legs.

The so-called: old people get old legs. When your body ages, your leg muscles will be lost, your strength level will follow, and your walking power will be much lower than before.

Fitness veterans will tell you: If you don’t practice your legs, don’t say you are working out. Legs are the source of strength, the driving force for walking, and a reflection of a person’s youth and aging. There are many benefits of more fitness exercises:



  • Fitness and more leg exercises can promote testosterone, and the increase in testosterone level will help muscle growth rate, improve muscle gain efficiency, and also enhance the charm of a man.
  • Exercise more legs for fitness, your lower limb muscles will develop, body development will be more balanced, away from the feeling of top-heavy. Leg training will promote the development of buttocks, waist and abdomen, and you will also improve the flat buttocks, develop good-looking buttocks, tight legs, and look more beautiful in body proportions.
  • Exercise more legs for fitness, your lower limbs will be more flexible and healthy, and your joints will be stronger. When you are old, your legs are still not old, you can walk without pressure, climb stairs flexibly, and become stronger when you are old.
  • Exercise more legs for fitness, which can improve the explosive power and stability of the lower limbs, so that when you are doing other exercises, your performance will be better and your athletic ability will gradually improve.
  • Exercise more legs for fitness, and the development of lower limb muscles will also increase the body’s calorie consumption, help improve the basic metabolism of the body, and increase the speed of fat burning and weight loss. During weight loss, we can add leg strength training, which can accelerate the body’s fat burning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      For fitness training people, we need to maintain leg training 1-2 times a week. In the gym, you can choose dumbbells, barbells, and fixed equipment for training. You can choose equipment to clamp your legs, prone leg curls, weight-bearing squats, and weight-bearing lunges. You can do self-weight training at home if you are not in the gym, such as bare-handed squats, squats, jumps, lunges and other movements, which can also achieve the purpose of exercise.

After fitness training, you must do a good job of stretching and relaxing the target muscle groups in time to avoid muscle congestion, help improve muscle elasticity, and promote muscle repair.
When training legs, we do not need to exercise frequently every day, but need to combine work and rest. After each leg training, you need to rest for 3 days to allow the muscles to absorb nutrients and get enough time to rest, so that the muscles can recombine and grow stronger.

People who usually sit for a long time and lack exercise can also practice more legs. For example, set aside 10 minutes a day for squat training, and perform 100 squats each time. Divide them into 5-6 groups and complete them after a period of time. Squat jump or lunge squat training can further strengthen the leg muscles, improve muscle dimensionality and lower limb strength.
Fitness training requires persistence, not anxious. It takes more than 3 months to train your legs before you can feel the difference between the development of the lower limbs and the strength.

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