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How To Lift Dumbbells For Arms

Grab a pair of dumbbells and let’s get to work with this circuit! I used 20lbs dumbbells in this but you can use anything from 5lbs-30lbs. Use #relifesports.

How to use dumbbells to exercise arms easily?

If You Want To Train More Powerful Arms At Home, You Only Need A Pair Of Dumbbells To Exercise Your Arms, And You Can Increase Your Arm Muscles With Some Fitness Exercises At Home. Each Round Takes Five To Six Minutes, So Warm Up And It Takes About 20 Minutes To Cool Down Plus Three Rounds Of Exercise.

20-Minute Dumbbell Arm Workout

Directions: Warm up with a few minutes of walking in place, jumping jacks, and arm circles. Then perform the five exercises below with no rest in between exercises for three rounds, with one to two minutes of rest between rounds. After the workout, perform this upper body stretches.

Dumbbell snatch: 12 reps per side (24 total reps)
Bent-over row: 12 reps
Forward lunge and punch: 12 reps per side (24 total reps)
Side lunge to lateral raise: 12 reps per side (24 total reps)
Rotational floor press: 12 reps

Choose Some Beginners To Use Dumbbells

RELIFE Fitness Set Of 20L Black Hex Neoprene Dipped Dumbbell Anti-Slip

Dumbbells offer the ability to target specific muscle group exercises or a full-body workout. original Hex-shaped heads prevent rolling.

Product color; Black
product weight;20 Pounds
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How To Do Dumbbell Bench Press?
Introductory Dumbbell Training For Dumbbell Beginners

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