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A $650 Best Budget Home Gym Guidance

With the shrinkage of the Corona Virus, the world begins to get back to a new normal lifestyle in which home fitness is still experiencing unprecedented growth. Beyond tech-based fitness products, the vision is more likely to close the gap between health and fitness. I believe the home gym movement is just beginning. If you are supposed to start a home gym in your backyard or garage, you are in the right spot.

To make your healthy lifestyle easier, Relife has released its new equipment set. You can now find equipment that meets your exact needs, including budget and function.

Let’s be honest here, building a home gym isn’t always the cheapest endeavor especially for big brands. Depending on a number of factors, including quality, product, warranty, etc, a home gym can vary wildly in terms of cost.

That said, you don’t need a $5,000 home gym to get shredded and strong. Sure those home gyms are sex, functional, and downright awesome, but not everyone has this budget to support such a space. You can build a cheap home gym without having a “cheap” home gym by these steps. Knowing where to look, being diligent in your needs, and at times being patient during the process, are the keys to building the best budget home gym.

In this ultimate guide, we will take a deep look into exactly how to build a $650 home gym.


  1.  Introduction
  2. Three essentially ways to build a budget-friendly home gym
  3. Adjustable Gym Equipment for Home

Building a budget home gym

There are essentially three ways to build a budget-friendly home gym:

  1. Purchase secondhand equipment. 
  2. Build Your Own Equipment.
  3. Buy new equipment from low-price providers 

Before getting through three tips, we will figure out the key pieces of equipment that you possibly need to maximize your training and save your budget.

Let’s get through it.

1.Purchase Secondhand Equipment

The best way to build a home gym on the cheap consideration is by scouring the used marketplace. I strongly consider you checked the following great tips to take your home gym to the next level.

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • OfferUp
  • LetGo
  • Local Garage Sales


I especially recommended the Facebook marketplace because it generates an assortment of gear and gives you one distinct advantage. You could share a favor in the seller group and get to know what features you may need. Unlike Craigslist, where you are flying blind so to speak, you can actually contact the seller and you can see if you share any mutual connections.

For example, I bought a fantastic set of 8 gear adjustable weight bench & dumbbells for $300. That specific posting draws huge attention cause the prices were great, but because I shared some mutual connections with the seller, I was able to leverage that and ultimately get the deal. You will be surprised how many amazing pieces you can find on these sites. If you are lucky enough to find a commercial outfit unloading their gear, you may get it for free.

2.Build Your Own Equipment

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If you are a handy person, building your own gym equipment is an incredibly effective way of building a cheap home gym. Ranging from racks and plate holders, you can essentially lower your budget. The reality is there are tons of fitness equipment you can build on your own, saving you a metric crap ton of money on your journey to a budget home gym.

3.Buying New Equipment

There are a number of quality manufacturers that are producing durable & budget-friendly gear including Titan fitness, CAP, etc. Relife is an innovative brand, providing quality products at low prices.

Relife S801 Stationary Cardio Workout Indoor Cycling Bike.

Building a Budget Home Gym

If you build a home gym on your own, I would love to hear from you.

How did you build it? Did you get used items? Buying new stuff?

Building a home gym at a cheap price is achievable, by buying used, building your own, and buying new from low price providers, you have a ton of options when building a budget home gym. You can always upgrade later. A lot of gym equipment retains its value pretty well so you can always flip gear down the road.

If you build a home gym on your own, I would love to hear from you.

How did you build it? Did you get used items? Buying new stuff?

Know More Gym Equipment Details of Our Company

Dumbbell weight requirements vary from body to body and your exercise type.

If you are doing strength training or weight lifting, your weight requirement will be different from that of a person using dumbbells for weight loss.

Lifting dumbbells can also play a certain role in consuming fat and glucose. It has a better effect on weight loss and the prevention of coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Hold the dumbbells with both hands on your shoulders or hang them at your sides, raise your head and chest and tuck your abdomen, squat steadily, keep your upper body straight, and your knees should not exceed your toes, and then your thighs should stand up vigorously.

Please choose a weight that suits you. First, you must be able to hold the dumbbells firmly. If you can’t hold them firmly, start with a lighter weight. Maintain the standard of movement, keep the upper body straight during the entire squat, and the knees should not exceed the toes.

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