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6 Best Exercises to Do with 20lb Dumbbells

20lb Dumbbells are inexpensive and versatile pieces of fitness equipment that can be used to work any muscle. There are hundreds of dumbbells exercises that can target any specific part of the body.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced weight lifter, dumbbells can offer a great workout. In this guide, we are going to explain the best workout you can do with 20lb dumbbells.

1.Dumbbell Swings

Don’t underrate the power of those meek-looking dumbbells for providing a good cardio workout. If you used to ignore their power, then it’s time to reconsider it. You can easily mimic the benefits of the leg killing, wing-sapping kettlebell swing easily using 20lb dumbbells at your feet. All you need to do is take a wider than hip-width stance, squat down and take one end of the dumbbell holding with your arms at full extension. 

Now allow the dumbbell to move back a few inches and explode upward with your heels allowing the dumbbell to swing up and away from you at eye level. Rep out for at least 30 to 60 seconds and follow it with a set of push-ups. This way you can effectively utilize it for a killer cardio session slash leg and chest day.

2.Goblet Squats

This is another must-try exercise with 20lbs dumbbells. It basically includes your whole legs including hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves. If you are deciding on building muscles, then this exercise warrants greater resistance to building muscle. Additionally, your legs are the biggest body part and can take more load easily. Just feel the vibe and be clever with performance, you can feel it much heavier. We have a few tips in this regard.

  • Firstly, you need to focus on the electronic contraction. When you are descending, count three to five seconds before exploding up.
  • You can also increase the intensity by adding a pause at the bottom. This way, you will be adding more tension and forcing your legs to work harder each rep.
  • Throughout the exercise, keep these 20-pound weights close to your body so that you can engage your core and focus on developing full-body strength.

3.Chest Press and Bent-Over Row

The chest press is a brilliant exercise for your chest while bent over row is unbeatable for building your back. These exercises require much more resistance to elicit gains. So the point of performing both these exercises together is getting gain for your chest and back as both are opposing muscles. 

It means that blood will travel the front and back of your torso. If you are consistent with both, these exercises can give you a massive pump to build muscle. Moreover, both exercises are highly compound exercises which means they work for many other muscles along with their primary ones. There is nothing better than working for your muscles and burning a vast amount of calories hand in hand. So, performing both back-to-back can give you lots of “bang for your buck”


There is a misconception among many folks that the absence of barbells and a squat rack negate the possibility of a good leg workout. Well! We suggest otherwise. The lunge exercise which focuses on building athleticism as well as aesthetics mainly targets all the major muscles in your legs with a strong emphasis on the glutes and hammies. For a killing leg day, take a 20-pounders outside and lunge for distance. At least, you aim for 100 yards and strive to add 10 to 20 yards each week. Hold on to the dumbbells and finish it off with a set of calf raises to failure.

We are very positive about the results of performing this exercise with 20lb dumbbells as it will exhaust your legs and help you make significant gains. Apart from this, the sheer volume of reps is enough to get your muscles sore.

What’s more bumper in this superset is the smooth transition between both exercises. For both movements, you hold dumbbells in any hand in a standing position. This way, when you are done with one set you can easily switch to another exercise. Make sure you add little rest between both movements. This way muscles will get a little time for recovery and work twice as hard.

5.Tricep Extension and Bicep Curls

As the name indicates, the tricep extension targets the long head of the triceps while bicep curls work on the upper part of your biceps. In short, if you are looking for great muscular arms the tricep-bicep superset must be your best friend. Moreover, this kind of resistance is perfect for most people. These isolation exercises are all about controlling movement and doing more reps than normal, So, there are plenty of benefits of doing these exercises by lifting lighter resistance. You should not forget that the biceps and triceps are opposing muscles in a small body part. The small size ensures that more blood moves around to get a bump.

If this superset is too easy for you then you can add another arm exercise and turn it into a circuit. To increase difficulty, add electronic contractions in both movements.

6.Calf Raises with 20lb Dumbbells

Saving the best for the last, calf raises mainly target your calves and help you to have a toned v-shaped upper body. You can combine calf raises with lateral raises so that you are dealing with the upper and lower body at the same time. Depending upon your strength 20lb dumbbells can be too heavy or light for you. If it seems light, then add electronic contractions by slowing the rate you lower the weights. On the other hand, if it seems too heavy then do fewer reps.

We believe you have found your way to start working out with 20lb dumbbells. This is a full-body routine, follow it consistently and see the magic. You can also create your plan using these ideas to start a session that suits your current split, like push-pull legs or upper lower. So, it’s time to kick start your journey and let yourself explore what this workout session holds for you.

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