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How To Build Chest Muscles With Dumbbells At Home?

Dumbbell shoulder comprehensive training plan, today I will organize a comprehensive dumbbell training plan for pectoral muscles. We all know that dumbbells are a fitness training artifact. A pair of dumbbells can train the whole body, which is very suitable for friends who train at home. If you don’t want to work out in the gym or don’t have time to go, I suggest you buy a set of bar and dumbbell combination equipment for training.

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The combination of barbell and dumbbell is definitely an invincible match. Don’t hesitate to do fitness exercises, hurry up. The dumbbell pectoral muscle training exercises organized for you this time can help you directly train the pectoralis major, upper pectoralis, pectoralis midline, lower pectoralis and upper and lower edges of the pectoralis muscle, regardless of you Whether you want to gain muscle or shape your chest muscles, this set of actions can help you.

Dumbbell bench press

Dumbbell bench press is a relatively common exercise in dumbbell training. He is a classic exercise for training pectoralis major, and it has a very good effect on building pectoralis major. Dumbbell bench press is also divided into positive bench press, upward oblique bench press and downward oblique bench press. Different bench press actions have certain differences in the exercise of the chest muscles. We can choose the right exercise for the pectoral muscles according to our personal needs.

Dumbbell Flying Bird

If you want to have a strong chest muscle, you can try dumbbell fly training. It has a very obvious effect on the exercise of the middle seam of the pectoral muscle and the outer edge of the pectoral muscle. If you regularly train the dumbbell bird, you can make our pectoral muscles look more three-dimensional and heavier. It is worth mentioning that before we train the dumbbell birds, we must find the weight of the dumbbell that suits us. If you are a junior bodybuilder, then it is recommended to start training with the lightest dumbbell.

RELIFE is recommended to be used with dumbbell weight bench:

Adjustable Strength Training Bench is featured with 6 adjustable positions for a variety of workout options. With the PU-covered and foam-padded seats, you can enjoy comfort when you are burning calories. Built with powder-coated steel tube frames, Weight bench is very durable and sturdy. Adjustable workout bench will be perfect for your strength training.

Item Weight:37Lbs
Material:Foam, Leather, SteelS
Weight Limit:440 Pounds

Dumbbell Downward Bench Press

Incline dumbbell bench press is essentially another way of dumbbell bench press. Like the first two methods, when doing this exercise, you also need to lie on your back, but the plane is changed to an incline bench. However, of all the bench press exercises, this exercise is the most difficult to do. Because it requires more strength, when doing it, the brain will be congested in all likelihood. Therefore, when doing this exercise, you must choose the dumbbell that suits you.
Long-term adherence to exercise dumbbells can modify muscle lines, increase muscle endurance, can make the muscle firm, strong muscle fiber, increase muscle strength.Let’s exercise together.

Dumbbells offer the ability to target specific muscle group exercises or a full body workout.original Hex shaped heads prevent rolling.

Product color; Black
product weight;15 Pounds
Material; Neoprene;Iron
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 295*260*165


Before exercising with dumbbells, you should do joint activities, warm-up, muscle stretching (about 10 minutes), and it is necessary to do a small load exercise before each exercise to make the target muscle enter the fitness state, and you should do it after exercise Muscle stretching, tidying up activities (don’t just sit, lie down, relax activities), do not eat within half an hour, take a bath, and start replenishing food for half an hour.

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