How To Use A Vibration Plate

How To Use A Vibration Plate

Vibration machines use the whole body vibration to contract your muscles reflexively. There are some critics of vibration plates who regard them to be perfect for athletes and harmful for beginners. While on the other hand, supporters of vibration plates are very positive about their benefits for both beginners and athletes which include losing fat, building muscle, and getting stronger. There are a number of ways people use these vibration machines for various exercises like lunges, squats, or pushups while their body is vibrating. In this article, we will let you know some real insights into the use of a vibration plate and vibration plate exercises that you can conveniently perform using it. 

A vibration plate mainly works by transmitting vibrations generated by a motor to our body. This further causes our muscles to contract automatically by slightly destabilizing our bodies. Moreover, the muscles which are involved in this vibration are called deep muscles which are located in our back and maintain an upright posture. A very interesting fact is that these muscles make up 40% of our total musculature but are not trained or actively controlled with any exercise.

Here comes the vibration plate which provides an ideal solution for these muscles to train passively. 

Doing regular exercise on a vibration plate not only train deep muscles but also other muscles which are targeted by the exercise being performed. So, this way we can exercise more muscles in less time which alternatively make the exercise extremely effective. Here comes a very useful tip that you better determine the intensity of training yourself and allow your muscles to get used to the vibrations. This way you can strengthen your muscle gradually and react to vibrations properly in order to keep balance and maintain stability. 

vibration plate exercises stomach

Vibration Plate Exercises

Weight loss is a journey that first and foremost needs your consistency and then involves different factors like diet, exercise, and healthy eating so typically a machine can not cover all the factors. The same is true for a vibration machine that can complement your journey and help you to reach your fitness goals quickly. Here are some effective vibration plate exercises which you can perform to get the most out of this vibration machine. 

1.Split Squats and Isometric Squats

Doing a split squat on a vibration plate may seem tricky at the start. Here is how to do it easily.

For split squats, place the ball of your right foot on the vibration plate and keep your left foot on the floor. Keep your right foot little behind so you get a stable stance. Now place your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your focus on the knee and bend it to perform a squat until your right foot goes in a 90-degree position. 

Next comes the isometric squats which are done by putting both feet on the body vibration platform. All you need to do is stand on the vibration and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Stay in this posture for at least 30 seconds. Stand up again and repeat again a slight rest. You will feel burning on the front of your thighs but consider it a signal that you are doing great. 

Split Squats and Isometric Squats


Doing push-ups with a vibration plate requires you to put your hands on the vibration platform with your chest pointing towards the surface. Now extend your legs and lie down comfortably. Keep your heels, hips, feet, shoulder, and hands much aligned. The alignment of every part of your body is very important to perform push-ups effectively. Now, your body will start to burn fat with increased blood circulation. This exercise also reduces back pain.

pull ups

3.Leg Crunches

This exercise mainly involves the abdomen and legs muscles. In order to do leg crunches with a vibration plate, you need to sit in the center of the vibration plate and hide your hips under your body. Now put your hands behind you and lift your legs at a 60-degree angle. In all this, ensure that your elbows remain bent. You can lean your back a bit to sit comfortably on the plate and hold a little balance. Remember your back should be straight while doing the exercise. 

Leg Crunches


This exercise involves the arms, back, core, and leg muscles. You need a vibration plate and yoga mat for this. Firstly, put the yoga mat on the ground under the vibration plate. Put your forearms on the plank of the vibration plate. Next, you need to push your lower body away from the vibration plate in order to keep your back straight and your knees on the floor. You can also lift your body from the plate while keeping your knees off the ground and touch the ground with toes only. 



This exercise involves the legs and lower body muscles. Keep your one foot on the plate with your toes pointing forward. Bend your legs and ensure your knees are at a right angle. In simple words, it means moving your body forward and starting with your hips. While doing it keep your back straight. You can let your legs bend naturally which helps in stability. Keep your heel off the floor so that only your toes are touching the ground. There is no restriction for hands, you can put them wherever you want. When you are comfortable with the position, then bend your front knees and let your back and hips knees sink naturally. Remember that if your position is correct, then your weight will be supported by your thighs and core, not by your knees or back. So, if you feel any pain doing it, consider adjusting your posture and try again. 

In short, a vibration plate is very effective if used properly. By keeping certain tips and tricks in mind, you can easily perform a number of exercises despite the fact you are a beginner eventually it will become your favorite exercise tool. Don’t rush the vibration training and gradually allow your body to train with this plate. In no time, you will see your first results. We hope this article helped you in having a clear understanding of the use of vibration plate and vibration plate exercises. Have fun with your vibration training journey!

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