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The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Trampoline Springs for a Safe and Bouncy Jumping Experience


You may need to measure the springs on your trampoline if you need to replace them or want to upgrade them to a better model. New springs can improve the rebound of your trampoline and ensure that it stays in good condition. To measure the springs of the trampoline, first remove them safely. Then use a ruler or tape measure to determine the length of the springs from hook to hook as well as the diameter. If you order new springs, obtain them from a trusted dealer and secure them properly so that your trampoline can be used safely.

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Wear gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself.

The springs of the trampoline can be rough on your bare hands, especially if there is no protective coating on the hook ends of the springs. Wear gardening gloves or heavy work gloves to protect your hands. Wear safety glasses so that your eyes are protected in case the spring flies over your face.

Unhook the first spring from the trampoline with flathead pliers.

Grasp the hook on the spring that attaches to the loop on the trampoline mat with the pliers. Then carefully remove the hook from the loop, detaching the spring from the mat. It should appear.

Do not let anyone climb on the trampoline when removing the spring, as you want the trampoline to stay loose and not stretched.

Remove the second hook from the frame.

Use the pliers to lift the second hook and remove it from the loop to which it is attached on the trampoline frame. It should appear with a little force.

Check that the spring is not stretched or deformed.

Examine the metal rings on the spring to make sure they are close together and compact. If you can slip a piece of paper between the metal rings, the spring is stretched too far and won’t be helpful for measuring. Obtain another custom-made compact and unstretched or deformed spring.

If all of your springs are stretched or warped, you will need to measure more than one and take the lowest measurement to determine the correct size of the springs.

Place the spring on the floor or on a table.

Place it on a flat surface so that you can measure it correctly. Make sure the springs are not stretched or pulled when you place it down, as this can skew your measurements.

Measure hook to hook with a ruler or tape measure.

Take a ruler or tape measure and place it on the outer edge of one of the hooks of the spring. Extend it to the outside edge of the other spring hook. This will ensure that you get a correct measurement.

Note where the outside edge of the hook touches the ruler or tape measure to get an accurate measurement.

Measure the outside diameter of the spring.

Place the ruler or tape measure against the spring opening, next to one of the hooks. It should rest vertically against the spring. Extend the tape measure to the other end of the opening. Note the diameter of the spring or the width of the opening.

Measure 2-3 springs to confirm the measurements.

Confirm your measurement is correct by checking several other springs on the trampoline. Check that the springs are not bent or stretched when you measure them.

The springs of the trampoline must all be the same size. Most trampoline springs vary in size from 3.5 to 8.5 inches (8.9 to 21.6 cm), depending on the size and shape of the trampoline.

Determine the number of replacement springs you need.

Count the number of springs to be replaced on the trampoline in order to order the correct quantity. The condition of the trampoline, as well as the shape and size, will also determine the number of springs to be replaced.

Most trampoline manufacturers sell replacement springs in sets of 5 to 15. If you only need one replacement spring, order a set of 5 so you have extras on hand.

Get the correct size replacement springs online or in store.

Make sure you order the correct size to fit your trampoline. Good quality trampoline springs will be fully galvanized to protect them from water and moisture. Some springs will have an additional coating to ensure that they can withstand inclement weather and rain.

Make sure you have the same type of spring that is already on your trampoline for replacements, as this will ensure that the springs are the same model.

Replace the springs 1 at a time.

Do not remove and replace all the springs at once, as the trampoline mat will be too loose and too bulky for you to handle. Instead, replace the springs 1 at a time to keep the trampoline taut.

You can also have friends or family sit on the trampoline, distributing their weight evenly to keep the trampoline taut.

Place the first hook of the spring on the frame.

The frame of the trampoline should have holes or loops for one of the hooks on the spring. Put one of the hooks through the hole or loop to keep it in place.

Use a screwdriver or a T-hook to secure the second hook.

Slide the long end of a screwdriver or T-hook into the other hook of the spring. Then slightly pull on it and slide the end of the screwdriver or T-hook through the loop of the trampoline mat. The hook on the spring should also slide through the loop and snap into place.

You may need to use both hands on the screwdriver handle or T-hook to slide the hook through the loop.

You can order a T-hook designed to replace trampoline springs online at trampoline retailers or your local hardware store.

Check that the springs are properly secured before using the trampoline.

Once you have replaced all of the springs, lightly press down on the trampoline mat with your hand near the springs to confirm that they are locked in place. The hooks of all springs should be secured to the frame and mat.


How to measure trampoline springs? We hope this article has been helpful to you in measuring trampoline springs. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact our Relife team and we’ll be happy to help!

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