How Many Calories Does A Vertical Climber Burn

How Many Calories Does A Vertical Climber Burn

How Many Calories Does A Vertical Climber Burn? Going to the gym and working out immensely is not the only way to burn the bulk of calories.  There can be other good yet effective ways that can help you to get your desired results in a short span of time. A calorie is one of the burning keywords in the world. There are people who take it as a hitch. As a matter of fact, you can burn the desired amount of calories right from the comfort of your home with the right motivation and gym equipment. So, if you want to shed extra calories and hate going outside and dieting food, then you must opt for the vertical climber as it can burn the highest amount of calories in no time. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, that being said, let’s dive into the details of how many calories does a vertical climber burn. 

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Among all the natural movements of the human body, climbing is also included. It’s something which explains very well the way we have survived the ancient eras, evolved, and lived for a long time. It’s a human instinct to climb, move and explore. Nowadays, climbing is considered a very effective exercise when it comes to burning a lot of calories. A workout on a vertical climber also mimics the way one climbs the mountain. It combines both cardio and aerobic activity with strength training for muscle development. Due to this, it is considered a high calories output machine that gives fast results in comparison to any exercise machine. 

The vertical climber is totally different than a treadmill machine or a bike in which only the specific part of your body is engaged. This climbing machine involves the entire body that’s why some people find it challenging yet effective. You may know “Nothing comes for free” So, to get an ideal body shape you really need to smash it. Apart from making exercise efficient, this machine helps in working for your major muscle groups simultaneously. Consequently, your metabolism increases which leads to getting off more calories in less time than other traditional machines including treadmills and exercise bikes. Even only a 30-minute use of this machine can be way more productive for you. 

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How To Calculate The Calories Being Burned

Some companies claim that the climber machine burns 2x calories compared with a treadmill in an equal amount of time. It is very normal for every fitness company to give such statements and skew data to their favor in order to increase sales. However, it is has become a universal statement even the people who are not into any relevant business also find these machines unbelievable in burning the highest amount of calories. Not to mention, calorie burn rate brings many benefits like faster weight loss and workout for a shorter time. 

Here is how you can calculate the calories burned yourself.

For Men

Calories burned = [(Age x 0.20) – Weight x 0.09) + (Heart rate x 0.63) – 55.09] x Time / 4.184

For Women

Calories burned = [(Age x 0.074) – Weight x 0.057) + (Heart rate x 0.447) – 20.4022] x Time / 4.184

These formulas encapsulate that age, weight, heart rate and time spent collectively contribute to the calories burned while working out. These are the areas where climber machines give you unbelievable numbers because only 10-15-minute climbing can increase your heart rate to the highest level. This is the only tactic, the higher the heart rate the sooner you will see results. 

Vertical Climber

More Calorie Burning With Improved VO2 Max

Raising your heart rate several times throughout the day is a perfect way to burn at least 300-400 calories. VO2 max is the amount (volume) of oxygen consumption while you are doing an extremely hard exercise. Climber machine effectively improves a person’s “VO2 Max”. As we know that increased oxygen supply to muscles requires your heart and respective organs. With this comes better cardiovascular health which is a collective term for good health, weight loss, and a healthier heart. This machine increases your heart rate and breathing to the level where your body barely feels going another second. Research by Washington State University elaborates that climbing machines are efficient in improving VO2 max compared with treadmill running. This research made it more clear and verified that a climbing machine is genuinely effective in increasing your heart rate and according to the formula mentioned above, the higher your heart rate the more calories you will burn. 

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Fast Metabolism

As we have already delved into the core detail of “burning more calories” and “VO2 max”, both of these support the statement that climber machines can create an EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) effect. This effect refers to the rise in metabolism (rate the calories are burned) when an exercise session ends. It’s also called an “after-burn effect” which helps the body to go back to a pre-exercise state. In order to restore the pre-workout state, your body needs to make up for the lost oxygen from a hard exercise. It can lead to high calories being burned after you are done with exercise. With the increase in oxygen consumption comes fast metabolism.

In short, a vertical climber is a high-calorie output machine that heightens your VO2 max, which is a fancy way of knowing the oxygen consumption and it translates into calories burned and energy used while working out. It is estimated that you can burn 500-800 calories in just a 30-minute session. If you are not a gym freak or don’t want to go outdoor, then try to have a vertical climber at your home. Relife sports is a leading fitness brand that is focused on manufacturing quality gym equipment for people who are in dire need of getting exceptional quality in an affordable price range. Relife vertical climber is must-have gym equipment for fitness enthusiasts providing them outstanding fitness experience. A better workout session with the right and high caliber equipment makes your time of exercising enjoyable in real terms. 

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