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How to Use a Vertical Climber

If you ever wanted an exercise that provided the perfect middle ground between cardio and strength training, you’ll probably find that exercise is the vertical climber. Yes, when it comes to challenging workouts, people seem to overlook or just forget about climbing. It may not be an everyday activity for us now, but the movement of climbing is natural to the human body and one our ancestors performed frequently (thanks, years of evolution and history). There’s also no other exercise else like it – it works your full body and pushes your cardiovascular limits at the same time.

How Does it Work?

How does it do this? Well, a vertical climber machine makes your body mimic the same movements it would make if it were climbing a mountain or a steep slope, but without the obvious dangers like risk of falling! As such, it’s a fantastic workout for your muscles and your heart! Our RELIFE CT01 Vertical Climber is a perfect example of this. With a weight of 43 lbs and a load bearing capacity of 210 lbs, the relife vertical climber is easy to use and store whilst accommodating almost any user and level of fitness.

The machine provides 5 levels of climbing – the 1st and 2nd levels resemble a light jog, the 3rd and 4th levels are running, and the 5th level is rock climbing (where the real burn kicks in!) An LED monitor attached to the climber records your workout times and fitness logs, including your total amount of steps, your calories burned and your fat loss. This can be reset every time you exercise!

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How Many Calories Does the Vertical Climber Burn?

It depends on the level you’re using and how long you’re using it for, but the good news is, you’ll burn a lot! The relife vertical climber is a high-calorie burning machine. After all, if you’re performing both cardio and strength training at the same time, how could it not be? The average amount of calories burned per 30-minute high intensity session is estimated to be between 300-800, but this can vary depending on exercise duration and strength. However, each time you finish your vertical climber workout, you’ll be walking away with a lot of calories burned!

Other Benefits

In addition to being fantastic at burning calories, a vertical climber also provides other essential benefits, such as:

  • Improving your blood pressure
  • Reducing your risk of heart disease
  • Improving circulation
  • Improving joint mobility

All of this is in addition to the obvious benefits your body gains by strength and cardio training, including:

  • Toned and strengthened muscles
  • Longer and improved stamina
  • A reduced risk of cardiovascular problems
vertical climber resistance

What are the Best Levels for Calorie Burning?

Practically all settings on the relife vertical climber are optimised for efficient calorie burning. Some days however, you may feel like doing lower impact or higher impact exercises than usual to better suit your workout needs on the day. This is why it’s useful to avail of the different levels of the vertical climber.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to be on the climber for very long; as a full body workout piece of equipment, there aren’t many parts of your body that won’t be tired even after a 30 minute session! Using it for hours at a time is up to personal choice, but not recommended, as the climber workouts are designed for maximum calorie burning efficiency. Depending on your health status and physical condition there are some different levels of intensity that you can avail of to better suit your needs;

Low Intensity Exercise: 1st and 2nd Levels

The first two levels on the relife vertical climber mimic a simple jogging motion, which, while still surprisingly adept at helping you burn calories, is a much more low intensity exercise, ideal for those days when you’re feeling low on energy or just simply looking for a warm-up exercise. It’s also useful for anybody with back or muscle issues, as the climber is a low impact exercise that is easy on your joints.

Higher Intensity Exercise: 3rd and 4th Levels

The climber’s mid levels are akin to that of running and will have you putting your stamina to the test! Even at these levels the climber is still low-impact, so all you have to worry about is pushing yourself!

relife rebuild your life vertical climber

Full-Body Workout: 5th Level

The fifth level is the true climbing experience, and one that your body won’t soon forget! All parts of the body are fully engaged at the highest setting of the vertical climber – 30 minutes a day of this exercise every week will have you cutting calories and burning fat like there’s no tomorrow!

Other Useful Features

In addition to its calorie burning efficiency and many health benefits, the relife vertical climber also has other features that make it a valuable and worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their fitness and lose weight from home!

•Silent Workouts

the vertical climber is composed of thick metal and a high quality support road with no noisy, harsh sounding elements. Unlike other gym equipment that may hum, clang, squeak or hiss, the vertical climber allows you to have silent workouts which don’t disturb other people (or annoy your pets!)


 This metal is also incredibly durable and stable, and allows the climber to have a load bearing capacity of over 4 times its own weight!


The climber is also easily stored and put away when not in use – you won’t have to lug it around your home when you’re not using it, or having to keep it in your living room as a permanent monument!

The Bottom Line

Vertical climbers may have been around for a while, but their recent surge in use and popularity is testament to their effectiveness and efficiency in burning calories and providing a valuable, rewarding workout for your muscles and your cardiovascular system. Its many levels can be swapped between with the simple click of a button for maximum convenience, allowing it to cater to your workout needs. Check out our website, to view our relife vertical climber in detail and order today!

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      Thank you for your comment. If you want to order the nuts & bolt set, please email [email protected]

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