How To Squat With Dumbbells

How To Squat With Dumbbells?

Dumbbell squats are an excellent choice for training the lower body muscles. Of course, they can also exercise the thigh and buttocks muscles. At the same time, they can also exercise the strength of your arms. It is a good choice for your fitness.

The essentials of dumbbell squats:

Hold the dumbbells with both hands on your shoulders or hang them at your sides, raise your head and chest and tuck your abdomen, squat steadily, keep your upper body straight, and your knees should not exceed your toes, and then your thighs should stand up vigorously.

Dumbbell squats exercise muscles:

djustable dumbbells for women

What you exercise are your quadriceps and gluteal muscles, and at the same time, it uses the muscles of the whole body during exercise to maintain the standard and balance of the movement. Therefore, it can also play a role in the muscle tissue of the whole body. Once you’re able to do more than 16 chair squats, it’s time to progress and add some challenge to your squats. One option is to hold a dumbbell as you squat, which is a great way to add intensity without putting any extra load on the spine. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, keep your body upright, raise your head, chest, and abdomen, and look forward with your eyes. Drop your arms naturally at both sides of your body, palms facing each other. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toes slightly rolled outward.
  2. Bend your knees and hips back, squat down slowly, keeping your upper body straight, keeping your eyes straight ahead, and inhale slowly. When you squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, be careful not to extend your knees beyond your toes when your legs are bent.
  3. When you get up, use your heels to exert force, and slowly get up and return to the standing position while slowly exhaling
    Slowly stand back up without locking the knees and repeat for 1–3 sets of 10–16 repetitions.

Special note: Please choose a weight that suits you. First, you must be able to hold the dumbbells firmly. If you can’t hold them firmly, start with a lighter weight. Maintain the standard of movement, keep the upper body straight during the entire squat, and the knees should not exceed the toes.

Relife recommends starting with a lightweight dumbbell group, such as 5lb. Lightweight helps us maintain the standard and norms of dumbbell squatting so that the hip muscles can be shaped more perfectly and exercise more fully.

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