Beginner’s Plan One - Before You Start Your First Pull-up

Beginner’s Plan One: Before You Start Your First Pull-up


Pull-ups are the kind of exercise everybody loves to hate. Pulling your body weight up is fulfilling, but it is not an easy achievement for anybody.

Many try, fail, and never try again. While the only way to improve your number of repetitions is to practice, practice and practice. It takes time to build up to that first complete rep with perfect form.

Know that if you can do just 1 or 2 pull-ups, this is already highly beneficial for your back and posture. More importantly, it has a beautiful psychological effect. That first time you manage to lift your bodyweight above that bar is highly motivational. You will feel excellent and mentally more confident. Did you know that one single pull-up performed in a proper form already makes you more substantial than most people?

Before even considering your first pull-up exercises, any kind, we will start with a good set of activities you need to control well first:

  • Dead Hang
  • Scapular Pull-up
  • Negative Pull-up

In this blog, I will talk about the Dead Hang; I will elaborate on the other two preparatory exercises in the following blog. Relife Power Tower is made especially for home gym. Get one and make your pull-up practice a daily routine.

Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower Pull Up Station

Before you start

Only a very few people are capable of jumping up to a bar and start performing their pull-ups. Most of us can’t accomplish this. Luckily there are several steps to help you get there too. First of all, you should always warm-up before you start your workout. Don’t overdo this. It should not fatigue you, merely break a sweat.

Dynamic warm-up

Nowadays, most trainers and gym lovers agree that dynamic warm-up is a far better choice. A dynamic warm-up means you do not hold the body part to pull it into a stretch but rather move it through a full range of motion. This way, you will be better prepared.

Dead hang

The best first step to build up to your first ever pull-ups is the dead hang. As the name implies, it has you hanging from the top bar. 

Relife Dead hang

But don’t get fooled; it works the right muscles you will need later on for that first pull-up. But beware, it is not as easy as it seems either. Before you even consider trying your first successful pull-up, you should be able to hang for three sets of 10 seconds minimum.

How to dead hang

  1. Adjust the height of the top bar of Power Tower so you can easily reach it standing on your toes.

Adjust the height of the top bar of Power Tower

Relife Power Tower with adjustable height may be an ideal choice for this.

2.  Reach up for the top bar and grab the bar with a pronated grip (palms facing away, the one you would use for a pull-up), arms shoulder-width apart.

arms shoulder-width apart

3.  Let your feet go and hang.

4.  Keep your arms straight, do not bend them.

5.  Relax your body, avoid any tension in your lats.

6.  Hang still, don’t move. It is a ‘dead’ hang, after all.

7.  Concentrate on your breathing; it will help you relax.

8.  If you feel you reached your limit, let gently go of the bar.

9.  Take a break until you feel you are up for another set.

10.  Start again.

Do this for three sets. Use a timer and try to build up the duration of your hang. Go easy on yourself. This will not improve overnight but will take time.

You will also notice that you can hold the dead hang longer once you get better at pull-ups.

Perks from Dead hang

  • Grip strength: You will need a good firm grip for nearly every exercise in your workout, and hanging from a bar is one of the best bodyweight exercises out there to increase that strength. You will feel it in your fingers, wrists, and forearms.
  • Spinal Decompression: if you are the kind of person who spends most days behind a desk, you will immediately feel the benefit from even hanging only a few seconds from the top bar. If you have some tension in your lower back, the dead hang can relieve this.
  • Stress relief: your shoulders and upper back will thank you instantly for this excellent stretch; it will also help you improve your posture.

Relife Power Towers FAQs

I don't hear a squeak, and I use it several times per week. I recommend this product highly if you want to build your abdominal muscles.

The room is there, but I can’t see the weights not hitting off the metal bars if it sways their slightest bit.

Use pullup assistance bands that come in different weights of assistance. 

This is different for each person, but the standard norm is two years if you train consistently and hard.

as a beginner, you will gain more muscle faster than an advanced sporter. The key is to work hard, consistently, and progressively overload.

it is straightforward to adjust the height. There are bolts, so you can easily adjust the size.

Yes, that is perfectly normal for most people. It will take some time, but remember: practice makes perfect.

As with every gym exercise, you can highly reduce any risk of injury by respecting several guidelines: warm-up before you start working out and always focus on your form. Do this, and it will become less likely.

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