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How to Lose Weight on an Exercise Bike

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  • Types of bikes
  • How do you lose weight on an exercise bike
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A cycle exercise bike provides an efficient and effective way to lose weight. You will burn calories, get rid of body fat, and strengthen your muscles. When comparing a cycling exercise bike with other cardio workouts, the indoor cycling exercise bike puts minimal stress on the joints but gives you an adequate aerobic workout.

Types of Bikes

While the type of bike you use during your workouts will not determine the rate of weight loss, but it will enhance or motivate you to ride it. Most exercise bikes you find in a gym or at home include recumbent, spin, and upright bikes. A recumbent bike will allow you to recline slightly as you cycle. It is an ideal cycling exercise bicycle for people who have back issues. The spin bike allows you to ride as if you are on a mountain bike, while an upright stationary bike gives you a similar ride to a regular outdoor bicycle.  Here are types of cycling exercise bike of Relife.

So how do you lose weight on an exercise bike?


If you want to lose weight through cycling exercise, you need resistance. Resistance levels are normally set based on your fitness levels and why you are riding. When starting, it is recommended to set an optimum resistance level. Setting a high resistance may hurt and even discourage you from exercising. Cycling should not hurt even for those who are beginning. So if you find yourself hurting, it is likely the resistance level is too high for your level.

Be in Good Form

To get the best out of your cycling exercise, you need to be in proper form. In your spin class, allow the instructor to set the right level. They will set the saddle so you are protected and at the same time comfortable. If at home, set the saddle at hip level. Make sure that your legs extend naturally while peddling to ensure comfort. Avoid having a deep bend in your knee while pedaling. Also, ensure your hips are not tilting in the saddle as this may lead to strain and eventually cause pain.


Ensure that you are in good health before starting a workout. Talk to your physician if you have any health conditions. To get the best out of the workouts, start with shorter and easier moves, and then as you gradually improve, try some difficult pedaling. It is recommended that you start with a hill climb, move to steady-start rides, and eventually to speed intervals while ensuring that you have cool-down moments in between rides.

Exercise bikes provide you with an efficient and effective way to lose weight. Follow these tips, and your journey to weight loss will have started in earnest. You will not only get in the right shape but also strengthen your muscles and body organs, giving you more than you had bargained for.

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