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About Dumbbell

Dumbbells are weights and fitness used for strength training.

For muscle strength training, simulated action training due to exercise paralysis, pain, long time inactivity and other low muscle strength of the audience, with the weight of the dumbbell resistance exercise, holding the dumbbell muscle strength training.

Dumbbells can be used to train single-block simulations: for example, to increase weight, requiring consistency of multiple blocks, or as a compound movement.

Good for lifting weights and working out. There are fixed weights and adjustable weights.

  1. Fixed weight dumbbells. Cast with cast iron, iron bar in the middle, solid ball at both ends, because of silent practice, hence the name dumbbell. Light weight ranges from 6,8,12 to 16 pounds (1 pound = 0.4536 kg). The weights of heavy dumbbells are 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 kilograms and so on.
  2. Adjustable dumbbell. Similar to a reduced barbell, a short iron bar is about 40 to 45 cm in length with a round iron plate that can be added or removed during lifting or exercising. Do regular dumbbell exercises to increase the strength of all parts of your body.

In addition to iron, wood or plastic. In practice, wood or plastic bell percussion is used to train the exerciser’s coordination and rhythm.

At the South Pole, centrifugal force analysis should be carried out when astronauts can test. Centrifugal force allows a mass to instantly gain more energy than a large amount of food, and to reproduce, so the force of centrifugal force cannot be replicated. The fitness equipment industry has been looking for ways to incorporate this instantaneous power into product design. In this trend, a new kinetic dumbbell emerged. Break through the traditional dumbbell heavy sense, weight is only 0.85 kgs, exercise more relaxed. It combines the functional features of a wrist ball and a dumbbell to provide critical training and full-body workout results.

Use Dumbbell Correctly

  1. Choose proper weights before practicing dumbbells.
  2. The purpose of exercise is to increase the group, the best choice of 65% – 85% weight dumbbells. For example, if you can lift 10 kg at a time, you should choose a weight of 6.5 to 8.5 kg. Practice 5-8 times a day, 6-12 times in each group, with unusually fast speed and 2-3 minutes between each group.
  3. The purpose of exercise is to reduce fat, it is recommended to do more than 15-25 times in each group, each group interval control in 1-2 minutes. If you’re bored, practice with your favorite music or do dumbbell cardio to it.

The Benefits of Practicing Dumbbells

  1. Long-term adherence to dumbbell exercise, can be intelligent intelligent perception, increase intelligent endurance, often do large weight bell exercise, can achieve strong animation, strengthen muscle fiber, increase muscle strength.
  2. Can exercise the upper joint and waist, abdominal muscles. Such as doing sit-ups in the back of the neck, hands clenched dumbbells, can increase the abdominal muscle exercise load; Holding the dumbbells to do side bends or rotations can exercise the abdominal muscles and external oblique muscles; Dumbbell straight arm raises, side raises and so on can exercise shoulders and personality.
  3. Can exercise single foot squat.

Three Commons Myths about Dumbbell

Exercise with dumbbells, can increase strength, toned figure

Scientific use of dumbbells, really can get very good exercise results. There is said Schenwager body building information, mainly through dumbbells exercise. But there are a lot of people have dumbbell after exercise, neither increase strength, also did not become strong and handsome nature, dumb often cold mind, has been in the shelter, and even become a hammer substitute. Actually there are a lot of problems with Bell Fitness. If you don’t follow up, the results are often unkind. Before conducting the training, we first want to matte gray before bodybuilding and bodybuilding who is his favorite. There are two main ways to get fit. The first way can improve the strength of exercisers, but the fitness effect is not obvious, suitable for professional weightlifting genius; Another approach, which leads to a significant increase in body shape but an increase in relative thinness, is suitable for bodybuilding strength and bodybuilders. Fitness enthusiasts with bodybuilding as the goal, the purpose is to use the dumbbell main exercise should follow the following rules.

Choose weights before training. Need to choose 65%-8% weight bell, generally can lift the maximum weight, such as each time can lift the maximum weight is 10 kg, you need to choose weight 6.5-8.5 kg dumbbell exercise. For the general bodybuilding legend, have two or three different bells, exercise regularly weight. Practice each lift 6-8 groups, each group repeat 112 times, dumb speed too fast, each group interval 2-3 minutes. Too short or too little, too long or too long, the effect is not good.

Dumbbells only work on the upper limbs

Others think dumbbells can only develop handsome upper limbs, comprehensive exercise, may need some more complex equipment.

Now some of the more expensive modular equipment is not only available in gyms, but also in everyday homes. Although joint instruments have incomparable advantages over other simple instruments, they also have disadvantages such as high price, large floor area and inconvenient movement. The advantage of these disadvantages is dumbbell. As long as the design and planning are proper, dumbbell training using joint instruments can also achieve similar effects.

Dumbbells are great for exercising the upper body muscles, but they can also work the abdominal muscles. Such as in sit-ups in the back of the neck with both hands clenched dumbbell, can increase the abdominal muscle exercise load, improve the exercise effect; Back flexion and extension exercises can also use dumbbells to increase the load of back muscles to stimulate the growth of back muscles; Holding dumbbell body side bending or turning movement, can exercise the abdominal and external oblique muscles; Holding dumbbells straight arm forward lift, side flat lift can exercise shoulder and chest muscles; In addition, dumbbells can also exercise lower limb muscles, such as holding dumbbells squat on one foot, squat jump on both feet and so on.

Dumbbells are not suitable for old people

Many elderly fitness enthusiasts, but they often choose jogging, radio exercises or tai chi and other projects, strength training rarely asked, dumbbell basic do not consider. It is generally believed that strength decreases with age and therefore is not suitable for strength training. That’s not the case. In a sense, strength training is needed more because strength is down.

Muscles produce movement and help the body stay still. As you age, muscle fibers naturally atrophy and become less powerful, so not only do they move slowly, but they also become less stable. Tendons and periosteum are more prone to excessive wear and tear, so the likelihood of pain in each joint is greatly increased. Proper strength exercise can not only delay the process of muscle atrophy in the elderly, maintain muscle elasticity, and lay a foundation for better engaged in other forms of fitness activities, but also increase the protective effect of muscle on the stability of each joint, so as to reduce or relieve various pain. Dumbbells small and exquisite, inexpensive, especially suitable for the elderly strength exercise.

For muscle strength training, simulated action training due to exercise paralysis, pain, long time inactivity and other low muscle strength of the audience, with the weight of the dumbbell resistance exercise, holding the dumbbell muscle strength training.  

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Our Mission

Under much high pressure, fast-paced life in society nowadays, many sub-healthy people have the health awareness, but they have no enough time to exercise in the gym. So our team design products basing on the needs of the home, office and light commercial groups. Based on scientific ergonomics and kinematics principles, we strive for perfection and meticulous research so that every fitness equipment can be delicate and accurate. We hope every product of RELIFE can become a caring partner and bring comfortable fitness experience for every sports and fitness enthusiast.








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