Regardless of the coating on the outside, all weights and dumbbells need to be maintained to keep your facility fresh. Below are the maintenance tips we provide for your painted, rubber-wrapped or polyurethane-wrapped weights and dumbbells.


Mix a few drops of dish soap with 1 gallon of water
Wipe clean with a damp cloth in the mixture.
Use another cloth to wipe dry to prevent rust.
Handle: We recommend using a hard plastic brush with a soap/water mixture, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe it clean.

Rubber wrap

Rubber dumbbells are either completely wrapped in rubber or just coated with rubber with metal or chrome-plated handles at the ends. Rubber can be natural or synthetic, and weights and dumbbells made with this rubber coating are waterproof. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage the rubber, so you may need to cover them or keep them indoors to prevent them from decay. As for your rubber weights and dumbbell sets, you can do the following to clean them:

Hammers and dumbbells are usually painted with high-quality half-flat enamel paint or powder paint. Over time, the enamel wears down and oxidation occurs on the exposed metal.

Put a gallon of water in the life bucket.
Mix a few drops of mild detergent into the water in the bucket.
Some food in a clean cloth bag will change.
Dry your wet cloth now. It should not be soaked-you just want it to be wet.
Wipe rubber dumbbells and weight plates with a damp cloth. Make sure to clean its parts to make it completely clean.
Dry rubber equipment is optional, but I strongly recommend that you use another clean, dry cloth to wipe off excess travel on the dumbbells.
If you want to dry them without a clean cloth, please let them dry out of the sun.

Polyurethane wrap

Polyurethane dumbbells are usually made of steel but covered with polyurethane, a synthetic compound that is stronger than rubber. Some may have only the ends coated with urethane with a steel handle. Polyurethane is very durable and has a longer service life than rubber because they are not easy to tear, peel, chip, peel or delaminate. Please do not put down your heavy objects, because the heavy objects themselves can cause damage. Polyurethane weights and dumbbells require little maintenance but require regular dusting or cleaning. Here are some directions:

Only use a clean damp cloth. Wipe the device. Wipe dry with a clean dry towel.
Handle: We recommend using a hard plastic brush with a soap/water mixture, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe it clean. Be careful not to let it sit on the plate/dumbbell by itself.

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