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How To Do Pull-up Exercises With Home Power Tower Bar

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Introduction of The Horizontal Bar of the Power Tower …….……1

Back and biceps and arms and abs …….……1

Pull-ups or chin-ups? …….……2

Aren’t they the same? …….……2

Pronated vs. Supinated …….……3

Wide grip and narrow grip …….……3

Grip impacts muscle activation …….……3

For beginners …….……3

Pull-ups or chin-ups? …….……4

Shoulder rotation …….……4

What’s next? …….……5

Introduction of The Horizontal Bar of the Power Tower

With Relife Power Tower Pull-up Station, you can do a variety of exercises, among which, Pull-ups and Chin-ups are the most common ones. So how will you make the best out of your home gym equipment? I want to start with the top part of the Power Tower: the horizontal bar.

Can use the bar for several exercises. 

  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Variations like behind the neck, kipping and muscle up, around the world, the typewriter, commando pull-up, weighted pull-up, plyo, towel grip, one arm, etc.
  • Dead hang
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Hanging leg raises

Back and biceps and arms and abs

All these exercises work different muscles.

Pull-ups and chin-ups are considered by many to be the BEST bodyweight exercise. They primarily work your back and the biceps and effectively strengthen your arms and shoulders and engage the core. With a power tower station at home, you can do these any time you want.

The hanging knee/leg raises focus more on your core and abs and affects your obliques, forearms, and shoulders.


All these exercises work different muscles.

This horizontal bar on the Power Tower provides numeral exercises that are highly beneficial for your grip strength. The humane design of Relife Power Tower Pull-up Station makes it a lot easier and enjoyable.

Pull-ups or chin-ups?

But before we delve into some of the different variations, let’s first clarify the two main essential exercises: pull-ups and chin-ups.

Aren’t they the same?

Both have you hanging from a bar with your hands? Check

Both have you pulling your entire body up? Check

Both have you pulling until your entire head is above the bar? Check

Let’s have a closer look at that first sentence:

Both have you hanging from a bar with your hands. The big difference lies in this last word: your hands.

Pronated vs. Supinated

Wide grip and narrow grip

Grip impacts muscle activation.

In layman’s terms, supinated means the palm of your hand is facing up or towards you, pronated means the palm of your hand faces down or away from you. The mnemonic to help you remember is that supinated contains the word UP.

The most common way to perform a pull-up is by having your hands hold the bar much more comprehensive than shoulder-width, while chin-ups, in general, have a shoulder-width grip. Of course, both exercises have variations that involve the opposite grip width, but those are more advanced level exercises.   

Depending on which grip and which width you use, you will significantly activate different muscles. Commonly, both exercises are equally great for your back muscles, with pull-ups having a more significant impact on your lats (latissimus dorsi) and lower traps (trapezius). Why you should choose one over the other depends on your goals and your current strength situation.

For beginners

It is very important to have realistic goals and expectations. With basic pull-ups and chin-ups, you should consider your age, current strength, weight, and gender. You can’t expect to pull off more than 20 reps from the get-go. That is a well-advanced level. For every beginner, though, regardless of the previous considerations, if you can do one pull-up or chin-up with good form during the enter range of motion, realize that this is an impressive achievement already. Going from scratch to 5 well-executed pull-ups or chin-ups doesn’t happen overnight either. It takes time, consistency, and patience. This is why from the beginning on, you should pay a lot of attention to the proper form on each part while executing these exercises. A perfect condition throughout will help you advance the most in the long run. Relife Power Tower Pull-up Station is well received by both beginners and seasoned gym-goers.


Pull-ups or chin-ups?

So we return to our previous question. Which exercise should you focus on?

Chin-ups are generally considered to be slightly easier than pull-ups.

The narrower, supinated grip will feel like a more natural position for the arms. This puts your shoulder in an externally rotated position, which reduces the risk of injury. Furthermore, you also engage more of your arm strength since a beginner will most likely lack the necessary upper-back flexibility that pull-ups require.

Shoulder rotation

This external rotation of the shoulder is an essential element. Most of us sit at a desk working on a computer, hunched forward. Most of us will still sit in this position while driving our car or bike back home or stand in the bus or metro squatting over our mobile. All this puts our shoulders in a constantly internally rotated position, leading to bad posture and upper-back soreness.

Chin-ups increase the strength of our external rotator cuffs, which helps reduce the risk of significantly injuring your shoulders.

What’s next?

In the following blogs, we will explore in-depth how to perform these basic go-to exercises, increase your reps, get stronger, and provide an overview with more challenging activities for advanced trainees. We will explain the effect of different grips, the dos, and don’ts of specific variations, and provide a sample workout routine for beginners. Come check out Relife home gym equipment. A brand-new life may start with a Relife Power Tower Pull-up Station.  

The four round disk/feet on the bottom are levelers. You can screw them in or out to the desired lengths to level the tower.

Easy to assemble. I followed instructions, put it together by myself and had no problems. Usable wrench and screwdriver supplied, but I used my own tools.

It is a solid piece of equipment with no moving parts. It does not make any sounds.

Relife Brand Value Proposition

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