Relife Dumbbells Set

7 Exercises to Work out with Relife Dumbbells at Home

Benefits of Dumbbell Exercise

Dumbbells are weight training with a relatively high usage rate. Dumbbell training is more convenient and can be done at home. Just need a pair of dumbbells to keep exercising can delay aging, reduce body fat, promote fat metabolism, improve body shape, accelerate calorie consumption, and have a firmer line.

Advice for Beginners

Generally, female beginners choose a pair of 2-3kg dumbbells, and men choose a pair to start training. Those who are obese and want to burn fat can choose low-weight dumbbells, and those who are lean and build muscles can choose heavier dumbbells.

Regardless of whether you gain muscle or lose fat, use dumbbells for strength training to get your muscles fully exercised. Fat people can also accelerate fat decomposition, strengthen your body, and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness.

Recommended 7 movements!

1、Holding dumbbells doing squats in the gym, One of the best exercises to tone legs

Holding dumbbells doing squats
sporty young couple holding dumbbells and doing squat exercise in gym

2、Dumbbell lunge squat to Exercise leg muscles

Reverse dumbbell lunge
Step by step instructions: Hold a pair of dumbbells at arm’s length next to your sides, your palms facing each other. Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, and brace your core. (A) Step backward with your left leg. Then lower your body into a lunge. (B) Repeat on your other leg. (C)

3、Dumbbell Back Lifts as One of the Best Exercises to Tone Legs

relife dumbbell back lifts

4、 Dumbbell Press , One of the Best Shoulder Exercise

Dumbbell Press One of the Best Shoulder

5、Dumbbell Rowing to Exercise the back and arm muscles

6、Dumbbell press to Exercise pectoral muscles and arm muscles(You may need to use adjustable weight bench to provide you with stability and versatility)

6、Dumbbell press
Women practicing with dumbells in the gym

7、Dumbbell flat lift to Exercise the back and core muscles.

7、Dumbbell flat lift
Strong Athletic Man Fitness Model posing back muscles, triceps, latissimus
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