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Can You Lose Weight From An Exercise Bike

Would you like to know how indoor bicycles can help you lose weight?

The basis of a healthy weight

It all starts with nutrition. If you are healthy and eat the right amount of protein, you can maintain a good weight. If you eat too many calories, your weight will increase, and vice versa, your weight will decrease. It sounds very simple. But of course, other factors will also play a role, such as gender, age and muscle mass will affect everyone’s metabolism. If you want to lose weight, you can achieve this goal by dieting. When this is not a reasonable solution, if you stop dieting, your weight will rebound.

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Can you lose weight without a diet?

Your body needs enough nutrients, such as protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins, to maintain your immune system and stay healthy. Therefore, dieting to lose weight is very dangerous. If you eat healthy, you can create calories through exercise to achieve the effect of weight loss. You can choose your favorite exercise method, for example, swimming or indoor exercise bike is a good choice.

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Burning Maximum Calories With Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling courses are a very effective way to lose weight, because every exercise consumes a lot of calories. The number of calories burned is related to body weight and personal fitness. But a person weighing 80 kg burns 561 kcal in an average of 45 minutes of indoor cycling exercise and 748 kcal in 60 minutes of the same exercise. These are two great lunches!

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Five Ways To Lose Weight On Indoor Bikes:

Reduce Fat Cycling

Riding a bike at a medium speed, generally for more than 40 minutes without interruption, and at the same time pay attention to regular breathing, which is very effective for reducing fat.

Intensity Cycling

First of all, it is required to ride at 60% of the limit speed for 5-7 minutes, and then use the heart rate monitor to measure your pulse per minute to keep it in the cardiopulmonary function training range, which can achieve the effect of cardiovascular exercise.

Power Cycling

Ride hard according to different conditions, such as adjusting the gear size when going uphill (limited to 5-speed or 10-speed adjustable-speed bicycles). This method can improve the muscle strength or muscle endurance quality of the legs, shape the leg shape, and inadvertently I succeeded in losing weight on my legs.

Intermittent Cycling

When riding a bike, first ride at a medium-to-slow speed for 1 to 2 minutes, then at a speed of 1.5 to 2 times for two minutes, then ride at a medium-to-slow speed, and then return to a fast speed. This alternate cycle exercise can improve the trainer’s Adaptability to aerobic exercise.

Core Strength Cycling

During riding, the buttocks leave the seat but do not stand up straight. At the same time, the core part (waist and abdomen) exerts force to control the balance of the body. This method can be used to train the strength of the core muscles.

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